Swasan : Destiny (Episode 24)


Winter Tale will be a short series of this ff when Swara leaves for London for one year and Sanskar surprises her by coming there. Ofcourse, it will be winter and Christmas time there because I think the best part in winter is Christmas 🙂 so presenting before you – –

~~Winter Tale : Part 1~~

~~When he comes to London~~

Third person’s pov ~~

**Day 185**

Without Sanskar the whole house feels so silent and lonely. Its the 185th day without him. Swara is in London on insistence of Sanskar who wanted her to complete her university first and become a resident doctor.

There’s no one to crack silly joke with Swara. There’s no one to call her ‘babe’ after every five minutes. There’s no one to cuddle with her in the cold nights. Plus it was Christmas week which makes her feel worse.

Swara sits on her bed in her room and all of a sudden feels lonely. The moments she and Sanskar had spent together come flashing in her mind. She is missing him way too much.

Her eyes start to water even by thought of him. He is miles away.

She lets out a loud sob, and clutch the pillow tightly against her chest. As soon as her eyes land on a hoodie kept in the bed, she grabs it too, holding it too tight.

It’s Sanskar’s hoodie which she had lend from him on so many requests and emotional blackmailing. It somehow makes her feel better. Like she is holding Sanskar in her arms.

But that’s not enough, isn’t it ? She starts crying and curls up on the bed hugging and crumbling the hoodie with her arms.

Meanwhile, there’s a slight knock on the door. She obviously doesn’t hear it.

What she doesn’t know is that the person whose waiting at the porch is no one else but Sanskar, himself. He has come to London only for her, to celebrate Christmas with her. Even he has been missing her too much.

Fortunately, since he had the keys burrowed from landlord, he opens up the door on his own. He thinks she isn’t home. He walks upstairs to her room.

He has no idea that Swara is crying her heart out missing him so much. He opens the door with a frown.

His eyes widen with shock as he sees Swara curled up on the bed with a hoodie….his hoodie. He is speechless. His heart breaks to see her like that.

Immediately, he rushes to her side and scoops her in his arms. Swara is completely our of her senses due to excessive shedding of tears.

“Baby, hey love! Are you okay ?” He asks, gently trying to get her up. But she just falls back down.

“No.” She says, sniffing. “I’m dreaming. Aren’t I ? You aren’t real. You aren’t here.” She adds, looking at him with blurred vision.

His eyes soften as he wipes her tears so that she can look at him properly.

“No. Its real. I’m here baby. I came for you.” He says. She scrunches her eyebrows in confusion and sits io straight.

“You came to London ? When ? Why didn’t you tell me ?” She asks.
“Because I wanted to surprise you.” He says, a little smile forming on his lips.
“But I’m surprised myself. Why were you crying ? He asks, frowning.

“I missed you!” She says.

“Aww. My baby, I missed you too much!” He says, engulfing her in his arms. She can feel his warmth and scent again. And its helping her heal. She is comfortable again.

She smiles slightly burying her face in his chest. He rocks her back and forth. Its all like a dream come true for him as well as her.

“Thank you for coming.” She says.

“How could I leave my baby alone ? I was missing you like hell, you know that ?” He asks pulling back and cupping her tear stained face.

“B-but why all of a sudden ?” She asks.

“Because it’s Christmas! And I wanted to celebrate it with you. Plus, how much ever you try to lie, I know you are sad, full of sorrows. I never asked you on phone because I know my Swara is strong. But today whatever I saw was too horrifying for me. Why Swara ? Why do you always hide your pain from me ?”

“Because I love you, meri jaan. Now stop talking shit. I love you.” She says.

“Yeah, well. I love ‘me’ too. But just look here. What you’ve done to my hoodie!” He exclaims in pure horror, taking his hoodie in his hands.

“Yeah, I mean miss me, Swara Roy, but itna bhi nahi ki tum mere favourite hoodie ka yeh haal kardo! That’s why I wasn’t ready to give you this!” He adds.

She shakes her head as he holds his hoodie in his hands like its a person who is dead. ‘Sanskar will never change’, she thinks.

“Stop it now! And cuddle with me.” She says.

He looks up at her and flashes a smile like he’s been longing to hear that what she had just said.

“Anytime ma’am.” He says and opens his arms, inviting her in. Swara holds on him tighter as he plants a kiss on her forehead.

She finally feels complete happy. It doesn’t matter if he’s gonna get back to India soon. All that matters is that one Swasan moment…

Next part : I love my hot chocolate ~~
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Credit to: Anu

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  1. Awsm….. Specially how sanskar console swara.

    1. Yep… I also lov that part. 🙂
      Keep reading and commenting . And tysm jenny !!

  2. It was gud bt so short
    bt anyways waiting 4 nxt update

    1. I’m so sorry. Actually was busy with some work yesterday. My exams just got over so a little party and stuff. Will update asap a bigger one 🙂

    2. I know it’s short that’s why I posted another one to make out for it…
      Again that one is q little short being the bonus update 🙂

  3. Hi any…m sooo sorry that I cudnt cmmnt since long as I ws a bit busy nd I also cudnt make up to read ur epizz …bt ya nw I hv completed destiny ff in one go nd found it really interesting…I must say u really know he to make ur viewerzz glued to ur ff ;)..nd ya I hv also read the promo of ur New ff the 24hrzz…I hv said to u earlierr also that ur ideazz r really different and alwayzz fresh…it seemzz interesting..waiting fr it to go on floorzz …thnxx:)

    1. Tysm sneha. Well I want tos start that soon but I’m out if ideas. I already wrote three episodes but then kept it on hold. I will first think a good story further and then start. And my thinking tank takes a lot of time. Plus this year is important for me 12 standard 🙂 so I’ve hardly anytime. Ill start it soon . At least ill try. Tysm !!

  4. Hey any its becoming my habit to comment on your ff daily. I hardly comment but you are forcing me to…. how are you able to write and imagine all this yar…….. Its so romantic. Pls update the next part soon 🙂 😉

  5. Oops sorry..i was old reader of TU(swaragini)…I not read yours previous updates…just read few…its really awesome story line…keep going on…

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