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Hi guys!!!!!!!! im befllin . this is my first os of swasan. Not only os also my first experience in writing ff is this. If u like it plz give u r valuable comment. so now im stoping my blah blah and coming to the story.

Sanskar maheshweri[age 25]: successful business man of youth society .he is handsome and smart. love his family a lot can do anything for them. Engaged to kavitha malhotra.
Laksh maheshweri[23]:he is also a business man and love his family a lot. Love his brother .
Durga Prasad maheshwari: top business man of kolkota. Father of sanskar and laksh.
Annapurna mahashweri: very kind hearted lady. wife of dp and mother of sanskar and laksh.
Swara godadia[22]: a top singer in film industry. Very stylish kind hearted smart and beautiful love her family. Love her sister radini more than her self.
Ragini godadia[20]: a fashion designer . she too very stylish and smart love her family a lot . love her siser swara more than her self.

Sheker godadia: successful business man and partner of dp. Loves his family.
Sharmishta godadia: very beautiful lady loves her family a lot .
Kavitha malhotra: cousin of sanskar and engaged to him but love raghu Sharma. [guys both kavitha and sanskar not interested in their engament] Now coming to story

A beautiful morning two girls are sleeping hugging each other their none than other our swara and ragini.
Sumi: arey both of get up today laksh’s family is coming to see ragini .
Suddenly both of them get up and give a blank look to sumi.
Swaragini: what are u saying ma?
Sumi: its u r dad’s decision. Go and get ready they will come.
After sometime both swaragini get ready like angels and maheshweries arrived.
Swara: ragini he is looking smart tell ok to mom.
Ragini : di just wait I have to talk to him.
Just than our hero comes after seeing sanskar swara’s heart started to beat faster and she keep staring at him. But sanskar didn’t notice her.
Then sanlak and swaragini when to terrace as ragini want to talk to laksh . after seeing swara sanskar was totally lost in her he was awestruck seeing her. while raglak talking swasan also try to talk to each other .

Sanskar: hi whats u r name.
Swara : im swara don’t u know me im a famous singer.
Sanskar: sorry im not interested in those things and I don’t get time to listen to music.
Their convo was disturbed by raglak both couples went down. Ragini say ok and laksh too.
After this raglak started to meet each other with them swasan also meet eo. Swara started to fall for sanky and he too.
Godadia family came to mm for a puja . their swara meet kavitha.
Swara:hi im swara .
Kavita :hi im kavitha.
Swara : im raginis sister
Kavi: im sanskar fiancé.
After haering this swara felt like her world urn upside down she was completely broken she left the place quickly .
After that swara started to avoid sanskar . this action of swara hurt sanskar very much. One day sanskar came to swasars home at that time no one is at home because all went to shoping for raglak engagement .
Sanky: swara open the door [in a loud angry tone] Swara opens the door. Pretend to be normal
Swara: hi sanky didn’t u do for shopping .
Sanky: [hold her arm very tidly and in her to the wall] don’t act to be normal swara y r u avoiding me.
Swara starts crying
Swara: y didn’t u tell me that u r engaged???

Sanky: so this is u r problem ryt??
He calls to kavi and put it in loudspeakar and as her to tell swara that she love raghu and not him then kavi tell all truth to swara then he cuts the call. And about to leave angrily but swara holds his wrist.
Swara : im really sorry sanky I misunderstood everything.
But sanskar doesn’t respond. so swara went closer to him and place her soft lip in his lips which shocks sanskar then she hugs him tidly bcoz of shy but now sanky didn’t control himself and started to his swara on her neck very sensuously and swara mounr in pleasure then he undress himself and lift swara and keep her on bed and stated to kiss her all over the body and soon he undress swara and two soles becomes one by everything. Both sleep hugging each other then swara hears ragini calling her she suddenly get up and wake sanky and ask him to leave quickly but saskar holds her waist and hug her very tidly. Swara see herself and shock that she is wearing nothing then she and sanskar wake up and wear their clothes and ent down shoking others.
Dp: sanskar what r u doing hear?
Sanky: papa I have to tell u sth vert important. Papa kavi loves somebody else and also I don’t love her so I cant marry her and I love swara so much and she too loves me plz accept us.
Dp: im very happy I don’t have any problem becoz swara is a good girl.
He looks at shekar he too gives a positive signal. Swasan was in cloud nine ap sumi raglak all bcome happy.
Swasan raglak and kavrag[kavi and raghu] got engaged on same day trio were very happy.
On the mehendi function sanskar was searching for swara he foung her on his room and she was looking very tensed.

Sanskar: swara what happen y u looking so tensed?
Swara:[in a fast way] sanky I was pregnant.
Hearing this sanky was in cloud nine he hug swara and kiss in her forehead.
Sanky: swara u made me proud I cant believe that im going to become father.
After two days swasan raglak and kavrag got married.
After nine months swara delivered a girl baby and names her as aaliya. After one month ragini delivered a girl baby name antara. Both coulpes lived happily ever after.

……………………….THE END……………………………………………..

Guys if u like it plz give u r valuable comments and thanks for reading.

Credit to: befllin

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