Swasan- Demon and His Prey (Chapter 11)

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Scene 1

Swara was sleeping when suddenly the alarm rang in her ears…

She opened her eyes and found herself in the world of clock..

Everywhere only the clocks were present with different sizes and ringing alarms.

She checked and every clock showed the same time.. 3:00 A.M.

She tried to find but was unable to find any way to escape…

She ran away in every direction possible to go out but then her feet get stuck in one of the clock’s and she fell down screaming a bit in pain.

She felt unconciouss.

After some time,

She felt someone shaking her.

“Swara.. swara.. get up.” Said Sanskar shaking her.

Swara got up with a jerk and found herself on floor lying while Sanskar was sitting beside her..

She looked around and realised that she must have fallen down the bed..

She tried to get up from the floor but her foot ached to do so.

She hissed in pain.

Sanskar saw her.

“Are you fine, Swara?” He asked with a sincere concern on his face.

“Yeah. May be.” She smiled a little and again tried to get up only making it pain more.

Sanskar just shook his head and picked her in his arms carefully.

Swara widened her eyes seeing him..

“Sanskarr….” she said in a low voice.

“Yeah. I know my name is Sanskar.” He said with a attitude and slowly placed her in bed making a eye contact with her.

“Thank you.” She thanked him and he nodded and sat near her feet and slowly slided her pyjama towards upwards..

“Dont worry I am just checking.” He said to her seeing the discomfort in her eyes.

He moved his hand on her feet and then turned towards her.

“Its fine. Nothing is broken so may be you will get well till tomorrow.” He said and she smiled at him..

She turned around and looked at the watch.

Her eyes widened seeing the time.

It was 2:56 a.m.

She started sweating badly thinking of her dream and till now she knew that what ever she sees in dream comes ture some how..

She turned towards Sanskar.

“Sanskar.” She called for him..

“Yes. Do you need something?” He asked her bit concerned.

“Can you sit beside me?” She said with a pleading look…

“Sorry Swara but I am a bit tired and look its gonna be 3.. i need sleep.” He left excusing himself and not making a eye contact with her.

Leaving a scared Swara beside her.

She started rubbing her hands sweating looking at the time with each passing second that dream is coming back to her.

It was last 45 seconds to be 3:00 when her heart started racing more fastly almost coming out of her chest..

She looked at her left and found the book on the shelf near the gate… she without thinking and caring of her sprained ankle ran towards the shelf.. and grabbed the book in her hands and take out the red thread from it…

The alarm started in the clock’s present in her room and suddenly the winds started blowing very fastly making scary noises but she was holding the thread tightly and was chanting some mantras..

The sweat was dripping down her forhead but still a relief was present on her face..

She then heard a frustated groan from somewhere inside the room and then in a moment everything came back to original.

The wind stopped and the alarms stopped ringing and everything went silent.

She looked around the room and sighed in relief..

She then slowly made her way to her bed and kept the book on side table and jumped in the bed taking the covers on her body.

She closed her eyes but suddenly someone pulled the covers down her face.

“Aaaahbbb….” she screamed keeping her hands on her eyes and tears roll down her face and her heart was beating fast.

“Swara..” said Sanskar in a concerned voice.

She looked up and saw him and after taking a few deep breathes.

“You scared the life out of me.” She said cursing him..

“Oops. Sorry. I didnt knew you are so much of a cry baby.”

“Stop dont call me that.” She yelled at him.
“And why the f**k are you here, again? You were getting sleep na?” She asked raising her eye brows.

“I felt bad leaving you alone.. so came to check if you need me. But I guess it was better if I was not here.” He said her feeling guilty.

“Dont worry. I am sorry I was just being rude and Thanks for coming up.” She said trying to cheer him.

He replied with a smile and looked in her eyes.. she felt him staring her and then raised her head to look at him.

Their eyes met.. they both kept on staring each other totally forgetting everything around..

He leaned forward towards her and captured her lips in her… she didnt stopped him and moaned a little at the contact.

He started sucking and nibbling her lips while his hands reached at her back and her hands found the way in his hairs.

They both were lost in the moment and were kissing each other passionately..
Soon he deepens the kiss by forcing his tongue to enter in her mouth and she easily allows him to take over and roam in her mouth.

Their moment was broken by the sound of the *beeeppp* as his phone started to ring.

They both pulled apart and looked each other with a shocked face.

“Sorry. I didnt know….” Sanskar was saying but he was cut off in middle as he have to take the call.

While Swara looked shocked and touched her lips while tears roll down her eyes.

“I am Sorry Rithvik.” She muttered to herself.

To be continued.

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  1. Wow that’s so good.It was not at all boring chapy.They kissed each other wooow.I hope sansku is not Alex make that ritvik the demon plzz

  2. Scooby

    Awesome chapie… wt?? Y ??? How can they kiss.. rolling my head…. and sanskar how did he apoear suddenly and he left her and came again aftr 3.00…. its too interesting.. hope sanskar is protector… alex is someone else…

  3. mehrinrahman366yahoo.com

    I hope sanskar is the real demon the dream she saw was not dream it is real
    Because ritvik’s mind is shown at first That means he’s not demon

  4. As usual it was tooo good.. Not at all boring.. pls dont make us wait so long.. Eagerly waiting to knw who is alex

  5. Superb….

  6. Swarna01

    It was awesome. Now m sure both alex n sanky is 1 person. Bt reveal the mystrey soon.

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    good going keep it up

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  13. Gud nd fantastic sanky nd Alex r same person plx make it dat way bt make him fall fr swara like in d novels

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