Swasan- Demon and His Prey (Chapter 9)

Chapter 9

Scene 1

“Fine.. bye wait for Alex he will come and eat you for his life.”

How come he know about Alex????
She thought.

Suddenly her phone rang and it showed the caller is Rithvik.

She smiled and picked the call immediately.

“Hello.” Said Rithvik.


“Missing me?”



“Are sachi. Why should I miss you?”?

“But I am missing you alot.”

“Do your work properly?. Stop wasting time?.”

“Huhh. Ok bye.”

“Acha baba Sorry. I am missing you. Have you reached and hows everything?”

Like this they kept on talking about random stuff.

When suddenly..



“Are you alone at home?”

“No my boyfriend is with me.?”

“Stop it. Now tell it clearly.”


“I told you something. Isn’t it?”


She thinks of how he told her to go to her friend for being safe… how Sanskar asked her for being with him.. and the incidents because of which she doubted on him..

“Swara…” he said from the other side not getting her response.

“Yes.. Yes I remember. Dont worry I will go to my friend tomorrow.” She said.

They talked for more time and then drifted to sleep.

Scene 2

“Dont test my patience.” Said Alex from inside the mirror while Swara was looking him in horror.

“Who are you?.What you want from me? Pleasee leave me..” pleaded Swara to him..

“Wanna see me?” Saying this he was about to remove his hoddie when the mirror broke and he disappeared.

Swara woke up suddenly shouting.

“Again a nightmare.” She said to herself and looked around and found the pieces of mirror broken on the floor..

She covered her mouth with her hands.

“Are my dreams also controlled by him?” She thought to herself.

She was scared and was sweating badly..

When something striked her mind..

She stepped down the bed and moved towards a room in the hall.

The room was locked.. she opened it with a key around her neck and get inside and immediately closed it after getting in.

As soon as she entered… a black shadow tried to penetrate through it when it pushed away with a force with a thud…

The black shadow transforms into Alex?.. black hoddie and red eyes.

His eyes become more red with anger and it was looking as if he is murmuring something.

Inside the room.

Swara turned and switched on the lights.

The room was from all the sides covered with pious red thread type something..

It helps to keep bad spirits away.

She moved forward and sat in front of the potriat in the room.

“Even now.. you are saving me from everything Dad. I miss you soo much. Please come back. I need you. Your beliefs were true and your Book of Black Spots is also real.” She said while crying and drifted to the sleep hugging his photo..

Outside the room..

Alex was standing and looking around when he found the same book which she was reading..

He went towards and tried to touch it when he gets a shock and moved back

His hand burnt and he transforms into his human form but his face is not seen as it is still covered?.

His hand was burnt severly…

He tried to touch the book again and finally he did and was able to touch it..

When he opened it..
His own words revolved in his mind.

“Blank..blank.. blank..”

He gritted his teeth in irritation? and left the place.

“I will come again.. and next time I wont leave you.” He said angrily and left his eyes still red.

Scene 3

Next day..

Sanskar was sitting in his car outside her apartment waiting for her to come out.

Finally after 10 minutss..

She came out with a smile on her face and he kept on looking her.

“Idiot. Come and help me.”

She said him showing her bag.

He came out and was about to touch the bag when he realised something and moved back.

“Do it yourself. Its not that much heavy.”

“Hawwww…Mannerless creature.”

“Huhh.. manners ki dukaan. Seee..” he said showing her his bandaged hand.

“Are you fine? How this happened? Is it paining?” She asked her being concerned and touched his hand.

“No its fine. I was cooking and burnt my hand. Now you are here so need not to cook for me.” He said with a wink.?

“Whatever.” She said and took her things and kept it inside the car and both left to his house.

“I dont know Sanskar that I should doubt you or not? But I want to clear my doubts… I dont want to live a life where everytime I have to be scared. I just hope what I am thinking is not right.. I dont want to loose a good friend of mine.” She thought to herself looking towards Sanskar.

“I know i know… I am smart but stop staring me?.” He said feeling her gaze on him..

Then he touched his hand where she touched him and becomes shocked….

To be continued..

I think you guys are not liking it. Do tell me otherwise I will end this up in next 2-3 episodes.

Thank you.

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