Swasan- Deep inside my heart! (Prologue)

Hi guys Nimika here with a new SwaSan story. This one is continued from Raglak doing shradh of SwaSan as I believe everything went wrong with SwaSan after that. Happy reading!

SwaSan were shocked seeing RagLak doing there shradh.

Sanky- Lucky please believe me I …

He stops as he feels Swara pressing his hand. He looks at her and is shocked to see a different Swara. This was not the Swara who’d choose her sister over her husband, this was not that mahan Swara. Her eyes were red with rage.

Swara- Ragini do you believe me?

Swara’s voice was as cold as ice and she paused after saying each word.

Ragini- Swara please stop your d..
Swara- I asked: Do you believe me?

Swara- Ok then! All the best for your life. It was my fault that I ever treated you as my sister. I don’t have any sister! It was my fault that I chose your happiness over mine and gave you one chance over every time when you clearly didn’t deserve any!

Swara looked at ‘Maheshwari Family’, this family had made her life hell. Accusing her on every step putting fault allegations on her and what not! But not anymore. She wasn’t that Swara anymore who will bear it all without a peep. She have had enough and had opened her eyes. She tightened her grip on Sanskar’s hand and looked at him.

‘Let’s go.’, she whispered and started walking towards the exit. Sanskar knew Swara was disappointed and had lose every hope with this family, but so had he. Before going behind Swara, he turned to MM and said- From now, consider that there was never any son of yours named Sanskar.

As he turned to leave he heard Laksh shout from behind,’ We’ve have already considered that!’

Sanskar sighed, those sighs of displeasure…


Guys this was just a short prologue. Hope you liked it! I didn’t have much time to make it longer but further episodes are pretty lengthy. Anyways, do comment if you want me to continue and share your views.
Lots of love <3 <3 <3

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  1. Rosey

    I loved it…it’s awesom yaar…I just loved it

    1. Nimika

      Thanks a lot Rosey

  2. Mahavir

    awesome dear continue soon..!! i wanna see SwaSan sucess nd Maheshwaries fall..!! i just hate RagLak when did sharadh of SwaSan nd ditrusting..!! i always want a bold SwaSan in this place do comtinue dear..!! will be waiting for the next..!! :-*

    1. Nimika

      Thank u Mahavir! Don’t worry I’ll surely make the maheshwari’s suffer much!

  3. Interesting

    1. Nimika

      No one will be Mahan! Thank u <3

    2. Nimika

      Thanks SwaSan.

  4. hmm you are right in a way that family had really made her life hell putting allegations and demanding proves for seeming them as innocent is clearly not a thing done by family and ragini uff its better we don’t start about her or else the crime list does not get finished of soon. hmm the concept is nice dear i would surely love to read it post soon dear

    1. Nimika

      Thanks !!!

    1. Nimika

      Thank you <3

  5. I really hate raglak and that mahhhan swara who always choose that selfish sister no matter what she dose.
    Thank you for showing bold swara. And please please make sure that sanskar take his company karma back from maheshwaries. Please don’t make shomi mahan either.
    Update soon.

    1. Nimika

      No one will be Mahan! Thank u <3

  6. Meera_s

    loved it…continue soon

    1. Nimika

      Thanks a ton Meera!

  7. Gayathri.visu

    Excellent plot Nimika. I loved this bold Swara not that mahan type. And I hate Raglak very much… Waiting for Swasan’s success n MM’s destruction!

    1. Nimika

      Thank you! Now you’ll see this bold swara only.

  8. Tamil

    Amazing dear loved it….continue soon

    1. Nimika

      Thanks a lot tamil ! Lots of love <3 <43

  9. Nice dear I loved it I like Swara bold act

    1. Nimika

      Thank u Priya

  10. Rabia0032

    Awesome dear loved it please start soon…

    1. Nimika

      Thanks! I will !

  11. Phoniex

    Nice dear

  12. really interesting..continue soon..

    1. Nimika

      Thank you kumu

  13. Simin

    All the best dear

  14. Soujanya


  15. Pramudi

    Loved it dear. Plz continue. I’m loving this bold swara. I always wanted swara to do this in SR. Specially for her behna & behna’s core family.
    Continue soon

  16. Sus

    nyc let see further

  17. Awesome continue

  18. Rachna

    Awsm.. Update soon

  19. Seebu_s

    nice…continue soon

  20. bang on…i loved it…continue soon

  21. Independent

    loved it

  22. loved it so much…i so wanted this..pls dont make swasan forgive anyone..and eagerly waiting for swasan new begining

  23. Arshaanya

    U knw i alwayz wanted somethin lyk dis to happen in serial…
    For me dey spoiled swasanz chrctr aftr dis..
    I wud love to reas ur versiom of story..
    Contunue soon

  24. Awesome awesome I always wanted this to be happen… Love u lots for writing this….???????????

  25. Simi

    I am loving this track

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