Swasan – A Despacito One Night Stand (#2)

A DECPACITO One Night Stand (#2)


Its 2.45 pm now, I am at home on time, driver open my door while a guard pick my suit case, huh benefits of luxurious life. I fasten my steps to my room, freshen up, and change to another suit and meet my family on stairs at 2.55, then we all sit on table at exact 3 pm for lunch.

Time in this house is very scared, no mint early and no mint late no matter what. Around the table we are steated, my parents on the head of table my brother adharsh on the right as my dad right hand while my brother lasksh is on the left, next in turn is my bhabhi parinta facing me while I sit next to laksh.

Our lunch is usually silent but from small chats about work and politics, nothing else. After that I move to my room and spend night there, but today laksh came to me…

“Sanskar, what are you doing for the rest of night?”

“nothing, I may work”

“my fiancé is arranging a party tonight for her new launched designs, you may bring kavita and come”

I could agree, I could go and bring kavita to rectify what happen hours ago, and that what I will do…

“ok laksh… thanks you”

After he went I call kavita and convinced her about going, and then I order a golden bracelet for her, it will make her forget all problems in a second.

I am a good man, a gentle man, but what I am really?, my room has a big picture of my family, it’s the only picture I am allow to hold on my room walls. My father sitting on a chair in the middle, adharsh in right side having his hand on my dad’s right shoulder, same pause for laksh on left side and next to my mom chair.

And me?? I am behind dad’s chair, just my upper part shown, just a face in this picture where everyone in black, three black suits, black sherwani, and red saree. If one suit got missing it won’t be noticeable, more accurate my suit, I am the youngest, the unnoticed, the paper spam edge that no one care about.

What are you telling Sanskar?, these are nonsence thoughts, how could I think this way?? I am a mehshwary, my life evolve around my family and nothing else matter.

I should have slept, but my hands are aching, rubbing, begging for something, something according to my father is forbidden, something only jokers and hopeless people do.

I locked my door not wishing to be surprised by my mother or father suddenly entering and catch me red hand, only my parents go inside my room with no knock. I pull the curtains, open my secret big locket, Fitch out my big sketch and pencil and continue my last drawing.

I am very fond of drawing, ever since I am a kid I loved the white sketch and pencil so that I can put anything I want. White sheet was only mine and under my merci to draw anything I want, and I loved that feeling, I love to draw and create scenes.

But when father find out I want to be a drawer as career he made me learn my lesson in a way I will never forget, he mocked me and shouted me, burned all my draws I had and spend many hours arting them, I cried a lot for my draws as each of them meant something to me that is close to my heart.

I cried for my draws more than I cried when father ordered adharsh bhai to break my both thumbs and index fingers which he did so that I learn my lesson. And I partially did, I never opened that topic again, and never draw in front of anyone again. I keep the white papers hidden and locked in my closet and one single pencil, I didn’t like colors, the grey amazing carbon color of the pencil had always flattred my heart and makes me dreamy.

This is my flowers sketch, I have been drawing since a while now, such a scene.

Actually I have sketch for categories, like buildings sketch, beach sketch, landscape sketch and love sketch. Remembering that sketch I had the urge for it more than this sketch.

“sorry my dear lady but I will be visiting my love lady today” I spoke to my sketch, they are the only one listening to me anyway.

I put that sketch back and picked another “hello my love lady” I sit again to my bed, my last draw about two couples loveand I am putting my last touches.

I don’t know what evil spirit got on me to draw something like this (kissing couples on beach), if my dad know it will be my death, to draw something so bad…. Huh… I am indeed bad person, a sinner and I know God will punish me badly but how can I stop my heart from beating. Drawing is my life beating, and I can swear that I will die if I stop drawing.

While busy in drawing I felt my eyes will be closing, but not yet, I kissed my sketch and locked it prisoned again then changed my cloth and open my room lock then I fall to bed. My dreams are mostly blurred and unpleasant giving me sins and desires I shouldn’t feel yet, I can’t have desire, I shouldn’t.

I woke up in time for getting ready, black suit, blue tie and blue glasses, matching watch…

“Sanskar, why aren’t you fully black??” said my brother laksh as he entered my room, I said it right, my family is found of black, just like my brother here, all black, huh are we in a funeral.

“kavita dislike all black, so I try to color a bit”

“you should make her love all about you and not reverse”

I would want to spit few words to him right here and now about him and his girl, but…. He is elder than me, 1 year elder but it means a lot in my dad’s eyes. Anyway I push all thoughts aside and continue my jet up

“for now brother, she isn’t my wife yet to make her ready on our habits, I am ready let’s leave please”

I reached to kavita place in no time, she looked amazing in her shinning golden dress, when she stepped in car she had that pout that I kissed and asked her not to be mad at me and that have surprise for her and that give her a grin as I expected…

The ball room was highly decorated and press all over the place, my brother laksh was one of main highlights as his fiancé is the show maker. Ragini gadodia took her place beside my brother as press took their pics in every possible pause, it was such boring event and I wished to escape to my dear sketches… men and women were talking to me and kavi but soon I stole her from the all-around and went to hidden spot in terrace…

“close your eyes darling”

I left her hand as she closed her eyes and placed the bracelet then print a kiss over knuckles while I hear her gasp

“oh god sanky this is waaw”

“don’t call me that kavita, I hate it”

“ohhh sankyyyy”

I fisted my hand, don’t panic, be gentle, be f**, no no don’t curse Sanskar

“ohh sorry Sanskar, I don’t want to ruin this”

She placed her kiss over my cheek but I don’t react, why it always feels so wrong to be close to kavita? Why I feel something out of its place? But I didn’t have time to answer as I feel her soft lips over my lips kissing me with passion and I reply with equal, I don’t want to fight with her now.

I hold her hmmmmm, gentle Sanskar, softly, hmmmmm


I separated at the voice that escaped her lips

“sorry, your tie pin hurt me”

“it’s my mistake, sorry darling”

She cuddle into me “I have my ways for forgiveness my baby” ohhh not again


My head snapped at the sound of camera flash with shocked look

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