Swasan : Destiny (Episode 1)


Hi guys. I hope introduction is not needed for Swasan. And as new characters would step in I will introduce them to you.

~~The Heartbreak~~

Swara’s POV

He tried pulling me in his arms. “No. Go away. I dont want this right now.” I yelled pushing him away. My heart was shattered as I denied him the thing I wanted the most at that time.

“Give me one good reason for this. This heartbreak.”he demanded. Anger and betrayal was clearly evident in his voice.

“No. I can’t.”

“You have to. You can’t just break my heart like this and walk away. And if you have forgotten you can’t break this precious childhood friendship. It hurts. I want a good reason Swara.”

“I have got no reason. Just think I betrayed you. Sanskar, just go and leave me alone please !” I cried. With puffy eyes, tear-stained face and swollen red lips I looked the most ugliest creature right now.

He clenched his fists in anger and hit it on the adjacent wall. He was very angry but more than that he was hurt. Like someone had robbed him of everything. That’s when I fell weak and kneeled down on the floor and started crying my heart out.

That very moment he wrapped me in his strong arms, rocking me back and forth. He stroke my hair and caresses my cheeks. “Hey. Its okay. Dont cry baby. Please.” he whispered in my ear. I could see his eyes full of love for me.

I felt loved and protected in his embraced. I wished I could stay there forever. But I pushed those thoughts aside and gently untangled myself from his arms.

“I m sorry I cant do this anymore. Please understand.” I said getting back on my feet.

He was in the same position on his knees holding my hands, stopping me from leaving.

“I can’t understand why you are punishing us ? But all I know is I love you and I cant live without you. Therefore I m begging, you stay, please for my sake.” He said in a cracking voice. I could see him falling apart in front of my eyes, but I couldn’t do anything. I never felt so helpless and heartless before.

“I can’t.” I said and forcefully pulled my hand away from his. He got up trying to put himself together and I gathered all my stuff from his room. As I was about to leave, he held my wrist tight and spun me around.

Before I could react, he had pinned me against the wall.
“I have had enough of this Swara. I want to know why are you doing this to me Swara ? To us ?” I couldn’t answer his question. I tried to get out of his hold but in vain.

That’s when for the first time I saw tears welling up in his eyes. He was so close to crying. And the worst part was I was behind those tears. I made the ever-happy Sanskar cry.

There was silence in the surrounding which was killing us. I was too ashamed to look into his eyes. Finally he decided to speak up.
“Fine if that’s what you want. I won’t stop you, love. Just say me you don’t love me.” He said.

That was something I didn’t want to do ever, for I was madly in love with him. But I had to, for the sake of HIS LIFE.
“I dont love you Sanskar.” I said him looking at the floor beneath which was wet due to our tears.
He lifted my face up to make me look into his eyes. “Now say. Say me, you don’t love me.” He made it sound like a challenge.
The most difficult challenge as I could see the pain his hazel eyes.

“I dont love you Sanskar.” I said aloud looking straight into his eyes for I was as stubborn as he was.

He took a huge step back and loosened his grip on me. His hands fell on his sides and he told me “Go.”

I wanted him not to broke so I tried consoling him once. But he didn’t let me do that. He was fuming in anger.

“Just go Swara. Get lost.” He yelled at me and I was surprised.

With a heavy heart I took my stuff and walked away with a heavy heart and an empty soul. I was barely anything without him. A mere body.

That was it. This was the end of our life long friendship and three years of beautiful relationship. I had lost the person I admired and loved the most.

And what was the reason…. DESTINY.

Next part : ~~Two years later.. An
unexpected meet~~

I was in tears when I wrote this. I know its not a good way to start a story but this is how it goes.
So is it good enough that I should continue ? Please dont forget to drop your feedback. I really need them badly.

Credit to: Anu

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