Swasan- Demon and his prey (chapter 2)

Chapter 2

Here we go

Scene 1

Swara was walking on the road murmuring something and sweating badly. She step by step increased her pace and came towards a nearby apartment.

She knocked the door.

Rithvik opened it and was shocked to see her state. He make her come inside and sit on the couch..

Rithvik: What happened ? ( he asked with concern giving her the glass of water.)

Swara: Umm. Nothing.
(In mind: If I will tell you something you are not gonna believe it. So its better I keep this to myself. I just hope what you say always is the truth.)

She thought and hugged him tightly.

Rithvik: Are you sure?

Swara: Yeah. I am sure. Ju.sst. s.aww.. so..me drun..kards on the ro..ad. ( she said trying to form the words).

He nodded and hugged her more tightly.

Rithvik: Its ok. They are not here. See only I am here.?.

She hit him on his chest and smiled.

Rithvik: Finally this smile. Ufff. You could have beaten me before to show this.?

Swara: Stop it Rithvik. I am hungry. Go get me some food.

Rithvik: Huh. Bhuki billi ( Hungry Cat?).

Swara: Yeah. Yeah. Whatever. Now go get me some food.

She said pushing him in the kitchen..

He went in the kitchen while she moved and searched for something in the nearby rack.

Finally she found it between a dozen of papers..

Swara(to herself): I need to find out what was that I felt and I hearddd.
How can I just hear it. It never happened before. Its impossible.

“EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE” this line striked her mind which was by some unknown voice and shivered at its thoughts.

She opened the book and try to read it but was startled by a voice from behind.

Rithvik: SWARA….

Swara( hided the book immediately): umm. Yess.

She answered standing straight.

Rithvik: What are you doing here?

Swara: Umm. Nothing.

He raised his eyebrow questionably.?

Swara: What? Where’s my food? ( she said diverting the topic)

Rithvik: In the kitchen?.

Swara: Why??. Who is eating it there? Huhh. I am hungry here?.

Rithvik: Calm down baba. I am bringing. Just came to check on some voice..?

Swara: Which voice?

Rithvik came towards Swara and held her from shoulders.

Rithvik: See Swara we both know what you are hiding.. I cant see you like this. Scared and all.
You overcome this.. then why again?

Swara: I don’t know Rithvik. You know I have always been a clairvoyant but you never believed.. after that’s death this all stopped for a while but today in the college again I felt strange and you know what on the bridge I heard some voice and believe me its not normal. Seriously its not. And that Moon…

Rithvik: Shh. Its ok. Dont stress. ( he said hugging him). I know this is difficult for you but believe me this is not truth. Its all your imagination.

She just nodded and both stood there hugging each other.

Rithvik: Want to have food or shouldd I have mine??

Swara: What??

Rithvik: Don’t you understand. Wait I will explain.

He said cupping her face and leaning forward.

She stepped back.

Rithvik: I am sorry. I was just…

Swara: I know Rithvik. I am sorry.?. I am so sorry. I need some time.

Rithvik: Its ok baba. No come have food?.

They both left to have food.

After some time both were picking up the dishes when

Rithvik: You know what, today a murder took place in nearby colony.

Swara: What? Huh. This is the daily news. Why do people kill others.??

Rithvik: hmm. Nd the main point is the murder didnt looked normal. It was horrible. I saw in the news and the sight is just terrible.?.

Swara: Why?

Rithvik explained her whole the scene.

She sighed and cursed the person who killed someone this much badly..

Soon both left to respective rooms.

Swara was standing the washroom brushing her teeth. She picked the toothpaste and stood opening the tap when suddenly she felt wind moving faster than usual.

She opened her eyes widely and scanned the room but was not able to find anyone.

She turned her eyes towards the mirror and screamed seeing some sort of reflection in the mirror.

A girl was standing.. her face covered completely with the hair and blood oozing out from different parts of her body and nech eaten…

Swara started sweating badly and started moving backward. She hit the wall behind and fall down. Soon the reflection dispersed.

But still she was sweating badly.

“Stay ATTENTIVE, he is behind you. Save yourself.” Come the voice and soon everything went blank for her.

Rithvik heard her scream and thought to look for her once. She entered her room but was shocked to see the scenario.

Whole the room was scattered.. things lying here and there.

To be continued.

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