Swasan- Demon and His Prey (Chapter 10)

Chapter 10

Then he touched his hand where she touched him and becomes shocked….

“Swara…” he called for her.

“Yess.. Sanskar..” she replied.

He held her hand looked at it and was shocked.

“What happened this? This wound? How? Is it fine?” He asked being concerned as her hand was bleeding…

And same blood covered his hand when she touched him.

“Umm. Nothing much. When I was opening the gate that time one nail pricked in my hand?.” She said looking at her hand sadly.

“Are you insane? You could have told me… huhhh.” Saying this he changed the direction of his car and turned it around..

“Sanskar. Why are we going back?” She questioned him.

“Shut up. We are going to hospital.” He said being angry and gave her his hankerchief to tie on her wound.

“Its ok. I am fine.” She said trying to protest.

But became quiet when she saw his angry look.?..

The reached outside the hospital.

“Get out.” He said still annoyed.

“Huhh.. what?” She asked.

“We reached get down.” He said getting down.

She also got down and held his hand.


“Hmm..” still being annoyed.

“I am afraid.”


“I am afraid of injections?.” She said looking down.

He turned towards her completely and looked at him in shock and then started laughing.

She looked at him with raised eye brows?.

“You are making fun of me. Huhh. Get lost. I wont come inside.”

“Hmm. I am sorry. Come lets go.” He said holding her hand and moved with him inside.

Whole the way she was looking towards his hand where she touched him..

“His hand is still normal. Why black spots didnt appear on his hand? Is my doubt baseless? May be he knows abt this Alex and all as he is intersted in all this and goes to paranormal classes? I am sorry Sanskar. I shouldn’t have doubted you.” She thought to herself being sad.

They both went inside the doctor’s cabin.

Swara was sitting on the bed and shouting seeing the needle only.. Sanskar was looking her in horror and Doctor has closed his ears with his hands.

“Mr. Sanskar ask her to be quiet or atleast hold her.” Doctor said to him being irritated.

Sanskar was being embarassed because of her.

He went near her ear and whispered.

“Swara stop shouting. You know you look tempting this way. I may end up kissing you here only.” He said with a wink?.

Swara immediately after listening his words widened her eyes and closed her mouth with her hands.

And doctor injected her finally and bandaged her wound.

“Thank you, Sanskar.” Doctor thanked him for making her quiet.

He just nodded.

Both came out of the cabin..
And Swara was walking in front of him while he was following her.

“I want to go back to my house.” She said reaching the parking lot.

“Why?” He asked shocked.

“You idiot. What you said that? How can I trust you? Being alone.?” she said being annoyed.

“I am sorry Swara. I know I shouldnt have said that but I didnt get another way to make you quiet I am sorry.” He said being guilty?.

“Its ok Sanskar. Even I am sorry, I know you said for me but I over reacted. I am sorry.?.”

“Its ok. I forgive you.” He said with a wink coming back to his avtar?.

“You know what You can never change.” She said with a smile looking at him.

“I know?.” He said with a attitude.

She laughed and both get inside the car and left to Sanskar’s house.

They both reached there and Sanskar unlocked the door with the keys in his pants.

“Welcome.” He said moving ahead and welcoming her by bowing his head.

“Dramebaaz.” She said and entered the house.

Wind blew fastly as soon as she entered his house.

“Weather is nt good.” He said looking out.

“May be.” She said
“Vaise Sanskar… who lives here?” She asked him.

“What?” He said being shocked and then moved his hand infront of her and said.
“Are you able to see me. I live here.” He added.

“Stop it. I mean else then you.” She said clearing his confusion.

“Firstally I used to stay now from today you will also live here.” He said and moved forward while Swara was entering inside holding her bag.

“Stupid.” She murmered.

“I heard it.”

“So. Its better you got to know who you are.” She said with a attitude and moved forward.

His house was quite big and perfectly neat and clean.

Not much of artifics but simple and cute.

She looked around.

“My room?” She asked him.

“Want to stay with me?” He again said flirting her?.

“Sanskar…” she sounded angry.

“Ok baba. Come I will show you.” He said and showed her the way.

While going she saw a room being locked.



“Why this room is locked?”

“Its of my parents.” He said opening the door of her room.

“Where are they?” She questioned looking around.

“My mother died when she gave birth to me and my father when he saw me first..” he said still opening the door.

“What?” She turned towards him being shocked on his words.

“They are no more, Swara.” He said sadly.

“Oo. I am sorry Sanskar. I didnt mean to hurt you. I am really sorry.” She said keeping her hand on his shoulder.

“Its ok baba. It didnt hurt me. I am habituated.” He said finally when he opened the door.

“Check your room and tell me if you need something.” He said turning towards her…

She nodded.

“Sanskar. I am still sorry.” She said being guilty.

“Its ok. Dont be sad. I am fine.” He said holding her from shoulders.

Scene 2

Swara was sitting in her new room holding the same book and reading it when Sasnskar entered the room holding two cups of coffee with him.

“What are you reading?” He asked checking the book.

“Nothing much.” She said closing the book and placing a red thread in it.

They both sat there sipping the coffee and talking.

To be continued.

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