Swasan – A Despacito One Night Stand (#3)

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My girl for sure knows how make a party and manage it quietly, my gaze didn’t broke off her but for several times, she got my all for herself, that selfish girl, my chère.

“such a lovely party my lady”

I told her as I took her for a dance from those ugly men staring her in an awe while chatting her

“well I had tips from the best, mesio”

Ohh how I love to call me that, she lend to my ear having her whispery way

“weak already Mon chère??!”

Ohh dear I am doomed

“don’t do this to me ragini!!”

“shshs I got you baby shshs” she said as she rubbed my shoulder soothingly

How I wish to hold her freely… but not yet, not now. I thought about our first meeting and our life and how we got here…

“who would thought ragini, that our life will be in this shape?”

She looked lovely to me with her shaped dark orbits then she had this playful manner smirk “I should send flowers to rajat for that”

“don’t even tell this … man name ok”

“hahahah well I won’t. ….. Mon chère”

I hugged her to me when my ears caught some words of a man

“I got a picture of a maheshwary kissing his girl”

And that to me mean one thing, disaster.

“gotta go ragini, just mints ok”

I followed the man and spotted him in parking lot, I step to my car and hold my gun then moved to him

“give me the cam”

“sir, what ca….”

His words went dead as he found the gun pointed to his head

“the cam that had my brother picture… give it to me”


I loaded the gun and I am sure he saw no hesitation in my eyes so he handed it quietly, I checked it and it had Sanskar picture kissing kavita… I lowered my gun and Fitch some money from my pocket, thousand maybe and throw it to the man…

“for the cam and your silent, say a word about us and believe me this gun won’t be lowered until one of its seed lay in your empty brain, are we clear??”

He just nodded which I don’t like “are we clear mr. useless??”

“yes.. yes sir”

I left with slow steps and placed the gun and the cam after breaking it in two in my car. I searched my brother and he looked as he is scanning the hall for me while standing with kavita… I went to him

“follow me Sanskar… alone”

He did and I took him to men rest room and made sure no one was there..

“laksh someone….”

TAAAAAK  the sound filled the empty place……

I slapped him


His cheek turned from white to red in fractions and his iris widen at my sudden action….

“HOW COULD YOU BE CAUGHT LIKE THIS? Do you know what this picture would have done to us? I got lucky fitching it, but just imagine what would happen if it’s leaked”

He didn’t reply a word instead he looked at me with clenched jaw and fisted hands, he must be angry, but he deserve it, he could have put us all in a scandal

I felt my anger growing and hissed my words “how can you lose your control Sanskar?”

“I was kissing my fiancé laksh, nothing is out of it’s place, I got her a gift and I was giving her a kiss that’s it”

“you could have done it in a room, what is the need to risk us like this? Kissing in puplic!!! Are you mad??”

“don’t …. treat ….. me….. like a child laksh, I just wanted to tell you before you call for me but I would have deal it myself”

“you don’t want me to treat like a child, fine. Stop acting like one and start to be a real Maheshwary”

“LAKSH….. don’t you dare say those words again. I am a Maheshwary just as you, I prove myself just as you… and I am sorry I ever listened to you and came with you …. brother”

I was taken back, that is first time Sanskar reply me back with such anger and such words

“Sanskar, just lis….”

“is the man alive, did you hurt him??”

“No, what you think of me?”

“someone capable to do anything to protect our image just like dad taught us, and by anything I mean anything”

Saying this he left the rest room and smash the door behind him, what did I do? I slapped my brother??

I went out searching for him but he was already gone. I was so raged from myself, I was such an as*** no, what happen to me, I can’t curse, it’s bad. Huh… I felt warm hand holding my palm and I knew it immediately, ragini.

“come with me laksh, mints please”

I went with her to back rooms of models, she empty it for us..

“speak laksh, come on”

“ragini.. ra..gi… I think I did bad, I …”

She cupped my face with her soft small palms

“mon chère …”

“mon amour …. I did very bad…”


I loved that she knows me so much, she knows that this is not the words I want to say…

“I am a f**ker ragini, a b*t*h, I just slapped my little brother, what an a*sh*le f**king buster I am, f**k me to the f**king hell, I am a f**king shit worthless a*sh*le”

I cursed and cursed while I hug her, and I felt her arms sooth my back…

“shshsh bébé d’amour, calm ok… it will be ok”

“it won’t be f**king ok, I think I hurt him a lot”

“he is your brother laksh, he will forgive you, he understand you, but you need to do something first”

“anything ragini”

“you must sorry to him, that’s the only way”

I never said sorry to anyone but my father, it’s hard. But for my brother and after what I said I will do it. I felt soft lips on me and fewwww I respond to them, my magnets

“you will be the death of me one day ragini”

“well that will be pleasurable, no??!”

“hell me yeaaa”

I pressed her to me one more time before getting back to our world. When I get home I will apologies to sanskar



I told kavita that we should go now trying to keep my best looking face and fake smile and when we went out I drive off

“baby, what happened with your brother?”

“nothing, some small fight… don’t bother your mind”

“oh baby, it happens I know but he is elder to you so keep up with him ok”

I preferred not to reply or I may explode…. Hold yourself Sanskar… my thoughts were disturbed by my phone ring

“yea.. hmmm… .. when? Ok, ready my jet”

“what is it baby?”

“I am traveling to Puerto Rico at 7 am, Alano and kapeer are having an important art gallery there, I must go”

“oh that half friend of yours”

I irately replied “kavita please, he is as much indian as Spanish ok, his father is indian, just because his middle name is Alano we call him half. His name is Deepak Alano Chandra”

“ohh baby ok ok I mean no harm ok, it’s just funny a bit haha”

Urrrghhhh, talking to her now is like hitting my head into wall. I drop her home and went to mine even though I don’t want to, but one of dad numerous rules, never sleep outside house unless you are out of state, as long as I am in Kolkata I must sleep at night in my bed.

I just went to sleep, the more I think the more I want to chock my own brother, how he dare say those words to me, “start act like a Maheshwary” da*** I stop myself from cursing, I can’t. huuh… till when I will have to prove myself that I worth the name I have, that I am an
equal to them not the spam paper line. I will never forgive laksh for his words

Just when I would marry??, perhaps I will get some freedom, and who knows perhaps I would even have a real smile just for once.



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Precap:  Sanskar in Puerto Rico

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