Swasan – A Despacito One Night Stand (#10)

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Chapter 8 has been rejected as it vontaim high mature content… its not quitly high… just s*x scene between swasan and sanskar was shocked knowing that swara is virgin.

Chapter 9 is already posted…. so now is chap 10…. enjoy


Alano POV

Me and sanskar meet up with kabeer at hotel reception then we ride the car to the gallery hall. All night Sanskar was shut, even his fake smile was long gone, this was even a worst Sanskar, more lifeless and more emotionless.

Me and kabeer would walk around the gallery answering people questions while having glances over Sanskar, he would usually talk to the press or the business men, his English and Spanish served him pretty well.

Sanskar suddenly his eyes fixed on someone, a girl, I felt him tensed from a far, I saw the girl with black bit curly hairs, she moved away to another paint and Sanskar immediately run behind her and graped her turning her around having wide eyes.


Sanskar POV

Ever since I woke up I masked my feelings, my hurt and agony. I didn’t care to smile, didn’t care I bleed in my heart, I only did what a Maheshwary would do, suit in black and run the business. I spoke to men and women, took the flittering and state news to the press but the pain in my heart didn’t fade, until I saw it, black hair.

Bit curly black hair, my mind froze, could it be? I moved when she moved and turn the girl around ready to smash her lips here and now, the only trick was she wasn’t her. She wasn’t tigersita.

“what is wrong with you?”

“I am sorry lady, I thought you someone else, sorry”

I felt all my face heat with embracement until I felt a hand over my shoulder, I turn to find alano giving me this look of ‘I got your back’, I gazed deep to his eyes and then looked to kabeer who was giving me the same look.

I took my feet and went away from the place and ride the car roaming all streets lost, I hoped maybe If I lost again I will find her again, maybe god will be that good to me, I know I am such a sinner but god still have mercy on sinners isn’t it?

Days went on, a week pass by and I looked everywhere and nothing came in return. I draw a sketch of her and give to kabeer, everywhere cheeked but still nothing, no flights, no cruises, no trains; she was nowhere to be found. Another week passed and I should be heading back to india with alano and kabeer but my heart don’t want to leave without her, without anything of her, but forcefully and torn hearted I did. Now I was in the jet with my friends looking at the clouds around and see nothing but her face, her smile, her eyes…. Her big round doe eyes.

After hours jet landed safely in india, kabeer and alano wanted me to go with them but I refused. Dad rules, from airport to home first then the world come next, huh, this will be long day.


Laksh POV

When Sanskar left to Puerto Rico I didn’t get the time to apologize for my mistake that time so I waited him to come back, as he stepped in the house we were around in family gather for just talking. I am not a close brother, none of us is but when I saw him I knew something is wrong, it was like someone so dear to him dead, and something was off about him.

He moved slowly to our dad sitting on his big special chair and took bless…

Dad: welcome back Sanskar.

Sanskar: thank you father…

He hugged mother then and greeted adharsh bhai and parinita bhabi, as I wait him he gave me blank face and dry node, so he is still angry.

Sanskar: excuse me father, I am tired and want to rest, may I?

Dad: no. you should attend with us

Mom: ji, he just came ….

Dad: Annapurna ji, please…

I tensed, what the … don’t curse laksh, but come on he just arrived. Still Sanskar sit and we talked for 2 hours, Sanskar body was rigid and his eyes didn’t blank much, he is so tired.

Sanskar follows what dad taught us once, to stay awake for long time focus on one scene, don’t blink your eyes much and steady your breaths, same as Sanskar doing now, I need to do something…

Laksh: father, if you excuse me and Sanskar, we need to talk alone, can we leave to his room?

DP: you can talk here. What is it?

Laksh: it can’t be revealed now father. Please give us permission.

Father node his head and I looked to Sanskar, I can see he is confused but we walked to his room and at his door he turn…

“I am tired and going to sleep.. bye”

“Sanskar wait… we need to talk”

“there is nothing to talk about laksh”

“Sanskar… let me in”

He would shut the door but I pushed it open and he stepped back with very angry face, I gotta say it

“laksh get t….”

“I am sorry” I blur it out quickly and I seem to shock him “I shouldn’t have acted that way, it was improper, forgive me”

“you never say sorry laksh!! Why now?”

“perhaps I never did wrong like this with you before… are we in good terms bhai?” he looked so tired and heavy.

“yes we are” he said while flashing me faint smile but truthful…

“thanks, I will leave you to rest then”

“thank you”

I left him but couldn’t help feel worry, something was off about him all of sudden. My phone buzzed with a text…

“its noon already but your colony isn’t leaving my nostrils and its frustrating me…. s*xually… did you sort all with your brother”

Damn ragini you will be the death of me on day, by one text I can feel my dick harden in my pants… damn it, I text her back

“just wait more hour and I will release you frustration kitty… I did and now I feel lighter. Wait me in your hotel room”

I have only one hour to get ready for my kitty… my mind drift to ragini and our intimating moments… damn it.. I won’t leave her tonight…


Sanskar POV

After laksh went I was shocked, laksh never say sorry in his life but now he said it…. I can’t believe it, but I couldn’t help but to forgive him. I locked my door which I shouldn’t but I don’t want any interruption. I removed all my cloth, I nude myself just like I was born and put myself under the sheets to rest and directly again as the past 2 weeks my mind draft to her, to my lovely tigersita, memorizing each moment happen between us, every second, her each word the whole night and each moan she released. If I just meet her one more time, just once and I will fix everything. My phone rang and it caught me out of my thoughts, as I see the caller I numbed. “kavita” her name and picture flashed, she slipped totally from my mind, my god, I am such bad person, I hate myself, I betrayed her. I wanted to answer but my mind isn’t leaving me in peace so I did another first, I ignored kavita calling which I never did before and went back to my lay, my thoughts were only about tigersita and I slept felling myself hardening as I remembered our moments in the bed.

2 month leap…


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