SwaSan Dangerous & Lusty Love (Chapter 3+ Promo)


After long 10 minutes he broke the kiss due to lack of oxygen.

He smirked seeing her tearful scared face.

Sanskaar:Where were your these crocodile tears when that blo*dy jerk was kissing you,she looked at him being confused while he looked at her with anger filled eyes.

Sanskaar:What’s his name..yeah..Sahil,Sahil Sen Gupta,right…(he held her arm tightly by his hand and by other hand he caressed her cheeks roughly and shouted in anger)

Sanskaar: Now if i see you near him)then you’ll see the worst side of me!!Got it?

Swara in fear nodded her head.

Sanskaar:Good girl

Swara:Sanskaar its paining plzz leave me..she said while tears flowing from her beautiful doe eyes..

Sanskaar:It should be..

he then jerks her,he then looked at her arm which was now red cuz of his tight grip he smirked

Then the maid came and went after giving him the breakfast.

Sanskaar made swara sit and kept the breakfast in front of her.

Sanskaar:Have it.

Swara:I’m not hungry

Sanskaar:I’m not asking you,I’m ordering you!!

she unwillingly had the breakfast and medicines and slept quickly due to effect medicines…He made her lay down properly and covered her with duvet and went from there.


Sanskaar threw swara on bed ,just before she can move back,in the next moment he was on top of her biting and sucking her soft lips mercilessly by his rough ones while she was protesting by pushing him but he was more stronger than her so he got the caught of her hands by his one and pinned then above her head..

Sanskaar roared in anger “I Told You Not To Go Near Him,But I Think tumhe samajh nahi ata,ab dekho me tumhara kya haal karta hun!!

Soon he started taking off all her clothes while she was crying and begging him to leave her but it seemed unaffected to him…

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