Swasan- Demon and His Prey (Chapter 8)

Chapter 8

Scene 1

Mr. Dutta and Swara was talking in the room when suddenly the windows starting opening and closing suddenly making loud noises.

One of the chairs come and was about to hit Mr. Dutta when it passes by his side.

They both looked towards the directswion and stood horrified seeing a shadow…

A shadow only.

Mr. Dutta was looking at the shadow trying to find something maybe but the shadow smirks and vanishes.

All we could hear is the laughing sounds….

Swara was sweating badly holding her left side of chest.

“Blank.. blank… blank..” came the voice and then everything stopped and lights gets on..

Swara and Mr. Dutta looked at each other.

Swara was about to say something but Mr. Dutta showed her his hand.

“Leave. Take care. He is dangerous.” He said.. swara nodded and left the place.

As Swara was walking on the road.. she was murmering something to herself.

“Stupid Idiot creature. I know he is behind me ane dangerous?.. I was asking something else but he keeps on speaking something else. Stupid fellow.. arghhhh… and this stupid demon… dont he have work else then disturbing me all the time… go and find someone else.” She said being irritated of all the happenings in her life.

She was moving forward when someone jumped in front of her covering himself with black hoddie.

“Cursing me.” Said the person

“Sanskar.” Said swara recognising the voice.

“I hate you. You scared me.” She said holding her left side of chest and breathing heavily.

He saw her being shocked and murmerd a Sorry.

She just nodded and started moving.

“Where are you going?”


“Whose at your house?”

“Me and Rithvik.”

“Rithvik??” He asked being confused.

“My fiance.”

“FIANCE…???” He almost shouted listening to it.

“Yes fiance.. but why are you shouting?”

“Woh.. nothing.. i wanna meet him.” He said.

“Sorry but he cant..”

“Huhh. Is he VIP… cant meet your friend even.” He said cutting her off and making faces.

“Let me complete before cursing him… huhh? .. he is out of town for 15 days so he cant meet you.” She completed.

“Then are you gonna stay alone?” He questioned her being shocked.


“So that your demon can haunt you freely?.”

“Are you scaring me?”

“May be?”.

She pushed him and he fell down..

She laughed at him holding her stomach while he was just staring her.

“Hahaha.. someone was scaring me. See now?.” She said in between her laughter.

He smiled seeing her laughing.
Then after a minute he stood straight and kept a fake annoyed face.

“Stop now.”

“First change your expressions.” She said still laughing.

After sometime

“Fine.. bye wait for Alex he will come and eat you for his life.” He said in irritation.

She stopped laughing and looked at him.

“Stop. Dont take his name. Lets go.”

He nodded and both left.

Scene 2

Outside her apartment. He called her when she was about to step out.


“Yes Sanskar.”

“If you feel alone or scared then you can come to my house.”

“No its ok..” she said while hesitating

“Dont worry I wont eat you.” He said teasing her..

“Ok fine. But tomorrow I will come as I hve to collect things today.” She agreed as she thought she can trust him as a friend after Rithvik.

He happily nodded and then left from the place while she entered her house.

Scene 3

Alex was standing on the top of the building..

“What is this happening?”

“Alex. Why arent you able to do a simple work?” Said someone appearing in red hoddie with blue orbs.. face covered completely.

“I dont know. What the hell is happening to me? But its something really weird DAD”

“Should I think you are becoming useless? Or dont you want to keep yourself alive?” The another men said.

“Its nothing like that DAD. I will be alive forever. I will kill her in 7 days. Just wait and watch.” Saying this he disappeared in air being annoyed from him.

Scene 4

Swara was sitting on the couch in the hall and resting her head on it when something striked her mind.

She immediately checked her bag and found the paper which Mr. Dutta gave her..

She opened it and it was all BLANK…

Then she remembered the words of thr shadow.

“Blank. Blank. Blank.”

How everything that Mr. Dutta gives me turned blank.

She then threw it in one corner and again rested her head.

She felt thirsty and moved to get water when suddenly something come under her feet..

She stepped back and saw that it was a book which she fell mistakenly when she was cleaning the book shelf.

She picked the book and looked at it..

She was about to keep it back to shelf when she read “Theory of Black Spots” written on it.

She cleaned it completely and read it again.. she became happy and opened it hoping it wont be blank..

She finally opened it and found the words in the book.

She became happy and danced in her mind…

She then started reading it.

First page.

Before starting with the theories. It is very important to know that what ever the situation is…

Never take a Demon’s name Aloud.

It increases their powers or effects on you.

Second page

Dont read the theories aloud if you are being followed by a shadow.

They cant read the book but they can listen to what you speak.

Third page

Demon is real if you believe and if you dont then god is also a stone…

So never take it for fun. This is something real if you believe and if you dont it can show you its presence…

Fourth page

A black spot is a mark generated on the body of a human when it is killed by a blank shadow…

And on the black shadow if he/she is unable to kill his/her prey.

Fifth page

Name of the demon is hidden in the black spots of the person who is being killed or haunted by a black shadow if thy come in contact ever.

And only the next prey can read its name…


Ninth page

A Black shadow of black spots can live the life of both human and demon easily…

It is dangerous for you if the demon is more effective then human one but once human form gets more effective then none knows the consequences

But surely they are not something good.

With this she closes the book when something clicked her mind.

“Fine.. bye wait for Alex he will come and eat you for his life.”

How come he know about Alex???? She thought and the screen freezes.

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