Hola people, Iam not new here. I have always enjoyed myself by reading some awesome works here. Some articles has been successful in bringing a smile on my face in the most difficult phase of my life. This is the first time Iam writing on my own. I wold like thank all the beautiful souls who commented on the prev chap. Iam sorry for not able to reply back because of my entrance exam preparation. I hope this chapter is long enough to compensate for the prev small chapter. Not proof read, so sorry for any mistakes.

The rose slowly at the background. A lone figure watches it from the top of the sky scrapper building. Clad in an official black suit with red rimmed emotionless eyes, she looks beautiful with the soft morning sun tainting her chubby cheeks. Time continues to run but her stance doesn’t change. Sharp at 09:00am she is interrupted by a knock on her door. She responds with a ‘come in’. Her PA comes in panting. On seeing her state she doesn’t change stance but cover the distance between her and table in some long purposeful strides and extends the glass full of water towards her PA of five years and a close friend, actually only friend Akshara who smiles at her thankfully and gulps down the water. After she is somewhat alright Akshara sharma notices her friend’s red rimmed eyes. She loses her mind on seeing that. Contemplating the possibilities of her sleepless nights is not an option as she herself doesn’t know anything of the past of her boss who is also a friend or her reasons for denying to attend any social gatherings. She tried so many times to know but those tries were met with firm yet smooth dismissal. Before she could decide on asking her again, her friend sensed the direction of her thoughts and chose to change the direction for good.
‘Miss.Sharma’ she startled her friend with her calm, composed and detached tone which she only used during professional discussions.

Waken out of her thoughts suddenly Akshara uttered a simple ‘Yes’ in a fumbling voice.

‘Cancel all my appointments for todays evening’ came the reply in the same professional tone.

‘Mam, but we have certain important meetings which we couldn’t cancel’ she couldn’t help but utter.

‘Well, then prepone them’ said her friend with some excitement in her tone and a ghost of smile on her lips which is reserved only for her.

Now Akshara was suspicious. She coudn’t help but ask a dumb ‘why?’ with a confused pout. Why won’t she be confused. Her friend is sounding excited for some reason and giving the smile reserved for her because of the reason, of course she has the right get jealous. Did she just say jealous?. Scratch that.

Seeing her friends face SWARA turned towards the window to control her expressions. ‘Actually I am planning to go out with my friend Akshara, but she seems to be busy, let it be Miss. Sharma I will cancel my plans. You see…’ before she could finish her ears were attacked with a shrill and excited ‘Thank you’ which made her turn around only to experience a head on collision with her friend who hugged her tightly. She watched her pixie like friend amusingly while balancing herself and smiled an affectionate smile which lit up the whole room as she wound her arms around her ‘akshu’ which the other girl missed to noticed.

Entered the business world five years back. And has remained mysterious as a person. But there was never a doubt about her business talents in anybody’s mind considering the spontaneous success she attains in every field she takes up. A very well mannered, gentle, gorgeous, and talented lady with a very dangerous aura which is visible to the wise and invisible but felt nonetheless by the dumb, she lives upto the reputation of her name ‘STAR’ of the business world, which sparkles innocently from distance, burns down anyone who dare to invade its territory, not giving a damn about people who plans its destruction because they would the be the one whose gonna face death by falling into the black hole she would turn into. The girl with guts to acknowledge what she is, the girl with a mind so sharp and vicious and yet so pure herself that god has left it in her hands to write her own destiny.

The friends’ hug was interrupted by a knock on the door and their face almost automatically rearranged itself into professional expressions and after asking her friend to continue with her work she let out a calm ‘come in’ while taking her seat.
Her secretary entered and informed her about an internal construction company coming to INDIA to find a suitable partner for their new venture. Architecture is the new field she has chosen to seat foot on and since then has managed gain considerable success but this will be a big milestone. But one thing about this deal was unsettling as well as alluring after rejecting the partnership proposal many other companies they are coming to India. For the first time her degrees in Architecture are coming to use for her as she decided to work on the project herself. Her secretary though confused as he doesn’t know about her qualifications as an architect left the room silently as he knew
one thing for sure. If SWARA RAJVANSHI worked on any deal it meant two things,


2. She getting the deal is FIXED
So it is better let the seasoned player the game that matches her league.
As Swara started her work, she thought to take a look about the concerned company and one seeing the records her usually empty face broke into a small smile while she uttered an almost inaudible ‘Interesting’.

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