The Daughter of the Titans



08:00 pm

He sat there majestically on his place, the CEO seat quietly observant as ever with his face masking his displeasure and disappointment at not being able to find the person he was looking for. The boy standing before him fumbled throughout the presentation, uncomfortable under his scrutinizing gaze. He turned towards Vivek Sarna his loyal employee come PA and murmured a ‘next’ with a highly concealed grudge, which Vivek noticed. The next candidate was a lady and he mentally let out a weary sigh, which was followed by a knock. To hide his irritation he blurted out an empty ‘come in’. Then came in the lady with such a short dress which pushed his Indian sanskari mind to offer to buy her some ‘clothes’ as charity to help her in times of poverty. But no it doesn’t suit a business man with gentlemanly behavior to speak to lady like that especially the one who had came to give a presentation for his company’s project. So he patiently sat there requesting the impoverished one to start. He thought the lady misunderstood his ‘start’ that she marched up to him and was going to touch his arm, which is when THE HELL BROKE LOSS. Volcanoes erupted within his mind but with each passing second the sculpted face of his grew cold that practically the two other people in the room shivered seeing his face. The lady froze. He then turned his face only to see the sweat beads on that filthy women’s forehead. he took 15 seconds to take his check book, 5 seconds to fill a heavy amount, 5 seconds to sign and push the check leaf towards her and said in a tone that induced mortal fear on any living being

‘get lost and buy some clothes to wear in public with that money,
SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI doesn’t waste his time on beggars’.

The women took off uncaring about the insult. Why not she was thankful she was not frozen to death like any other sane person.

With a lean athletic frame, sharp sapphire blue eyes, intelligent and calculative mind, long lashes that fans his high held cheekbones, strong angular jaws, a vast expanse of forehead, jet black hair, pointed nose, lash like tongue with sarcasm and attitude at its tip everything about him was inhumanly perfect. still there is this piece of puzzle which is invisible which makes him feel incomplete he often confides to his long time companion Vivek not only because he trusts him enough but because nobody dare to question or cheat SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI. Being an Indian who has established himself in world business there is no end to the line of women behind him. Should it be mentioned that the devil gives a damn. Yeah, that is what the business world calls him. Turning towards Vivek he initiates a conversation to bring him out of his ‘I am currently frozen mode’.



‘Is that all?, the whole lot of “talented business people” you could bring they are no more than jokers man’ Vivek regained his composure soon, after all he was getting used to these things.

‘Bhai… please yaar that is not the way gentlemen behave, you promised me you would be at your best behavior today and…’
his lecture was cut down in the middle

‘you should not expect me to be a gentleman with STREET DOGS’
he stressed

‘now where are we going next to find the perfect partner in the project’ he questioned Vivek

‘INDIA’ came a reply

after a small pause came an empty ‘alright’ from Sanskaar before he walked out.

‘India’ the place where he was born, the place where he was left on roads as a day old child, the place where he discovered an angel who was willing to become his father for whole life, the place where he discovered his angel to be a wolf under cow’s skin, a place where he faced his life’s first and last betrayal, the place where he has buried his childhood, the place where he himself faced his real face, the place with memories and milestones of life.

‘I AM COMING INDIA’ his calm and cold murmur in the booming baritone of his bounced from the walls as he watched the sky.




The sun rose slowly at the background. A lone figure watches it from the top of the sky scrapper building. Clad in an official black suit with red rimmed emotionless eyes, she looks beautiful with the soft morning sun tainting her chubby cheeks. Time continues to run but her stance doesn’t change. Sharp at 09:00am she is interrupted by a knock on her door. She responds with a ‘come in’. Her PA comes in panting. On seeing her state she doesn’t change stance but cover the distance between her and table in some long purposeful strides and extends the glass full of water towards her PA of five years and a close friend, actually only friend, Akshara who smiles at her thankfully and gulps down the water. After she is somewhat alright Akshara sharma notices her friend’s red rimmed eyes. She loses her mind on seeing that. Contemplating the possibilities of her sleepless nights is not an option as she herself doesn’t know anything of the past of her boss who is also a friend or her reasons for denying attending any social gatherings. She tried so many times to know but those tries were met with firm yet smooth dismissal. Before she could decide on asking her again, her friend sensed the direction of her thoughts and chose to change it for good. ‘Miss.Sharma’ she startles her friend with her calm, composed and detached tone which she only used during professional discussions.

Waken out of her thoughts suddenly Akshara uttered a simple ‘Yes’ in a fumbling voice.

‘Cancel all my appointments for today’s evening’ came the reply in the same professional tone.

‘Mam, but we have certain important meetings which we couldn’t cancel’ she couldn’t help but utter.

‘Well, then prepone them’ said her friend with some excitement in her tone and a ghost of smile on her lips which is reserved only for her.

Now Akshara was suspicious. She coudn’t help but ask a dumb ‘why?’ with a confused pout. Why won’t she be confused. Her friend is sounding excited for some reason and giving the smile reserved for her because of the reason, of course she has the right to get jealous. Did she just say jealous?. Scratch that.
Seeing her friends face SWARA turned towards the window to control her expressions.

‘Actually I am planning to go out with my friend Akshara, but she seems to be busy, let it be Miss. Sharma I will cancel my plans. You see…’ before she could finish her ears were attacked with a shrill and excited ‘Thank you’ which made her turn around only to experience a head on collision with her friend who hugged her tightly. She watched her pixie like friend amusingly while balancing herself and smiled an affectionate smile which lit up the whole room as she wound her arms around her ‘akshu’ which the other girl missed to noticed.

SWARA RAJVANSHI Entered the business world five years back. And has remained mysterious as a person. But there was never a doubt about her business talents in anybody’s mind considering the spontaneous success she attains in every field she takes up. A very well mannered, gentle, gorgeous, and talented lady with a very dangerous aura which is visible to the wise and invisible but felt nonetheless by the dumb, she lives up to the reputation of her name ‘STAR’ of the business world, which sparkles innocently from distance, burns down anyone who dare to invade its territory, not giving a damn about people who plans its destruction because they would then be the one who’s going to face death by falling into the black hole she would turn into. The girl with guts to acknowledge what she is, the girl with a mind so sharp and vicious and yet so pure herself that god has left it in her hands to write her own destiny.

The friends’ hug was interrupted by a knock on the door and their face almost automatically rearranged itself into professional expressions and after asking her friend to continue with her work she let out a calm ‘come in’ while taking her seat. Her manager entered and informed her about an international construction company coming to INDIA to find a suitable partner for their new venture. Architecture is the new field she has chosen to set foot on and since then has managed gain considerable success but this will be a big milestone. But one thing about this deal was unsettling as well as alluring after rejecting the partnership proposal many other companies they are coming to India. For the first time her degrees in Architecture are coming to use for her as she decided to work on the project herself. Her manager though confused as he doesn’t know about her qualifications as an architect left the room silently as he knew one thing for sure. If SWARA RAJVANSHI worked on any deal it meant two things,


2. She getting the deal is FIXED So it is better let the seasoned player play the game that matches her league. As Swara started her work, she thought to take a look about the concerned company and one seeing the records her usually empty face broke into a small smile while she uttered an almost inaudible ‘Interesting’




The guard of the mansion was cursing his fate that day rather unceremoniously. He was always free without any job by doing this job, because the house had the best security systems employed and there was no owner to question him about sleeping during duty hours. But today before the sun rises he was rudely shaken out of his deep slumber by a man clad in a three piece extravagant suit, the same man who appointed him as the mansion’s guard. He was the man who is supposed to be the manager of the Delhi branch of the owner’s company. The man went inside informing him of the workers coming to clean the house as the owner is going to stay there for few days. The guard could see the man was extremely careful in decorating the house keeping it simple yet elegant and he was nervous like hell. He came to the conclusion that the owner must be a man who is authoritative, strict and smart may be as old as he is. He was excitedly saying all this to his ‘beti’ as after a long boring time he can at last ‘actually’ do his duty. She as usual was calm composed and smiling slightly while listening to him. It was their morning ritual to speak to each other every day when she sets out to jog sharp at six, reaches him within ten minutes and spends time with him till seven thirty. It takes her a good one hour to get ready for her office which is right below her penthouse where she lives. But this time they have an intruder, a car stops right in front of them. A man peeks out of the glass and the eyes of the girl shines with a realisation that she easily masks from everybody else. Later when another man gets out of the car and introduces himself as the owner’s friend and the guy in the car as the owner the old guard wordlessly opens the gate and lets the car in. The other guy enquires about the girl clad in simple hoodie and track suit next to the guard who proudly introduces her as his ‘beti’. The girl gives the guard a smile, bids him bye and disappears from the place.

Inside the house SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI is wondering about the hooded yet familiar girl he saw at his gate about whom he got to know from Vivek as the guard’s daughter. Once he realises the direction of his thoughts which is always under his control except today. He shook his head to clear his fogged brain and started getting ready for the day. He recalled the events that took place from yesterday night or should it be night in London. After hearing India he was sure he won’t be able to sleep so he called Vivek and flew here at 03:00 am (in Indian time) and landed on India ground at nearly 07:30 am. Poor Vivek was sleep deprived because of arranging a late night flight though it was his charter. He had let him sleep in the bedroom in the flight. And now he is getting ready to attend the meeting where he is going to explain the project details to the people who are going to compete to become his partner in the concerned project. He looked into the mirror with a terrifying smirk thinking “let’s see what entertainment you’ve got for me today god”.

On the other hand SWARA RAJVANSHI was expecting an interesting encounter with SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI after the accidental morning encounter with him during her jog. She had seen him when she was speaking or rather listening to ‘kaka’ who was proudly introducing her as his ‘beti’. She smiled softly at the memory. She knew he noticed her by the way he lowered his glasses slightly which you would miss to notice if are not looking carefully. She was sure he would be thinking her as his guard’s daughter. She didn’t attempt to clear the misunderstanding as she was simply intrigued by the way this was going. She had a glint in her eyes which made her look beautifully dangerous. She started playing with the paper weight in the table while murmuring in a voice which was filled with excitement and child like glee and something else which she never used for others

“why do I feel our next encounter is going to be hilarious”




Akshara and Vivek were gulping down a glass of water each with wide eyes and mouth wide open. Anyone who saw them will be thinking that they look like a fish caught out of the water gaping for oxygen. But their friends sitting in front of them seemed to be unaffected. Swara and Sanskaar calmly handed them another glass of water and shared a meaningful look that spelled out ‘DRAMABAAZ’. Once their ‘who drinks more’ competition was over, result being draw, they both shouted at a time


Swara felt thankful that they were in her personal cabin in her resort.

Sanskaar gave an amused look to their reaction and turned his attention towards his ‘fiancée’. Yes, as odd as it sounds, SWARA RAJVANSHI is his fiancée. It is a well known fact that putting the name of SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI and marriage in the same sentence makes it a double negative sentence. But still it did happen and how because of his big mouth. As soon as

SWARA saw Sanskaar glancing at her sighed inwardly. SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI is her fiancée for the past two hours, forty seven minutes and thirty six seconds. Yes, as odd as it sounds, SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI is her fiancée. It is a well known fact that putting the name of SWARA RAJVANSHI and marriage in the same sentence makes it a double negative sentence. But still it did happen and how because of her big mouth.

Akshara started speaking, after the five minutes that she and Vivek gave their friends to explain themselves got over and how the two people in the question kept coolly glancing at each other with an amused look like they were some five year old seeing a dancing monkey and snake charmer for the first time in their life.

‘Situ when you told me you wanted to attend the party of Mr. Maheshwari, I thought it was for some other reason and I was happy actually on top of the world because at last you are attending a social gathering and will mingle with people but I didn’t expect media to arrive there and question you people about the said alliance. You people were so cool about the whole thing like you knew they would ask you already and your confirmation of the same just threw me out of the loop. You have already kept me in dark about enough things and I want answers this time’

Vivek by now has gained his composure but still was in a confused daze. His BHAI was not one of the people who flaunt his victories but today he wanted to celebrate to quote him ‘the end of the search for his partner’. He thought it was because the project is his BHAI’s dream and SWARA RAJVANSHI is perfect for the project but never once did he think that by partner his BHAI means life partner. He knew one thing by now his newly found would be sister-in –law is similar to his BHAI in many ways but yet a different enigma. He always respected the man as his elder brother more and treated him as a friend very rarely so he resorted to be the little brother and put his hands on the truth. He asked in the most neutral tone he can manage

‘What is this BHAI?’

The two people glanced at each other for a second and turned their eyes towards their audience.

SWARA thought “indeed I was right; the second meet has turned our lives hilarious”. SANSKAAR was going through the easiest possible way to explain the situation to both of them. But one thing was there etched in his mind “Though marrying SWARA RAJVANSHI was a decision taken at the heat of the moment IT IS THE BEST DECISION OF HIS LIFE. Now let’s think about the explaining part”




Akshara has attended the conference held by Sanskaar Maheshwari, where their expectations were explained and to the horror of Akshara her friend who always delivered what she thinks is needed for the particular project for the first time asked her record the presentation given by the Maheshwari Group of Industries CEO Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari somehow, later played it three to four times and watched the footage very carefully which would be more than enough for Ms. Intelligent to memorize even his breathing pattern. Once she finished watching she went into thinking mode.
To bring Ms. Sadhu Baba from her meditation she started her antiques which her friend watched with a indulging look and small smile and once she started telling her about how everybody was looking at her like she was some alien when she was recording the footage and how Mr. Sarna, the PA of Mr. Maheshwari enquired her about her actions outside the conference hall her friend questioned her immediately.

‘And what did you say?’

‘What will I say I said you asked me do it?’

Swara looked like she knew her friend would have done the same. Then she asked in a tone used to six year olds

‘What did he say?’

Then came a thoughtful reply with a hint of irritation ‘ For some reason he looked kind of amused and asked me did I do it just because you asked me to and when I said yes he just smiled and went away. Can you believe it? , the man was giving ‘‘hey kiddo’’ looks, why did he do that?’

Swara looked at her friend for good ten seconds before asking ‘do you want ice cream’ and immediately regretted asking for her friend who possesses extra wild monkey ancestor’s genes even after evolution started jumping up down while all the people outside glanced at her cabin in disbelief on seeing their ‘‘cherry’’ doing monkey stunts inside the Lioness’ den and the Lioness watching it with silent indulgment.

Sanskaar Maheshwari was thinking about what he has seen and what he has heard from Vivek. He asked for the details of the company which Ms. Akshara Sharma was representing and it leave him amidst a plethora of emotions. It was little confusing, little intriguing, little weird, little shocking, little exiting, little inspiring, and the last and most intriguing felling an unknown wave of happiness. Ms. Akshara Sharma was representing Rajvanshi Groups of Industries and the CEO of the business is Swara Rajvanshi. There is not a lot to known about Ms. Rajvanshi. There is only three things mentioned about her

1. She lives in a private penthouse above her office building.

2. She never attends any social gatherings or project meetings and Akshara Sharma her only friend come PA attends it on her behalf. But she is present personally in one to one meetings.

3. Though her employees give her the best boss ever award outside, it is a well known fact that she has her own way of making them work and nobody will dare to mess with her or the company not only because she is smart, rich and powerful but also because there is this dark aura around her that she literally rules the place where she is present.

Vivek has brought an intriguing news along with this research paper on Swara Rajvanshi. That is Swara always has the project she aims for not because her plans fulfils the opposite parties expectations but also because she has her own profitable inputs attached to the already picture perfect plans and also she has the intelligence to convince the partners otherwise in case of disasterous inputs. She works on the profitability of the project instead of working on the expectations of the opposite party and this is the first time she has shown interest in knowing the expectations of the opposition party. Now Sanskaar knew why everyone was so cool about an employee attending the meeting and why everyone was showing various degree of shock on their faces on seeing Ms. Sharma recording the presentation.

Vivek said that people were talking about how Ms. Rajvanshi atlast found atleast one project which is hard to crack. Sanskaar couldn’t help but shake his head slightly with a smirk on his lips at how diluded people are. This particular Ms. Rajvanshi is no random girl because she is not afraid of losing the deal or has doubts on her talents and knowledge which he can say with surety without meeting her that it is vast. There is some reason for what she did. Now he can sleep peacefully for he now found his partner in business. Because Swara Rajvanshi is the only one who can put the puzzle pieces that Sanskaar Maheshwari has scattered before the business world.

While the two protagonists are there burning their calories to run their brain in the preparations for their ‘first’ meet there was another person in the game without their notice who not only did notice the obvious reason behind SWARA RAJVANSHI’S move when everybody stood there gaping but also didn’t miss the expression curiosity that fluttered in SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI’S eyes which he would realise the next day morning is the thing SWARA RAJVANSHI aimed for. Maybe, he should have invested his energy in working on the ‘most crucial presentation of his life’ the next day than wasting his time on understanding the enigmas. His wife MRS. RAGINI SINGH CHAUHAN entered into his study when he was immersed in his thoughts. MRS. CHAUAN was not only MR. LAKSHYA SINGH CHAUHAN’S wife but was also was equal partner in business. Shaking him out of his slumber with her stern throat clearing she asked

‘Who are you dreaming about?’

Now out of his lalala land Lakshya answered with a ‘You look so beautiful’ look with a smile in an attempt to cover his nervousness on seeing his wife suddenly. He watched his wife frown at him.

RAGINI SINGH CHAUHAN thought why did she marry this meek man? Oh yes for business purpose. But is this Idiot is of any use? No. She married him because there was a very intelligent person with him and she thought she could use that person for her business but this MR. BEAN imagines himself to be HULK and lost that help too. But that person loved this idiot too much that her life was converted into a living hell for this idiot. RAGINI SINGH CHAUHAN considered money and business above all. Her so called husband in his quest of learning business had almost destroyed her company. Tomorrow winning the project with MAHESHWARI GROUP OF INDUSTRIES is crucial for them otherwise they will be bankrupt and if that happens she will leave her husband because the very thing for which she stayed with him will be lost. If he is capable enough to get the deal sealed with the unknown MR. MAHESHWARI then spending life with this idiot in return for the luxuries he could offer is worth it. She shook her head to clear the thoughts and asked about his progress in the presentation to which she heard her husband fumbling out a ‘I was thinking’.

She exited the room not before saying ‘you don’t have timing sense at all. Is it the time to think’

Ragini slept with a finality that she is going to get her freedom while Lakshya slept after unceremoniously waking his employee at three in night and ordering her to finish the presentation which should be submitted at nine the next morning. (Idiot)




‘Lakshya Singh Chauhan’, Sanskaar Maheshwari was felling the urge to puke on thinking about him. Everything was perfect in today’s meeting. But this man attended the meeting in order to spoil his mood. He was not at all perfect in his work, and gave a ridiculous presentation and was so lousy in behaviour that he was flirting with the receptionist and the poor girl had a tough time getting rid of him and this is not enough he started asking all the stupid questions available during the presentation of Rajvanshi group of industries.

Swara Rajvanshi started the presentation like

‘Good morning everyone. I would like to go straight to the presentation since nobody needs my introduction………’ then came the counter.

‘Miss. Rajvanshi, I don’t know who you are. How can everybody possibly know about an industrialists with no guts to even attend meetings.’
But the girl was not so easy to get. The reply was

‘I am so happy that you know that I am Miss. Rajvanshi. But I hold you responsible for not even reading the names of your contenders properly. Anyways jokes apart let me introduce myself to those people who doesn’t know me just like you. So people meet me, Swara Rajvanshi, the CEO of RAJVANSHI GROUP OF INDUSTRIES and an industrialist who is respectable enough because of my works that even my workers have a reputation in business which is by the way better than Mr. Chauhan here. Now let’s go on with the presentation…..’

Thus she started with a blast (of laughter) and ended with a blast (of claps). Sanskaar Maheshwari was tempted to clap which he suppressed with great effort and Swara Rajvanshi was chosen as THE partner that Sanskaar Maheshwari was looking for. Everyone started dispersing and Sanskaar noticed the cold Stare Mr. Chauhan was giving Ms. Rajvanshi before he finally left. Now comes the important part. He very well remembered the watchman dada was introducing her as his beti. He was happy that there was no need to search for her now and was feeling on top of the world after observing her character. As soon as he saw her today his heart skipped some beats and he felt mesmerized seeing her in office wear which was a really decent outfit and his heart did some happy dance on knowing that she was the mysteriously interesting Ms. Rajvanshi. Though these feelings where alien to him he enjoyed the feel without expressing it outside. He desperately wanted to speak to her alone since then about the watch man dada and convince her to attend every small and big meeting they will be having regarding the project and also he was thinking about knowing why she actually wanted a recording of the meeting when she could have easily won.
That is why he has sent Vivek to execute the plan so that he could get some time with Ms. Rajvanshi. The suspicious thing is that Vivek was only too happy to oblige.

‘What is happening? Patha karna padega. But, first concentrate on Miss. Rajvanshi.’

Vivek Sarna was nervous as hell. When his Bhai asked him to take Akshara with him for a few minutes and leave Swara with him as he wanted to speak something to her, he had accepted gladly since he wanted to speak to Akshara. The girl was cute, very cute, super cute and innocent too you see. He was feeling little bad for her when she told that she would do anything her friend told her as he taught the ruthless Miss. Rajvanshi was taking advantage of her innocence which impressed him. But, the view has changed today. He was standing near Bhai to introduce everyone and when Miss. Rajvanshi came sharp at the time not a second more or less. He remembered seeing her with that watchman dada. He was shocked at first, then he suspected if she is attempting to spy on them for the project but then decided against it as he recalled the laurels’ of her intelligence and he saw the cute girl standing beside her with a cute little smile admiring the surroundings and he started admiring her cuteness and got distracted, but, this admiring session didn’t go well with Ms. Rajvanshi as she stood before his cutie blocking the view. From the look that dangerously spelled ‘stay away from my friend’ he knew he has officially made himself a pervert. The same thing happened during the whole meeting and he was now afraid to go and ask Ms. Sharma a few minutes to speak for he knew that Swara Rajvanshi will not let him see the next day dawn if he dares to do something like that. He was going towards Ms. Rajvanshi and Ms. Sharma when the lion itself summoned him.

SWARA RAJVANSHI wanted to roll her eyes at the deer caught in headlights expressions Mr. Vivek Sarna was giving her. When she noticed him looking at her friend with those dreamy expressions in his eyes she had warned him with her eyes acting on protective instincts. But then, she remembered the information on Vivek. He seemed to be a good boy. From the way he was blushing every time he was caught staring at Akshu was adorable and she could see that he was growing some serious feelings for her friend. But still to be sure she wanted to talk to the person Vivek takes to be his Bhai. She could see that he is not as innocent as Akshu and not soo corrupted as she herself or Mr. Maheshwari. So she asked Vivek to request Mr. Maheshwari for a few minutes to speak and instructed Akshu to stay with Vivek and not go anywhere else. Before she could ask Vivek agreed to be with Akshu which gave away the fact that even if she did nothing she could have met Mr. Maheshwari for this chat. After all it is not every day that such a request is met with a beaming smile and ‘tube light ki tarah khushi mein chamaktha hua insaan’ happily skipping, leading her to his busy boss’ cabin without even asking his permission when a bunch of important people are waiting to meet him outside his cabin. Awesome!!! ‘Mere life mein sab itna pagal kyun hain. Yeh itna obviously behave kar raha hain. Khushi mein dimag kaam nahin karti hai kya.’

‘How will you know Situ? Tujhe tho Khushi ka matlab hi nahin pata. Khush hone pe insaan kya karta hai tujhe kya pata.’ Her mind whispered slyly remainding her of her early life and the encounter she had with it this morning. She desperately wanted to cry but tears won’t come. After all, her eyes have lost the ability to cry years ago. When all this was going inside her head Vivek informed about his arrival to Mr. Maheshwari and she entered inside his cabin with just one thought
‘I just hope iss meeting se Akshu ko woh insaan mil jaayein jisske sath woh zindagi bhar khush hogi’
Without realising that after so many years she had at last gained back her ability to hope just after seeing this man she is going to meet.




Indian Headquarters of The Maheshwari Industries

Sanskaar Maheshwari’s Cabin

Sanskaar’s POV

I heard a knock firm and commanding on my door and I instantly knew who it could be. There is only one person who could knock on Sanskaar Maheshwari’s cabin without any nervousness- Swara Rajvanshi. As I allowed her to come inside my cabin she opened the door just the way I like. She didn’t barge in or hide behind the before crossing it like it is India Pakistan border.
She just entered inside with gentle and firm steps,
this doesn’t hurt the land she walks on and yet
makes the whole place feel her presence,
by gently pushing away the door,

with her four fingers applying pressure,
and fifth one was peeking inside the room first before her.
How cute. Wait did I just call her cute? Sanskaar Maheshwari, get a grip on yourself. When I was busy scolding myself in my head I heard someone snapping their fingers in front of me. I realised that in scolding myself for allowing myself to feel all this confusing feelings, I forgot that she came to meet me and just got carried away. I stood up to welcome her properly, but the soft expressions of her eyes and her twitching lips made me zone out again. How can anyone be so beautiful? I was trying to answer this question till I heard Ms. Sharma’s and Vivek’s voice from the door.

End of Sanskaar’s POV

Swara’s POV
It has been full five minutes after I enter Sanskaar Maheshwari’s cabin. And the thing he has been doing since I entered is kind of funny and doesn’t really suit the image that he has created for himself in the business world. The inscrutable mask was still on his face but his eyes that is the window of his soul. But there is one thing the emotions in his eyes change every second that you should be real quick to read them and fortunately for me I am an expert in that, after all I am the same as him. As I entered the cabin I saw that there was a slight crinkle at the end of his left eye showing that he was happy to see me. ‘Okay, so Mr. Maheshwari seems curious and he wants to know me’. Then I saw the crinkle dim and his eyes shrank a little more than a millimetre. ‘He is confused. Okay is he confused about how did his tube light ka twin, mooh bola brother manage to bring Swara Rajvanshi or is some monologue going inside his head which introduced him into a new confusing territory which seems too mortal for him to feel because that is how I feel after seeing him. Mortal feeling which I forgot many years before seemed to be returning to me and I am feeling afraid. Then he turned towards the mirror window kept by my side and his jaw clenched slightly and he tilted his head to left showing that he is warning himself against something. So I knew for sure he is confused because of the same reason as me. Then I found myself feeling happy to know that I am not the only one who is confused. To bring both of us outside this dazed state I snapped my finger before his face. He blinked twice then his eyebrows neared each other slightly and his clenched jaws released themselves and his lower lip pressed against his upper lip just like telling the audience how much it earned to pout. ‘He doesn’t like being dragged out of his wonderland’ I concluded. How cute……. my sweet cute boy. Then as he realized somebody is standing he lazily dragged his eyes towards my face and his little expressions vanished. As he saw it is me he recalled that he zoned out on me with neutral face and widening iris. How could anybody be so adorable in matter of seconds? I could feel my lips twitching up but with him I don’t want to control it as I felt he is safe and then I froze with that twitched lip. I don’t know what happened to me. But we stood there looking at each other for so long until we heard Akshu sand Mr. Sarna from the door.



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