Swasan- Demon and His Prey (Chapter 16)

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Chapter 16

Next day

Swara was standing in the front of mirror checking the love bite on her shoulder. She was blushing hard remembering it.

She looked at the watch and panicked seeing the time as she was getting late for the college.

She picked up some foundation and started to apply on her shoulder to hide it as she was wearing a sleevless top.

But instead of hiding, it started to darken more and more.

Sanskar came there at the time and saw her trying hard to hide it and almost applied whole pack.

He moved forward and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“This tells you are mine and it will not vanish ever but will keep on darkening.” He said and again placed his lips on the mark making her shiver at her place and a blush crept on her cheeks.

After marking her neck again, he moved back and smiled seeing her closed eyes and her uneven breathing just with a mere touch of his.

She opened her eyes feeling lack of his touch and turned around only to find him smirking seeing her condition, she felt embarassed and ran from there making a lame excuse.

He chuckled seeing her this way.

On the side table same book was kept open and a page was shown, it reads.

Once a demon marks a person than the person belongs to him/her forever.
If the person tries to run away from black shadow than life becomes a living hell for him. Neither he can live nor die. They can feel each other’s fear and happiness as they gets connected.

In the class,

Swara closed her eyes after the period ends.

As soon as she closed her eyes Sanskar’s face came in front of him and thinking about him, she smiled.

But soon she sees a man with red eyes killing a girl. She opened her eyes sweating badly and looked around. At every side or corner only the red eyes were coming in front of her. Her body started to form black dots at different places causing her severe pain, tears welled up in her eyes.

Minutes later, the pain was gone and black spots were no more on her body but the fear was present in her heart.
She excused herself and left the class, at the same time professor entered the class but it doesnt affect her.

She was moving on the road making her way towards Mr. Dixit’s classes.
In the middle, she got call from Rithvik. She recieved it and started to talk to him.

“Hello Rithvik.” Replied breathing heavily.

“Hey Swara. How are you? Why are you sounding tensed?”

“I dont know Ritvik, its just bad dreams and I am tensed, they are getting true every now and then.”

“Swara calm down babe. Its just your imagination you know right? Doctor said us before.”

“You will never believe me right?”

“I belive you Swara. But I this looks so impossible.”

“Leave it. So when are you coming back?” She said changing the topic as she is well aware that Rithvik will never believe her.

“Next 5 days and ask your boyfriend that he have to pass my tests.”

“Shut up Rithvik.” She said and blushed hearing the world ‘boyfriend’. She knew that she loves him and also his feelings are confirmed by his actions but still they never confessed to each other.

“Okk baba, go home soon as it is gonna rain hard today.”

“O. Have you joined weather forcast.”

“Hahaha. Very funny.” He said and make a funny face.

Swara started to laugh loud listening his irritated tone.

At the same time, a car was coming from front. She didnt saw anything and was laughing closing her eyes.
The car was an inch away from her when someone pulled her to the side.

The phone fell down her hand and broke into pieces. She held person’s shirt tightly in fear.

“Are you fine, Swara?” Asked worried Sanskar.

She opened her eyes listening to his voice and nodded her head with teary eyes. He took her in bone crushing hug.

He remembered that he was standing near the bridge and killed a girl, suddenly he felt different variations in his body and a fear. Swara’ face came in front of him and he immediately came to her.

“Can’t you just be a little careful?” He scolded her worridely.

“I am sorry.” She said making a pout face.

He chuckled and wiped her remaining tears and his as well which came unknowingly seeing the car approaching near her.

He then made her sit in the car and he too sat on the driver seat and started the car.

“Sanskar..” she called him.

“Hmm” he replied still looking forward.

“Sanskar listen na.”

“Haan baba speak. I listen from ears not face.”

“Huh. Whatever.”
Then she told about all the incidents that took place few minutes back and again sweating.

“Shit. How can I forget? If I will try to harm someone as Alex it may harm her also. I am sorry Swara.” He thought.

“We will think about it after going home.” He said and pressed her hand assuring her.

“Hmm. I dont want to die.” She said with teary eyes and then rested her head closing her eyes.

His heart pinched seeing her in this condition but he is also helpless, he have to make things right before telling her the truth otherwise it can also cost his life.

….to be continued.

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