Swasan- Demon and His Prey (Chapter 12)

Chapter 12

Scene 1

“What have I done this and Why?” Sanskar thought to himself coming out of the room touching his lips.

His attention was then diverted towards the cell phone and he  attended the call.

The call is muted..

On the other side.

Swara was sitting on the bed lost in her thoughts and baffled with the recent incident..

She was shocked the way he kissed her and she responded. She thought of all the times when Rithvik tried to make a move but she stopped him but this time it looked as her senses were stopped. She just kissed some one back whom she dont even know much…
About whom many doubts are present in her heart still..

She placed her head on pillow and slept thinking about the kiss rather than about the incident which could have taken her life..(??)

Scene 2

Alex was standing on the top of the building and was looking at the moon which was in the top of the sky.. instead like always when he sees touching the sea..

“This cant happen?” He murmered to himself.

“I will die if this happens.. I have to do something and fast.. I will kill her before she becomes a threat to my life.” He said and then disappeared in the air somewhere.

“He cant repeat the same mistake as her’s.. I was not able to save her but I will save my son for sure?” Said Alex’s Dad standing on the same building appearing suddenly.

Scene 3

Next day.

Sanskar was standing near the dinning table when Swara entered the room.

“Swara….” he called for her, she just nodded her head without looking at his direction.

“I know what happened yesterday night should not have happened but I am Sorry. That was just you were shivering because of fear so that was to distract you. I am Sorry. I know I should have thought something else but this was something which came to my mind and seriously it meant nothing more.” He said explaining her the incident of last night.

“Its ok. Sanskar” she said understanding him but she felt something different in her heart listening to the words “seriously it meant nothing much” what that something is unknown but it is not good for sure.

“I hope nothing will change between us. We will still be friends and no awkwardness.”

“Ofcourse. I understand you Sanskar.”

As soon as these words escaped her mouth.. he became overjoyed and hugged her tightly such that she was even able to hear his heartbeat clearly.

She smiled at his cute antics and parted herself.

“I have to go to college. I am getting late. See you soon. Bye.”

“Bye. Take care.” He said smiling like a idiot.

She picked her bag and moved out of the house.

Now everything was clear between them.

A shadow was seen following her as soon as she left the house.

That shadow was about to attack her when it felt a sudden shock and went backwards… Swara too felt the shock, she too fell down along with her bag..

Her bag opens and the same book was fallen outside.

Before she can pick the bag the shadow attacked her again… she felt a pain in her arm and hissed in pain.

Shadow was about to attack again but it stops on listening..


He turned around and Swara immedialely left ignoring this and taking her bag thinking it must be because she fell down and she was even unable to see the shadow.

As soon as she left.

“Dad you cant do this. She is My Prey. And you cant attack her. This is against the rules of DEMON AND HIS PREY”

“Fine. But I will kill her if you will not be able to do it in next 4 days.” He warned and left the place.

While Alex was standing there only.

Scene 4

Swara was seen sitting in the empty class and the reading the book.

13th page…

Black Shadows dont have a heart to beat… instead of heart they are having a void which they have to fill up with the blood of their speicific prey to keep them alive.

She was reading it making faces.

“Huhhh.. Heartless… thats why the girls are killed so badly??… wait it means I will be killed in same way???… Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”

She shouted on the top of her lungs..

Her teacher and other class mates came at that moment only in the class and saw Swara shouting. He banged his hand on her forhead.

“Swara Out of my class. Right now.”
He said angrily.

“Okay Sir.” She said with a smile and left the class taking her bag.

“Huhh. Stupid Girl.” The teacher murmered.

She was moving out in the corridor trying to call Rithvik but his phone was unreachable.

She suddenly looked at her hand as it was itching a bit and was horrified seeing it.

It was having a black marks but didnt find a name.

Tears roll down her eyes being afraid and rushed towards outside when she collided with someone.

“Swara. Are you fine?” Asked Sanskar… the one whom she bumped in.

“Yes. Woh. Now.. umm.. yes.. I am fine. Can we go home?”

He just nods.

And both left towards the parking area.

They get seated in the car. Swara was lost somewhere while Sanskar was driving and looking her from the corner of her eyes.

Her phone beeps suddenly and as soon as she sees it a smile was formed on her lips and she forget about her fear…

“Rithvik calling…” it reads.

She picked the call and talked to her the whole way home smiling and laughing… this was seen by Sanskar and his eyes gets changed to a different shade of Red.

They both reached the house and she without looking at him get down and moved inside the house.

Sanskar too came down.. he was feeling bad at her ignorance but was happy seeing her smile.

He was even about to enter when he was stopped on his tracks listening a whisper

“ALEX…” said someone and he turned around being shocked.

To be continuedd…

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