Swasan – A Despacito One Night Stand (#7)

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Enjoy the other part of the night with our sanskar and his mysterious girl



She said with a smirk on her kissable lips “come on yaar you have been checking me out since I was dancing”

Oh God… She knew…. Wait here…. I frowned “yaar… aap bhaarateey hain??”

“you are indian?”

“koi problem hai”

“any problem?”

“nahi nahi”

We were a bit shouting to hear each other, and I felt things stop on my skin, I think it’s my hairs, this girl was something I have never seen.

“are you going to just stare that water of yours??”

She said and sipped her tekela on one shot and shut her eyes at the feeling.

“HOOOOOO what a f**king rush!! So what is your drink?”

“I don’t drink”

“come on yaaar, what are you? 15 teen… come on it will be fun”

No way I let this happen… “excuse me lady, I don’t know you and I don’t know in what authority you are talking to me like that please leave me be alone” I said in calm voice but I knew I sound pretty rude, but can u blame me??  she scared me.

Weird I know, but she is so free and the thoughts she gave me by her mere voice make me scared, so yes Sanskar Maheshwary scared from a girl.

“ok I promise I will step away from you… if you have one drink with me”

“I see no reason to do that, I can just walk away”

“and being called coward? Not good enough to stand with me? Nah… I think you are better than this”

I don’t know how she did it, but she hit the right chord

“one drink”

Come on what bad it can be… she gave me a smirk and shouted

“hoy boy, two DAWN OF THE HARRIZION” then she winked me “on my treat”


“what?? can’t you hold a girl pay for you??”

“not polite for gentle man”

“hahaha being noble and all haa”

I don’t know but I never let go off my guard around any girl but this…. Doe one here makes an exception. I looked at the dancing crowed, each of them seems like not to care about anything and swing along the beat…

“Looking desperate? For a girl?”

“huft girls are last of my concern”

“sure for some as handsome as you!! Where is your one? Late??”

“I don’t have one. I lost my tracks to my friends”

“ohhh that’s even better”

I looked at her shouts; she just said it was good to be lost…

“don’t give me that look, yes even better. Sometimes when you lost it become the best thing happened to you”

“I like to control my life in each step to the standard”

“you think you do! But life manipulate us as it wishes”

Her words sound weird, musical, magical and wise, my heart pounded at a pace, I wondered how she will sound moaning, panting heavy, screaming with pleasure as I …. I shock my head violently!!! What the hell wrong with me?? Thinking those thoughts?? I am engaged for god sake.

“what is it??”

She asked me probably don’t understand why I almost spring my neck shaking my head as I try to get the sinful thoughts out of my head. A desire came to me, I want something, I wonder…

“hello… are you ok??”

I hesitate, “san… sanskaaar” I spoke in a normal voice, probably worry about her action, perhaps she didn’t hear me and it will pass but she shocked me again as she got down from her stool and came close to me, she was standing between my legs giving me a look I have never seen anyone give to me, not even kavita, but make me feel warm and content, it was like warm sun rays kiss on the skin, that’s the best way to describe it

“S a n s k a r”

Goddess, the way she just said my name submitted me to shut my eyes, I repeated it again and again as I believed she said it like she sing some song, like a sonnet of Mozart, I think it tangled my heart.

Years and years I chained myself, I accepted the fate of not being myself, the man who I am really and became the man my family expects and society wants, I forgot the real Sanskar among the black suits and the standards I was measured at, and now I hear that Sanskar within me, inside me, roaring as caged beast chained for years, asking for freedom, and the girl in here just make me so scared because I think she can just do that.

I opened my eyes and her eyes still having the same look

“your na….”

Bartender: here you go

I saw two glasses fill to the medium with brown purplish liquid.

“on one go??” she asked excitedly but I hesitated so she put the cup in my hand and shot me up a challenge look

“one go Sanskar!!!! 3….2…1”

And up the cup. It sting like hell, I was being burned alive, the liquid burned my lips, my tongue, my throat and all the way down my stomach and I can’t put the cup yet. It took about 10 seconds to finish my cup and I put down and I felt my body really on fire, like it’s very hot summer weather and I am almost sweating, I kept coughing for a while and I felt a hand tapping my back

“now that is a man who drink”

I glanced this girl that just made me commit few sins, how could i? and how could she? I stared shock at her, I am puzzled and confused, this is bad, if dad knew… I am..

“stop it Sanskar”

I gazed her not understanding what she talks about, I think her eyes soften in a way I couldn’t get, her look isn’t something I understand.

“you remind me of someone” I frown a bit, “someone was destined to be free, born to be free, but ever since came to this world that someone was chained by many rules and eventually became lifeless body. Drink, eat and breath but don’t live. Let it go Sanskar, live your life, be what you want and break these chains that tie you in …. Before it’s too late”

Right then in that very moment of my life I could clearly hear some metal sounds, I think chains is broken…..



Unleashed sanskar….

Can you imagine…

See ya felles

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