SwaSan- Dangerous & Lusty Love (Prologue) [FF TS]

Sanskaar Maheshwari:A Handsome ruthless heartless,one of the top business man in the world,he thinks money is everything,,,,,,girls drool over him but he don’t give a single damn to them..
Swara Gadodia:Bubbly innocent girl,can do anything for her family,and loves her boyfriend sahil soo much.
Sahil Sen Gupta:A jerk only using swara for his satisfaction,don’t love her..

A guy was kissing and bitting a girls neck mercilessly actually he was taking out all his frustration and anger on her and was satisfying while the girl mourn in pain..

girl:(cryingly pleads)plzzz leave me…..i beg u.ahh ,Sanskaar plzzz……..
sanskaar:(smirks evily)now u’ll see hell my baby
i’ll post the chapter when i’ll get time

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