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Hola guys need to ask u something……but first enjoy the episode.

Swara- sanskar its almost 8th month. Doctor said i may have premature delivery due to complications.To be truthful i only dont know how to take care of my kid. Mom has given me the list of things we gotta buy. So lets go buy them.
Sanskar- as u say my dear. Lets go.

@ mall
Swara puts the entire baby store upside down. She asks for so many stuff. She buys all boy clothes. Sanskar buys all girl clothes. They fight saying it will be a boy or a girl. Swara calms down and says ok lets stop we will know after my baby comes. They shop and leave. Swara asks for ice creme. Sanskar says u ate yesterday only. Swara makes a pouty face. Sanskar gets her ice creme. Both eat from same cone. They have a nice time. Sanskar talks with the baby by keeping his hands on the tummy. He says its ur papa my dear. I wanna see u soon pls come fast. Will u?? Answer me nah. Baby kicks. Swara shouts and sanskar becomes happy. She says see baby kicked. It recognises its father. Sanskar becomes teary eyed. Swara says ya ya it recognises its besharam father who forgot to zip his pant. Sanskar turns and zips his pants. He geta embarassed. Swara laughs. She holds her tummy. She says sanskar baby kicked again. U see it agrees with me that ur besharam. Sanskar makes a wierd face and and they leave.
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Rags- she comes running and hugs ajit and laksh together. She says yipeee our show had a success. Now its time to do what i promised. She turns to ajit as if indicating him to leave. Laksh misunderstands that they both wanna talk privately ans becomes sad. He says i think i have to leave. U both wanna spend some private time i think. Rags says no no laksh……actually….actually…i i wanna talk with u only. Laksh is surprised as to what she wants to talk and says ok fine. Ajit leaves. They both walk and go to a nearby park. They sit on a bench. Ragini says laksh i wanna tell u something. I hope u will understand. If u had not come in my life i dont know what would have hapoened to me. U came in my life taught me life. U helped me so much laksh. I dont know how to thank you. She goes near laksh. She hugs him and kisses his cheek. Laksh is surprised and happy. I wanna ask u one more help. Laksh looks on. Will u stay with me forever laksh. Laksh understands even she loves him. He feels guilty for mistaking her and ajits pure friendship. He feels being a girl she left behind her shyness and proposed me…..now its my turn. I should tell her. He goes near her. She was about to speak but laksh cuts in by a liplock. He closes her lips tightly and they have a deep intense passionate kiss. Laksh presses hard. It starts raining at the same time. Laksh pulls his jacket on both of them.

Tum hi ho…..plays in bg. They separate for breath and look at each other. They have an eyelock. Laksh whispers i love u ragini. I promise never to leave u. My love……..ur my life. Each of my breath is mingled with urs from this second. Ragini hugs him. She is soooo happy.

Precap- ragini and laksh reach kolkata. While laksh family welcomes him wholeheartedly as he succeded his challenge fate has other plans for ragini……..

Guys by seeing less comments im disappointed. I have decided to stop writing if i get less comments. Pls comment at least tell me where to improve. I will be happy if u do…..love u all

Credit to: Shreya

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  1. Nice one make it bit long plzz

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  3. Hey shreya don’t feel sad because of less comment there r many silent reader even I m a one among them I have read all your parts nd there r superb nd plz show more swasan scenes nd post next episode fast don’t try to stop it yr plzzzz
    May be I will not comment daily but I assure you I will read your ff daily

  4. raglak confession is awesome

  5. Tooooooooo good

  6. Loved raglak

  7. Nice yaar but make it long

  8. Is swara will be ok na

  9. I love ur ff
    Even if i don’t comment i will read ur comment because again i am saying its my favourite

  10. In 2nd line it will be ff not comment
    Ur ff is AWESOME

  11. Nice yr plz don’t separate raglak

  12. Hey don’t be sad for less comments there r many silent readers ..its awesome

  13. I love it especially sanskar and swara ‘s scene …..plsss donor end it l really luv ure ff and its different and unique . Plsss dont see how many comments u got and think about ure silent readers also

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