Swasan – A Despacito One Night Stand (promo)

Despacito song, a Spanish one, I must say it can get deep under your skin, the rhythm, the words, the moves, everything about was weird and special giving anyone sweet chills to their spins.

Enough reasons to make it #1 song for 15 weeks strike.

And that particular song in its own country, conspiracied with fate to tangle two persons together, sealing their destiny, shaping their life together and tangled them around its sonnets.

Please meet with me Mr. Sanskar Maheshwary. He is a perfect son in every possible way, this what everyone thought until one night someone kick the door to his life and flip everything upside down, messing his mind and change him to a whole new person.

I am sorry but I got to say…  This story main propose is romance with struggling….  It will contain some mature scenes, curse words and abusive. So be ready for that if you are willing to read.

I will try to keep it as decent as possible and give warnings.

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  1. AbrahamEzra

    Omg dear. I’m happy that u r back with me one. And u r right despacito song is special and is enough to make any one crazy. And ha think u have reposted same part of hatred love. Any ways will be waiting for this story. It seems really interesting. Plss continue soon. Love u dear.

    1. AbrahamEzra

      Sry its not me its new. He he

  2. Adishu

    we r ready…

  3. Waiting dear

  4. Go ahead

  5. Mars


  6. nyc continue

  7. Awesome n waiting dr

  8. interesting…

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