SwaSan Dangerous & Lusty Love (Chapter 2)

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After swara woke up she saw 10 missed calls of sahil and a message”Swara plzz meet me at red hills cafe…its really urgent plzz dnt deny plzz”

She thought for a while..then decided to meet him,ignoring sanskaar’s words..
@Red Hills Cafe:-
As swara reached there she saw sahil was already there waiting for her,she went towards him
Sahil:Swara!!finally you’re here..me kab se tumhara hi wait kar raha tha(I was waiting for you only)
Before swara could say something a waiter intentionally pushed her,swara’s foot tripped and she was about to fall but before she could fall sahil’s hands reached to her waist and he saved her from falling,she held his shoulders for support,it was looking like they are hugging..
A pair of eyes were burning in Anger and maybe in..Jealousy too ??
Yups..it was sanskaar who came to the same cafe by coincidence,with his clients for a meeting..
/////For 18+only\\\\\\\\
When Swara reached home Sanskaar was already there…
Kahan thi tum kab se,sanskaar asked dangerously with blood shot eyes
She as usual got scared by his eyes and voice
Sanskaar  threw swara on bed ,just before she can move back,in the next moment he was on top of her biting and sucking her soft lips mercilessly by his rough ones while she was protesting by pushing him but he was more stronger than her so he got the caught of her hands by his one  and pinned then above her head..

Sanskaar roared in anger “I Told You Not To Go Near Him,But I Think tumhe samajh nahi ata,ab dekho me tumhara kya haal karta hun!!

Soon he started taking off all her clothes while she was crying and begging  him to leave her but it seemed unaffected to him…
He tore her bra and stared biting and sucking her br*ast mercilessly and pressed like a hungry wild animal while she was crying and protesting
Swara:(cryingly pleads)plzzz leave me…..i beg u.ahh ,Sanskaar plzzz……..
sanskaar:(smirks evily)now u’ll see hell my baby..

Swara:(scared+ crying,while stammering)nnnoo…. u ca..can’t ffforce me!
sanskaar:(smirks)oh really,after all your’e my Wife!i have full rights on you,Swara gadodia oppss SWARA SANSKAAR MAHESWARI
He starts biting her neck which was already red by his torture
Then he entered his two fingers inside her and start doing in out fastly
To which she screamed loudly..the girl who can’t bear just two fingers…how she will bear when he himself will enter into her??!!
And soon he entered into her and she screamed toooo much louldly as the pain was so unbearable for her!!!!
After long hours of so called “Love Making”which was nothing more than a RAPE to swara!!and was hell for her…
He came out of her and took her into his arms then gently held her waist and said”Swara this is the last time im warning you,never Disobey me!!
While she just nodded with emotionless face and dried tears…
Somewhere deep inside his heart he felt little bad for her…..
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  1. This is an interesting story and all, but plz don’t support rape….even though they are married, what he did to her wasn’t morally correct. You’re an amazing writer, but I just feel like forcing himself upon her in such a way was inhuman, even if this is a passionate love hate story.

    Don’t take my comment offensively, just sharing my opinion ??

    1. Scarlett_Rosalie

      Thankyou so much Anuradha for sharing your opinion
      Womens have a respect…but mostly every men force themselves on women
      And mostly in every story it is shown that first husbands rape their wives just for mere pleasure and then wives being mahaan forgive them etc etc
      But my stories are somewhat different
      My main point is to show women power
      So let’s see whats store for them

  2. Continue soon

  3. nyc continue

  4. pls continue,,want to Sanskar and swara past

    1. Scarlett_Rosalie

      You’ll surely get to know it soon?

  5. Nice…..

  6. Simi

    Nice.. But plz dont make sanskar force Swara

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