He sat there majestically on his place, the ceo seat quietely observent as ever with his face masking his displeasure and dissappointement at not being able to find the person he was looking for. The boy standing before him fumbled throughout the presentation, uncomfortable under his sqrutinizing gaze. He turned towards Vivek Sarna his loyal employee come PA and mummered a ‘next’ with a highly concealed grudge, which Vivek noticed. The next candidate was a lady and he mentally let out a weary sigh, which was followed by a knock. To hide his irritation he blurted out an empty ‘come in’. Then came in the lady with such a short dress which pushed his indian sanskari mind to offer to buy her some ‘clothes’ as charity to help her in times of poverty. But no it doesnt suit a buisness man with gentlemanly behaviour to speak to lady like that especially the one who had came to give a presentation for his company’s project.

So he paitently sat there requesting the impoverised one to start. He thought the lady misunderstood his ‘start’ that she marched upto him and was going to touch his arm, which is when THE HELL BROKE LOSS. Volcanoes erupted within his mind but with each passing second the sculpted face of his grew cold that practically the two other people in the room shivered seeing his face. the lady froze. he then turned his face only to see the sweat beads on that filthy woomen’s forehead. he took 15 seconds to take his check book, 5 seconds to fill a heavy amount, 5 seconds to sign and push the check leaf towards her and said in a tone that induced mortal fear on any living being ‘get lost and buy some clothes to wear in public with that money, SANSKAR MAHESHWARI doesnt waste his time on beggars’. The women took off uncaring about the insult. Why not she was thankful she was not frozen to death like any other sane person.


With an lean athletic frame, sharp sapphire blue eyes, intelligent an calculative mind, long lashes that fans his high held cheekbones, strong angular jaws, a vast expanse of forehead, jet blake hair, pointed nose, lash like tongue with sarcasm and attitude at its tip everything about him was inhumanly perfect. still there is this piece of puzzle which is invisible which makes him feel incomplete he often confides to his long time companian Vivek not only because he trusts him enough but because nobody dare to question or cheat SANSKAR MAHESHWARI. Being an Indian who has established himself in world buisness there is no end to the line of women behind him. Should it be mentioned that the devil gives a damn. Yeah, that is what the buisness world calls him. Turning towards Vivek he initiates a conversation to bring him out of his ‘I am currently frozen’ mode.

‘Is that all?, the whole lot of “talented buisness people” you could bring they are no more than jokers man’ Vivek regained his composure soon, afterall he was getting used to these things.\par
‘Bhai… please yaar that is not the way gentlemans behave, you promised me you would be at your best behaviour today and…’
his lecture was cut down in the middle
‘you should not expect me to be a gentleman with STREET DOGS’
he retorted

‘now where are we going next to find the perfect partner in the project’ he questioned Vivek
‘INDIA’ came a reply

after a small pause came an empty ‘alright’ from Aryan before he walked out.
‘India’ the place where he was born, the place where he was left on roads as a day old child, the place wherehe discovered an angel who was willing to become his father for whole life, the place where he discovered his angel to be a wolf under cow’s skin, a place where he face his life’s first and last betrayal, the place where he has buried his childhood, the place where he himself faced his real face, the place with memories and milesones of life.
‘IAM COMING INDIA’ his calm and cold murmer bounced in the booming barritone from the walls as he watched the sky.

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