Swasan – A Despacito One Night Stand (#4)

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Hmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhh. Puerto Rico air is indeed refreshing…. I inhaled more as I step down the jet stairs for the limo awaits for me, I didn’t actually think he will do this and come himself…



I hugged him so tight as I reached ground

“missed you so much alano”

“me too Sanskar, it has been hard months without you”

“huh, what is the need of me when you had kabeer already with you”

“ahh but you know it’s never the same without our nerd”

“ahh stop it alano”

We got inside the car and it took off to the hotel.

“how is india in the last 8 months since I left??”

“same but boring without your Spanish tongue talking all the time”

“hahaha I bet it is”

“and here?? All is fine??”

“yea!! Gallery doing great, many here like the art we give exploring india to them. Sometimes they look at the craves and paints like it’s another planet”

“I think it is for them. Thanks for coming for me alano, you didn’t have too”

“oh shut the hell Sanskar. You know you are like my brother, we know each other since collage and I wouldn’t be that waaw alano if you didn’t help me out. I owe you all my fame amigo”

“and you know well you don’t owe me a thing alano, you are gifted carver, I did what any business man would do”

“yeaaa yeaaaa keep telling that to yourself”

“where is kabeer?”

“sleeping still, huh our night was pretty hard”

“you both won’t stop until you get some intimating illness. Stop roaming dudes”

Alano stated to laugh almost like a maniac hold hard to his stomach

“wha… what was the word ah? Intimating??! You mean s*x Sanskar, s*x. Just say it”

“fine . S E X, whatever it is. Stop it”

“won’t you stop being hard on yourself and start to live Sanskar?”

I knew what he talks about; he has been my friend since 6 years, since I went to college, he knows everything about me, yet….

“I am fine with my life alano”

“do you call what you live a life Sanskar??”

“then what?”

“you are a zombie Sanskar, you breath but not actually live.”

“alano please… stop this talks. I am fine with how I live and all”

“sure sure… how that girl of yours?”

“her name is kavita alano she is my fiancé and she is fine”

Alano and kabeer never liked kavita and verse versa kavita hatted them, but they are the only thing I ever choose and live with, without the interfere of my dad, so I am surely keeping them.

“so kabeer is still knocked out?? When can we wake him?”

“we will figure that by reaching the room. And you my dear have big plan to do tonight”

The way he smirks is something can’t be anything near good

“ALAAANO no plans for me”

“you bet on it amigo, just I will make sure you have enough con**ms”

I gasped as I heard the word, the word wasn’t good, nor the meaning..

“hush alanoo… stop this”

“hahahaah… fly driver, we have long day to go”

Kabeer and alano unlike me are very free, the don’t smoke but perhaps drink sometimes for what they call fun, still I never ever shared them, I was forbid to do. Same go with girls, they had girlfriends yea, once in a while have a girl for one night, but they get … you know… the whole dish, which I was also never did.

They have been dying to make me – what they call – enjoy my life, but never came in action. Still they like me they I am and I love the way they are. My dear friends, the brothers I miss in my own.

As we reached kabeer room the door was opened and a blonde girl stepped outside in some glittery dress apparently has it last night with some little mess in her hair, she gave alano a wink as she passed him and held the door open for us to enter. I closed the door behind me hearing alano try to awakes kabeer

Alano: kabeer come on get your ass up. Look who is here!!

Kabeer: go away you ass, I don’t want to see, let me the f**k sleep

Alano: aari you f**ker, open your eyes…

Kabeer: even if it was a hot, s*xy and naked Katrina keef, I won’t give a damn yaar, go and f**k someone else’s brain.

I: well I doubt that Katrina keef would have a voice like mine especially if she is as you describe.

Suddenly he jerked up his bed “shit… SANSKAAAAR”

I found him suddenly engulfing me in a hug while only his shorts on “I missed you dude… when did you came??”

Alano answered instead of me: hour and half ago, I took him from airport.

Kabeer: finally our gang is together outside india, damn now the real fun will start.

I ignore the hints in his talks: now work starts, first of all go shower kabeer, you have stink smell…

Kabeer: I smell s*x yaar, damn it was….

“baaaas. I don’t want to know. Real gentle man don’t speak of his affairs”

Both rolled their eyes to me, what??

Kabeer: I was going to say it was memorable only. Stop using words from the last decade Sanskar.

Alano: well we will work on that tonight right.

Then both smirk, this can’t be ever good, never…

“we will prepare for your gallery guys, stop this fun of yours, also…”

Alano: also our 3 and I repeat 3 PAs working their ass on the gallery Sanskar, we can just relax and have fun and we already count your share.

“I don’t want any share. Just give me my room number”

Alano smirked: room??? Why? I won’t have a girl until night and so kabeer here.

Kabeer also smirked: that’s ture, and that gave us dear Sanskar time to have the fun we want…

Both have devil smirk and said: with you

Ok I got to run…

I try to run outside the room but kabeer hold my arms tightly and caging me…

“da….. kabeer let go, you smell awful come on”

K: well I told you I smell s*x and I will make you smell that all now…


A: Sanskar honey be quit na…

S: what the… alano stop this game come on…

K: game just started sanky..

Alano latterly tore my chemise and kabeer still holding me from behind and while I try resisting they are only laughing


A: shshshs baby it wont hurt, just a bit.

Alano start to tickle me like crazy and I was wiggling while laughing out loud screaming to stop. They throw me on bed and were hitting me and tickling and I start to hit and tickle them back, I never have such fun before.

We kept hitting with light fists and pillows for a while till we fall tired..

K: damn yaar hahaah

S: I will never forgive you two.

A: oh really!! do you hear that kabeer??. Then probably he wont forgive this.

S; this what…

A: this as I ask you…. Tell me truth Sanskar “he was serious so I being serious also” are you….

S: ?????????


What did Alano asked sanskar??

Keep guessing


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  1. They were probably asking my cutie whether he is a virgin or not??? Right???

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    It’s superb and I think they asked I he virgin or not. And hope swaras entry will be in next part

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