Swasan – A Despacito One Night Stand (#1)


“Meeting is ready and awaits you mr maheshwary”

I heard my PA informing me formally yet kindly, I dismiss him not wanting to disturb this view. Amazing Kolkata, it’s top view is something to really be hold from my wide window of my private cabin. I panted it mentally many times, yet every time I plot it wonderfully.

I saw my reflection in the transparent glass, fearsome and breathe taking yet something I knew is missing. I tie my jacket middle button; black is my favorite color, my family favorite color.

Let me introduce myself while I walk, I am Sanskar Maheshwary, Maheshwary’s younger son, the art god of India, nothing about art slip my fingers. As I walk to the conference room I see employs bow to me or stand in tension, but what relax me that this is not due to fear rather than respect. I respect them and give them anything they want but in return your first mistake will be your last, my brothers adharsh and laksh ruled their world with absolute fear, like two dons, learning from the best which is my own father, but I preferred to rule by peace.

When I entered the meeting all stood in respect, my branches managers, it’s our monthly meeting to keep the work updates. Meeting kept for more than 2 hours and by the end of it I felt my head bounding with hurt, yet I hold myself good, giving my good smile and nice gesture, I gave my instructions to the managers and took my steady walk to my cabin again.

Never show any emotions,

My dad’s rule number ………. I can’t remember, he had many but I remember them all, some by soft way and some with hard way.

I was steps away from my cabin when I met my PA again

“sir, your faience awaits you since 15 mints”

“ohh, ok. Don’t disturb me at all and check the arrangments for the art gallery with mr. kapir and mr. Alano.”

“yes sir” he replied with a head bow.

I took my few steps to the cabin, calm down Sanskar, control your head pain, your faience awaits you, be the man you should be.

With those thoughts I enter my cabin with wide smiley face

“kavita darling”

Damn it. Oh god I am sorry I shouldn’t curse. I am never allowed to curse, not even inside myself, be good Sanskar. But kavita makes it hard on me.

My little faience kavita was in s*xy hot terquaz dress barely above her knee with one leather string on one shoulder and free on the other. Her hairs tied in messy pun and many strands colored in different colors. Her hairs were like a rainbow parrot.

“Sanskar baby”

“how are you today darling?” I said while I hug her softly.

But her hand reached the back of my neck gripping me with small pressure while landing a kiss on my cheek

“I am fine darling, just missed you”

“I am sorry to give you concern baby, I was busy with my works. But I had pictures of your guitar performance, it was amazing”

“well yea.. my family all came, even Dp uncle, I waited you, you know”

She said in slow pouty voice but somehow she managed to make it s*xy.

“it won’t happen again baby”

“Actually I wanted also to thank you, even though I came from wealth family, but when you stand beside me I became the most wanted guitarist”

“well baby you are talented indeed”

I was sitting behind my chair while she sits on the other side looking beautiful and give me tempting looks and I act as the gentle man I am. She moved from her chair and her looks were different now, she forced my chair a little back and finds her place on my lap, both her legs between mine while she seated herself on my right thigh.

Control Sanskar, control, breath in and out, shshshs… calm down…

“I missed you Sanskar baby hmmm”

Kavita hands crawl on my chest up and down rubbing while I try to fix my breaths. She started kissing my neck and my breaths start to take small sound…

“hmm sanskaaaar, Sanskar hmm”

I wanted to kiss her too, I gave small kisses to her neck, it wasn’t our first time to make out, it kept for mints but I wasn’t feeling comfortable.

“kavita darling… ka hmmmmm”

My words went dead as she sucked my lips hungrily, and I kissed her back but not as I want, remember Sanskar, be gentle man, you are gentle man, never lose control…

“kavita darling.. please… hmm”

“ahh touch me Sanskar, come on”

“kavita…. Kavita darling…. hmmm darling …hmmmm we …. Ahmm should ….stop”

I tell her to stop during our kisses, her hands were rubbing over my chest and pulling my hairs while her lips work over my lips and neck. I was hot and turned on, but not enough to twitch my dick which she surly feel it as she position herself very well to feel me down there.

“ohh Sanskar, you are so hot and handsome, hmmmm”

I hugged her waist, pushing her to me, this girl don’t know anything, control Sanskar, stop her now.

“kavita please… we cant … do… this”

She shoves my tie down and now was having my whole neck to kiss while pushing her side hips to match mine s*xually rubbing over my dick…

“ohhh sure we can my baby boy, just me kiss me Sanskar, kiss me senselessly… leave your mark upon me”

Her words, her begging, it should move me, it should …. Nahi Sanskar don’t curse, you aren’t allow cursing so control. Control everything, be the man you are.

“hmm ohhhhh but kavita.. kavi.. please”

I was panting and breathing heavily, my fingers want to tight over her body but no

“ohh just f**k me Sanskar”

At this word I push away from her and make her stand

“how could you say that word kavita?, this is a bad word”

“ohh Sanskar, stop these, let’s not ruin our moment”

She try reach me again but I held her in her place “you are who ruin it kavita, we can’t…….., we can’t do these things, these makings not good for us, stop please”

“ohh Sanskar you are the man for god sake, how long I will be running after you for these? We are engaged baby, it’s ok if we do hard makings or even have s*x”

“no kavita we can’t. Huh baby please we must wait for our marriage”

“Sanskar this is 21 century stop being old fashion”

My god, how can I explain her my real reasons, maybe she wouldn’t judge me, should I tell her??!. NO

I hugged her waist to me speaking softly

“kavita baby, I am being a gentle man, not old fashion, we got to wait to our marriage, so we can honor our parents rightly so we….”

“am I not s*xy to you? Am I not your type? Don’t you like my body? Tell me Sanskar”

“kavitaaa its not about your body!!! You are beautiful darling”

“are you gay then??”

“KAVITA… I am not gay” I bit raised my voice, bad sanskaaaar. “kavita I am sorry I didn’t mean to rise my voice, please try to understand my point”

“and I hope you understand my needs Sanskar”

“I know darling, but trust me, our first time in our wedding night will be very special and you won’t regret it ok darling”

I saw her eyes rolling and giving me weird look then “fine” that was her last word before she break the hug and pick her bag and start to leave.

“baby please don’t leave now… let’s lunch together… don’t be that angry”

But she didn’t listen any and say “later Sanskar, bye” and she left. I just rest upon my couch, how I can tell you kavita why I never touch you the way you want??, if you just know… I hear soft screams crawling to my mind from my past door…

“stop this…..”

“you are monster….”

I sat up, my dear lord, just wait me kavi, let’s just marry and then everything will be fine. But what keeps harass me, what bothers me to extent of suffocation that kavita is my fianc√©, my going to be wife and still every time we touch it feels simply ……..


So very wrong.


Hai dear lovlies…. How was the first night ahhhh

I ll eat my nails for your comments…



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