Swasan – A Despacito One Night Stand (#5)

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As I heard Alano question I was shocked

“excuse me”??

Alano: I said are you big enough?? Would L con**m do the work because this is what I have for now or would you need XL? How long is your…

“ahhhhhh” I shouted as I want to hit alano and kabeer fall to laugh

“I will kill you alano”

Alano: I just wanted to make sure that the girls we have for you won’t complained about it…

Kabeer: perhaps we should see ourselves…

They came on me again pinning me to the bed, we three laughing as maniacs, god this was killing me… alano started open my pant button but I jerk hard pushing them both off me and hold my belt out

“come here you a*sh*les”

Then they stopped and looked shocked

Kabeer: what did you said Sanskar?

“I said… ” I slam my hand on my mouth, I can’t believe what I just call them, I just cursed.

Alano: O M G ……….. Sanskar Maheshwary just cursed us.

Kabeer: we should talk about his tree more often…

And it hit me that by tree he meant my…. Ok I will hit him first… I ran behind them trying to hit them all over the room, alano betrayed kabeer and locked the bathroom on him alone leaving me and kabeer spanking his butt couple times as he shouts and curse.

After calming all the jokes down we sat, talk and eat, preparing to tomorrow and talking to our PAs then they let me to sleep as it was just 3 pm Puerto Rico time. When I woke up hours later it was just as sun sits and they were already out, the idiots.

I called alano “where are you alano??”

“we knew if we stayed with you, you will keep us in the hell room of yours. I will send you our location so come soon Sanskar ok. Please”

“huuuuh you guys are unbelievable. Fine I will come”

“and please Sanskar, don’t use the car, you can walk here and it will make you enjoy, you are not in india ok”

Alano hanged the call and sent me the location, it’s my 1st time so I hope it goes smooth. I got ready in my black suit again, but no tie, brushed my hairs and apply my favorite 212 silver perfume.

I took alano’s advice and walk, moving slowly from the rich looking places to the normal ones, where ordinary people live, streets were paved and nice and I liked how simple houses were. As I walk I saw many couples make out just in the open causing me a lot of embracement and I mostly walk looking at my feet.

I suddenly got dashed by a teen girl maybe and my phone fell, and as for my bad she stepped on it…

“Ohh Lo siento señor perdoname. Por favor por favor lo lament”

“ohh I am so sorry sir forgive me. Please please I am sorry”

She looked pretty terrified, I would by very angry but she was just small teen, so I calmed her down

“Está bien … está bien … no hay problema. Cuidado donde te diriges ok”

“it’s ok.. it’s ok… no problem. Carful where you head ok”

“”Sí señor lo haré, lo siento de nuevo””

“yes sir I will, I am really sorry again”

She kissed my cheek and flees from there while I stood in shock. She just kissed me. My god, I am very bad person. As I walk again I tried to open my phone but to my doom it didn’t work. Now I am lost and have no phone, I can’t get Kabeer or alano and it seem no taxi would come in here.

As I walk I heard loud music and I followed it, it was something like street party, a corner man with DJ and small bar opposite to it and people in between moving their bodies to the rhyme.

I moved and sit to the bar as I was tired of walking and asked the bartender for water, It was wild song and all bodies shaking, couples moving in sensual way, others were kissing in dancing and others were making out and I try to avoid looking to them and roam as everyone enjoyed until something caught my eyes, more like someone.

A girl. Something in her face caught me off guard, she was moving like free bird here and there, swinging her soft body. My eyes dared to check her body, she had black bit curly hairs and soft tanned skin, such sweet body she have, having curves and meat where she should have.

Her pink knitted crop top hugged her bosoms in perfection not detailing yet not lose, it made me dare and wonder more hoping for details, then I go down with my eyes a slight glimpse on her belly area as she stretch her arms up and it was damn tuned, her hot jeans shorts ended just upper her thighs and a long black socks cover her legs but not enough to not show how perfectly slim she was, ending up with sport shoes.

In general she gave the bad ass looking girl, her arms were delight and I feel I would fit just right in them. I was shocked now, what the … I was thinking, how I let myself look at a girl like this and see her like this. I tore my eyes off her and look at my glass of water and drink, control yourself Sanskar, what happened to you??, but the urge was killing, just one more look, only one. This time I looked to her face, she was pretty indeed and had features that made me relax, I don’t know why I felt so.

As she was dancing and jumping her hairs flow in the air, I saw a guy trying to dance behind her, she was dancing all alone but the guy was entering her space, I was trying to get full view of her while I still sit. She looked irrated as the guy wanted to touch her stomach, but she was bold enough to turn around and push him away, as the song fading she started to jog dancing towards my direction, my god.

I turned around and focused on my water

“tekela pleaaaaase….. wooohoooooooo”

She jumped at the stool beside me talking loudly above the music and cheering the music, I try to boil down at my hand, my glass for the nth time or even the table and the small wood cracks on it, but my own eye betrayed me and I yanked a glance on her but I was caught off guard, she was looking at me.

I was pretty sure I looked like a dear caught in car highlights and glance over the other way.

“you know this is not working right”

I couldn’t help my head snapped in her direction, caught in her eyes, I saw her better now. She had round bubbly eyes colored with what seem deep brown but hard to tell as it’s night, I think it’s naturally kajaled around her eyes giving her sweet doe round eyes. Her nose was straight and elegant and bit fluffy cheeks, and then her lips, my dear they were a sinful lips, they were naturally full, lovable, kissab…

I shut my eyes close and looked away, how much bad I can be, checking a girl that way, I am a very bad person, my god please forgive me.

“not so happy with checking me out??”

She said and again I fall in her, her voice sound like a sonnat, it was like music to me.

“oh come on, don’t go shy on me now”

“ex…ex…*cough cough* excuse me”

“come on yaaar, you have been checking me out since I was dancing”



What about this entry a hhhhh

Waiting early fellows

Allah hafiz

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