Swasan…d best epi 1


Hey guys….im shreya!! I read many ff on this page and wanna write one so here it goes…..
Swara is younger to ragini. Swara 20 yrs Rags 24 yrs
Sanskar 27 yrs and laksh

25 yrs
Fuys its a swasan ff and my ff shows that age doe not matter in love. So lets begin……
Ragsan wedding is going on. All are happy but for sanskar its a forced wedding because he only loves kavitha and none else. So he has agreed only for his family. On the other side ragini is very consious about her carrier. She knows dp wont allow her to study after marriage and is worried…..for her future. She has agreed only because dadi forced her but still is unhappy.
So she decides to run away.

Swara on the other hand is a second year medical student. She wants to bcome a doctor and all support her except dadi because she knows medical costs a lot and shekar cant afford higher studies.
Laksh entry is later guys(suspense)
Wedding day-
Pandit :go get the bride good muhurat is lasts only for 10 more minutes.
Sumi-swara go bring ur sister.

Swara goes.
She enters ragini room and sees that her cupboard is open and things are here and there. She calls maa…..
Sumi comes up and tella shona wats dis call ragini fast.
Swara is very innocent and she still did nt realize that ragini ran away……

Precap- ragini letter and something big….

Guyz pls give me comments and only on getting good comments will i post the next episode i might post on alternate days sonetimes because my college timings vary a lot……pls comment my humble request to u all…. Love u

Credit to: Shreya

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  1. nice concept…actually i like every thing about swasan..but starting with ragsan is yet a good plot….update soon..

  2. Nice shreya,.keep it up

  3. interesting pls continue dear

  4. Starting is really good keep udateing fast …all the best..make it swasan….hope u will update fast…waiting for ur next episode…

  5. Interesting start

  6. oh so sad rags running from marriage…

  7. Omg… Now Swara ve to marry san..bit anyway I like it… Coz its Swasan ff…

  8. Good start…

  9. woooow dear story is real good and plz make swasan pair only

  10. It’s very good but too short…..

  11. super dear I m waiting fr next epi

  12. Thank u soo much guys .give me some ideas for raglak. I hav planned swasan

    1. Have you decided laksh’s entry?? if not then you can weave a raglak story from there..ragini to run away and meet laksh on her way..

  13. Nice one..pls continue

  14. Awesome plz continue

  15. Pls make swasan pair its my fav

  16. Wow nice starting sis. Make raglak meet at another city where she came to make her career. Love swasan alot. Good luck for next update 🙂

  17. Tara i liked ur idea so pls give me a bit detailed idea ok

  18. Story is little suspence how the swasan will unite and its nice waiting for next episode

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