‘Laksh Singh Chauhan’, Sanskaar Maheshwari was felling the urge to puke on thinking about him. Everything was perfect in today’s meeting. But this man attended the meeting in order to spoil his mood. He was not at all perfect in his work, and gave a ridiculous presentation and was so lousy in behaviour that he was flirting with the receptionist and the poor girl had a tough time getting rid of him and this is not enough he stated asking all the stupid questions available during the presentation of Rajvanshi group of industries.
Swara Rajvanshi started the presentation like
‘Good morning everyone’. I would like to go straight to the presentation since nobody needs my introduction………’ then came the counter.
‘Miss. Rajvanshi, I don’t know who you are. How can everybody possibly know about an industrialist with no guts to even attend meetings?’
But the girl was not so easy to get. The reply was
‘I am so happy that you know that I am Miss. Rajvanshi. But I hold you responsible for not even reading the names of your contenders properly. Anyways jokes apart let me introduce myself to those people who don’t know me just like you. So people meet me, Swara Rajvanshi, the CEO of RAJVANSHI GROUP OF INDUSTRIES and an industrialist who is respectable enough because of my works that even my workers have a reputation in business which is by the way better than Mr. Chauhan here. Now let’s go on with the presentation…..’
Thus she started with a blast (of laughter) and ended with a blast (of claps). Sanskaar Maheshwari was tempted to clap which he suppressed with great effort and Swara Rajvanshi was chosen as THE partner that Sanskaar Maheshwari was looking for. Everyone started dispersing and Sanskaar noticed the cold Stare Mr. Chauhan was giving Ms. Rajvanshi before he finally left. Now comes the important part. He very well remembered the watchman dada was introducing her as his beti. He was happy that there was no need to search for her now and was feeling on top of the world after observing her character. As soon as he saw her today his heart skipped some beats and he felt mesmerized seeing her in office wear which was a really decent outfit and his heart did some happy dance on knowing that she was the mysteriously interesting Ms. Rajvanshi. Though these feelings where alien to him he enjoyed the feel without expressing it outside. He desperately wanted to speak to her alone since then about the watch man dada and convince her to attend every small and big meeting they will be having regarding the project and also he was thinking about knowing why she actually wanted a recording of the meeting when she could have easily won.
That is why he has sent Vivek to execute the plan so that he could get some time with Ms. Rajvanshi. The suspicious thing is that Vivek was only too happy to oblige. ‘What is happening? Patha karna padega. But, first concentrate on Miss. Rajvanshi.’
Vivek Sarna was nervous as hell. When his Bhai asked him to take Akshara with him for a few minutes and leave Swara with him as he wanted to speak something to her, he had accepted gladly since he wanted to speak to Akshara. The girl was cute, very cute, super cute and innocent too you see. He was feeling little bad for her when she told that she would do anything her friend told her as he taught the ruthless Miss. Rajvanshi was taking advantage of her innocence which impressed him. But, the view has changed today. He was standing near Bhai to introduce everyone and when Miss. Rajvanshi came sharp at the time not a second more or less he saw the cute girl standing beside her with a cute little smile admiring the surroundings and he started admiring her cuteness, but, this admiring session didn’t go well with Ms. Rajvanshi as she stood before his cutie blocking the view. From the look that dangerously spelled ‘stay away from my friend’ he knew he has officially made himself a pervert. The same thing happened during the whole meeting and he was now afraid to go and ask Ms. Sharma a few minutes to speak for he knew that Swara Rajvanshi will not let him see the next day dawn if he dares to do something like that. He was going towards Ms. Rajvanshi and Ms. Sharma when the lion itself summoned him.
SWARA RAJVANSHI wanted to roll her eyes at the deer caught in headlights expressions Mr. Vivek Sarna was giving her. When she noticed him looking at her friend with those dreamy expressions in his eyes she had warned him with her eyes acting on protective instincts. But then, she remembered the information on Vivek. He seemed to be a good boy. From the way he was blushing every time he was caught staring at Akshu was adorable and she could see that he was growing some serious feelings for her friend. But still to be sure she wanted to talk to the person Vivek takes to be his Bhai. She could see that he is not as innocent as Akshu and not soo corrupted as she herself or Mr. Maheshwari. So she asked Vivek to request Mr. Maheshwari for a few minutes to speak and instructed Akshu to stay with Vivek and not go anywhere else. Before she could ask Vivek agreed to be with Akshu which gave away the fact that even if she did nothing she could have met Mr. Maheshwari for this chat. After all it is not every day that such a request is met with a beaming smile and ‘tube light ki tarah khushi mein chamaktha hua insaan’ happily skipping, leading her to his busy boss’ cabin without even asking his permission when a bunch of important people are waiting to meet him outside his cabin. Awesome!!! ‘Mere life mein sab itna pagal kyun hain. Yeh itna obviously behave kar raha hain. Khushi mein dimag kaam nahin karti hai kya.’
‘How will you know Shona? Tujhe tho Khushi ka matlab hi nahin pata. Khush hone pe insaan kya karta hai tujhe kya pata.’ Her mind whispered slyly remainding her of her early life and the encounter she had with it this morning. She desperately wanted to cry but tears won’t come. After all, her eyes have lost the ability to cry years ago. When all this was going inside her head Vivek informed about his arrival to Mr. Maheshwari and she entered inside his cabin with just one thought
‘I just hope iss disscussion se Akshu ko woh insaan mil jaayein jisske sath woh zindagi bhar khush hogi’

Without realising that after so many years she had at last gained back her ability to hope just after seeing this man she is going to meet.

Hola people. I am really sorry that iam posting after such a long gap. But i am really held up in personal commitment. Even though I want to write to get all these things out of my system it is really getting difficult to find words to describe a thing when ur life actually sucks. So please understand and comment to say ur views to me. With lots of love.

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