Akshara and Vivek were gulping down a glass of water each with wide eyes and mouth wide open. Anyone who saw them will be thinking that they look like a fish caught out of the water gaping for oxygen. But their friends sitting infront of them seemed to be unaffected. SWARA and SANSKAR calmly handed them another glass of water and shared a meaningful look that spelled out ‘DRAMABAAZ’. Once their ‘who drinks more’ competition was over, result being draw, they both shouted at a time
SWARA felt thankful that they were in her personal cabin in her resort.

SANSKAR gave an amused look to their reaction and turned his attention towards his ‘fiancée’. Yes, as odd as it sounds, SWARA RAJVANSHI is his fiancée. It is a well known fact that putting the name of SANSKAR MAHESHWARI and marriage in the same sentence makes it a double negative sentence. But still it did happen and how because of his big mouth. As soon as SWARA saw Sanskar glancing at her signed inwardly. SANSKAR MAHESHWARI is her fiancée for the past two hours, fourty seven minutes and thirty six seconds. Yes, as odd as it sounds, SANSKAR MAHESHWARI is her fiancée. It is a well known fact that putting the name of SWARA RAJVANSHI and marriage in the same sentence makes it a double negative sentence. But still it did happen and how because of her big mouth.
Akshara started speaking, after the five minutes that she and Vivek gave their friends to explain themselves got over and how the two people in the question kept cooly glancing at each other with an amused look like they were some five year old seeing a dancing monkey and snake charmer for the first time in their life.
‘Shona when you told me you wanted to attend the party of Mr. Maheshwari, I thought it was for some other reason and I happy actually on top of the world because at last you are attending a social gathering and will mingle with people but I didn’t expect media to arrive there and question you people about the said alliance. You people were so cool bout the whole thing like you knew they would ask you already and your confirmation of the same just threw me out of the loop. You have already kept me in dark about enough things and I want answers this time’
Vivek by now has gained his composure but still was in a confused daze. His BHAI was not one of the people who flaunts his victories but today he wanted to celebrate to quote him ‘the end of the search for his partner’. He thought it was because the project is hi BHAI’s dream and SWARA RAJVANSHI is perfect for the project but never once did he think that by partner his BHAI means life partner. He knew one thing by now his newly found would be sister-in –law is similar to his BHAI in many ways but yet a different enigma. He always respected the man as his elder brother more and treated him as a friend very rarely so he resorted to be the little brother and put his hands on the truth. He asked in the most neutral tone he can manage

‘what is this BHAI?’. The two people glanced at each other for a second and turned their eyes towards their audience. SWARA thought “indeed I was right, our second meet has turned our lives hilarious”. SANSKAR was thinking of the easiest possible way to explain the situation to both of them. But one thing was there etched in his mind “Though marrying SWARA RAJVANSHI was a decision taken at the heat of the moment IT IS THE BEST DECISION OF HIS LIFE. Now lets think about the explaining part”
&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&

Hola people. Sorry for the late update. Thank you for all those who spares time to read and comment. Please don’t kill me for skipping the part that happened between. But still when the closest people to the leads doesn’t know, I felt it is only just that all of us know what happened along with them. I will post the reason as soon as possible.

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