SwaSan Dangerous & Lusty Love (Chapter 1)

A girl was sitting scaredly by hugging her knees tightly, at the corner of a big well furnished room,she was covering her naked body with a thin bedsheet,there were red marks all over her body,her whole body was paining badly her lower lip was also bleeding,she was crying badly,thinking about how destiny played such a cruel game with her,A man was sleeping on a king sized bed,his sleep got disturbed by her crying sounds,he angrily got up and goes towards her,as soon as she saw him,she started shivering in fear.
Girl(while crying):no,plzz sa..sanskaar,plzzz don’t,it pains so much,plzzz don’t..
Sanskaar(laughs):it should be,(with full red angered eyes,pulls her hairs)maybe you forgot,but don’t think i forgot what you did with my brother Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari!!
she suddenly got fainted…He then picked her in her arms make her wear clothes and took her in his embrace after laying on the bed,soon he also drifted in sleep
Next Morning
Sanskaar woke up first and saw swara sleeping in his embrace,he touched her forehead and finds her burning in fever,
Sanskaar:Damn!!she’s having high fever,i should call doctor.
Soon doctor came and checked swara,
Doctor:Mr.Maheshwari she’s having high fever,and maybe she haven’t eated fodd properly since 2-3 days,i’m prescribing some medicine give to her on time,and keep her happy,don’t give her stress.after doctor left sanskaar looks at swara for a moment before going in washroom….
That’s it for today a loooonnggg bigggg chappy 😀 ,as i was busy so couldn’t post…bubye :* :*

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    It’s awesom and wow Sanskaar devil? my poor swara? please post next sooner and that too a big one please????

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    Update soon

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