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Hello guys todays episode is a leap
Swara and sanskar slaowly became friends. Swara went to college only sometimes as sanskar helped her at home to study. Sanskar did all work. Swara still does not know to cook. She had learnt only sanky favourite recipe kheer and palak paneer. So swara only gets up and studies now. She eats sleeps and reads that’s all. Slowly love blossoms between both of them but neither realized it. They think its best friendship. Swara changes to her old look. Uttara goes to mm. She is fed up of cooking food and now swasan became friends they started teasing her a lot.

Now its a 4 month leap
Swara almost had forgotten that she had lost her virginity. She allowed snaskar tovsleep on bed now but with pillows.
Morning swara gets up. Sanskar already had got up and taken shower. He was making breakfast. He called out dear queen comeout breakfast is ready. Swara bites her tongue and says oh God I got up late even today. I have become so lazy. I should start working out. I have become fat too and due to lack of exercise I’m not having my period since 4 months. She Fies out and says gm to sanskar. Sanskar says bye I’m leaving. Tmrw get up after I go. So lazy swara u are. He leaves. Swara says I will start exercise now from today from now only . she gets skipping rope and does skipping. Sanskar comes in and says I forgot my phone again. Swara says cone and get it. Can’t u see I’m exercising. He says deara don’t do u look pale and feverish. Rest for a while. Swara says no and jeeps on doing. Suddenly she feels shooting abdominal pain and shouts. Sanskat runs to her and days swaraaa….what happened.she says sanskar my stomach aches very badly. She struggles and faints. Sanskar takes her to hospital. She becomes consious there. Sanky says what u would do if I wasn’t there?? I told u not to exercise now see. Swara says I’m OK let’s leave now. But then doctor comes in and says let me che k ur pulse. He checks and before he says anything swara says I know I’m normal. I’m a medical student doctor. Doctor says what??! Hmmm u will know what medical u hav done now. He fives her pregnancy test prescription. He asks her since how maby months hav nt u had ur period. Swara says 4 months. Swara sees the test and says whats this doctor. Its not possible only. I hav not fot my oeriod cause if horminal imbalance. It has haooened before also. Doctor says is it?? Stupid firl how xan u call urself a medical student? Shame on u. Cant even realise ur pregnant. sanskar meanwgile was listening to all this kept quiet and listened. Swara said im not stupid. Its not at all pissible for mw to get pregnant. Me and my husband never had…….she shockingly turns to sanskar and becomes teary eyed. Both go out. Swara and sanskar are silent now. Swara says I will give test and come. Sanskr nods. Swara fives test and comes. She says sanskar what now??? Sanskar says we will see swara. I’m with u in all ur decisions. Whatever u decided…….

Precap- is swara pregnant??? What is mm oil reaction. Will she even tell them??

Guys swara ll b seen pregnant and I want us comments on that.she will not have baby but. U shd decide now. If she has abortion then she will face hate from maheshwaris. But if any accident happens then sanskar will help swara come out of it and lo e begins. So o
Pls give us views and I know Its all crap I have written old bear with me. I will try to make it better

Credit to: Shreya

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  1. She should not go for abortion….

  2. Nice one let her have some accident nd sanskaar’s care nd concern shud increase…..

  3. let love blossom

  4. It was awesome…..

  5. Ya let her have some accident n den miscarraige happens n den we can see sanskaar’s care also…..nd also show der bond I mean dat frndshp bond only but show der frndshp n all I jist said dey became bestfrnds but I want to see der frndshp towards eachother

  6. she must continue her pregnancy as this can be the other way sanskar and she can come closer and also family memebers be happy with the decision

  7. nice yarr

  8. Make her lost her baby in an accident so sanky will help her…nice

  9. She should go ahead as four months pregnancy can’t be aborted, she should hate the child initially, but sanskar love and care would change her attitude towards the child and her marriage…..and started loving sanskar…… Their love should blossom with the nine months…….and the child of haters should be child of lovers forever….

  10. Let her plan to keep child ….

  11. Tara princess

    super. wait for next….. swara pregnant but she also continued her studies also…. sanskar take care of swara

  12. Nice n accident would b good but abortion never sooo…u decide…we will accept by wholeheartedly

  13. Thanks a lot guys. Tgis episode was typed on my mobile. So lits of mistakes. Pls forgive me. I will go with ur wishes of keepinf the child. But about having a baby i need to think abiut it. Nxt eoisode will be updated soon.love ya

  14. Write whatever u want to bt just unite swasan

    P.s gud epi

  15. Good one. anything is fine with me.

  16. No… She should not abort the child…as a doctor she should know the value of life… So she shudnot kill that child…

  17. Ohhh what will happend now

  18. Awesome bt dont gp for abortion u can go for accident

  19. No abortion let them have baby and they stay here itself like sanskar caring towards her pregnancy time etc etc

  20. No abortion .. Let it be accident n we can see sanskar care .. Let her study complete

  21. I dont want their baby soon.. so I think u should make accident drama.. and swara’s miscarriage. swara continued her studies..and become a successful doc.. whatever u like u do.. but plz make swara to be sucessfull doc..

  22. Accident will be better

  23. Jyotika patel


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