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Laksh and sanskar come back to gm. Laksh sees ragini not present in the hall and asks sumi aunty where is ragini.
Sumi- beta…woh…she fainted hearing swaras news. She is in her room.
Laksh immediately run upstairs to ragini room. Elders shocked on his reaction but all are more worried for swara. Laksh sees ragini sleeping and comes down. No one speaks a word. There is dead silence. Meera and aryan come. Meera says aunty swara…….is it true but why who would kidnap her. Aryan says pls tell us if we could help. Sanskar says did anyone have enimity with swara in clg??
Meera says no one had enimity with swara. She was very sweet and caring. Aryan says but….meera cuts him off saying no no she did not have enimity. Sanskar says aryan whats it u were about to tell? Meera says nothing. Sanskar takes her aside and asks her. She hesitates but tells sanskar i think it might be arjun. Sanskar says but he was her best friend why would he do so.??meera says actually he was her bf but after marriage…..(she tells him d story) she tella him he called me yesterday eveninig to ask where is swara. I thought he just wants to meet her and gave adress but……she cries saying my best friends in trouble because of me. Sanskar calls police and informs about arjun.

Precap- sanlak reach farmhouse to dave swara……

Sorry for such a small update i knoe its very small. I have wounded my jands and unabke to type. …sorry

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  1. Its toooooo short…

  2. Its better you dont update coz its too short shorter than a promo ?

    1. its bcoz her hands r hurt…. so plzz.. don’t say it like that 🙁

  3. The episode is amazing but it’s toooooooooooooooo short plzzzz make it longer

  4. Nice episode but toooo short….

  5. Amazing episode but plzzzzzzz update soon

  6. Plzzzź update next episode long its to short

  7. Nice but too short

  8. Plzzzz update soon and unite the swasan

  9. Nice but plz make it little long

  10. Really awsome

  11. Really awesome and please unite swasan and keep the baby safe

  12. Nice .. Shreya take care of yourself…

  13. And get well soon Shreya and we need next episode soon

  14. Nice episode and unite swasan in the next episode

  15. Nice dear..

  16. Plzzzz unite season and take care of ur hand dear

  17. Post the next part please…..unite swasan….

  18. Dear take time till you got heal then update a lengthy one

  19. Plzzzzzzz post the next episode eagerly waiting 4 next part yaar

  20. Pls update nxt part soon……

  21. Hi shreya I just luv this ff but where is the continuation of this episode I have searched for the epi 20 but I didn’t got it.
    So pl continue fast and do reply to my comment tq 🙂

  22. take time after u r wound get good upload the epi we just eargly waiting fr next episode dear tc

  23. Hii Shreya your ff is very good and eagerly waiting for the continuation so pls write soon. Tq ☺

  24. Hey guys im back…..actually my hand is fratured a little…so i cant type a lot and ya my plaster will be removed by nxt month only so…im really sorry guys…i promise i ll write another ff asap in march as this ff is kinda boring

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