Swasan – The Curse (Ek Paheli) – Prologue.


Ek Paheli.

Disclaimer – The story is about supernatural love. There are some incidences of paranormal but as I said it’s a fiction and ill concentrate
more on our Swasan ! And lastly some ideas are inspired from book and trust me only some are inspired and the rest story is my fiction work. And please love it….


*11th September, 1815.

Crystal’s Point of View.

I was standing boldly in front of Lucifier.I knew I had done nothing wrong. Loving anyone is not wrong but separating two lovers is definitely a big crime!

Lucifier : So Crystal what is your last wish before dying !?
Crystal : Jayden … Till my last breathe I will wish only and only Jayden …

Lucifier became all furious and removed a weapon. He threw the weapon towards me with an evil smile. The weapon sparkled and hit my heart. I fell down.

Heart : ( Male Voice ) CRYSTAL !!!!!

Ocle my heart would scream. Everyone present looked at voice with disbelief. It was not me but my love, my Jayden whose soul resided in my heart, who screamed for me. I removed the weapon and threw it away. Blood started to ooze out from wound and I closed my eyes. No … only my body died not my soul because it resides in his heart. I slept peacefully with a wish of revenge.



Swara’s Point of View.

I was I remember in Dehradun for my summer vacations at dadu and dida’s residence. I was riding my cycle from Church to home. The winds suddenly became harsh and I fell off from my cycle. I got up and decided to walk further. I called dadu but because of network couldn’t get his voice. I began to roam here and there for getting network. And I entered the woods ( forest ). Due to harsh winds I fell down as I lost my balance. My hand fell on some very cool thing. I got surprised and looked at my hand. I got to know that it was an ice !!? Like how can ice exist in forest. I turned n wiped off the dust and leaves from over the ice. I peeped through the ice. I got scared and backed off. Then suddenly I could hear those shadows again. I turned and saw those shadows. I could feel them getting vulnerable. I got up and ran from there. Ran, fell , got up, ran, fell, got up….and so on. And finally reached my home. I ranged the bell and my dida opened it. I tightly cuddled her. She and dadu made me relax and I tucked inside my bedsheet. They asked me what made me so scared.

Me : I peeped through the ice and …….. and saw a boy inside. As if he was buried into it like a tomb. And then I heard those shadows again…. They were vulnerable….

I stopped. I heard them discussing about my therapy.

When I was 7 I started to see some shadows. Yes shadows…but not of mine or someone else’s but of devils and demons. I encountered them daily. Once I was watching movie with my parents in my theatre room at home. I saw those shadows on screen. I couldn’t bear them and questioned my papa.

Me : Papa mumma… how can you bear these shadows on screen !? They are disturbing me…

My mumma and papa looked at me in horror. Then I understood that the shadows followed no one but only me ….. They came for me. No one saw them except me. My vision was checked and some glasses were also recommended and even wore them for a year. And then I started hearing hearing sounds made by shadows. Those hoarse whooshing sounds made my scared. My ears were also checked. Then had therapy. More and more therapy and finally a psycho therapy !! No, I’m not psycho….it’s just because of those shadows. Those shadows made me more scared at the age of 15. And my 15th birthday was worth to remember. It was terribly horrible !! On that day I screamed and threw things and messed up my home. Actually, 3 days prior to my birthday I had touched the shadow. And I received some shock and those shadows entered mine body and I felt unconscious for 3 days and got consciousness on my birthday. I saw demons, devils and spirits. My parents thought to take me to church as I behaved weird. The priest concluded that an evil spirit resided in my body but it was shadow !! I tried to make them understand but the shadows made me do weird things and their conclusion became confirmed. To my horror the priest decided to perform • exorcism • !! And to my disbelief my parents who didn’t believed in superstitions agreed !! I pleaded them but they thought that the spirit did.

Me : please don’t do it….I’m Swara !! I’m not haunted !! Mumma papa.. you know na about shadows… shadows have entered and not any spirit !!

But in vain ….. I tried to elope. But the priest slapped me tightly !! My mumma papa were watching from first floor. I threw things on priest because of the shadows….I was innocent. Those shadows wanted to vanish priest. The priest somehow managed to tie me on chair. He went near Jesus statue for confession. He then started the process…

Priest : I cast you out, unclean spirit, along with every satanic power of the enemy, every scepter from hell, and all your fallen companions; in the name of our Lord Jesus + Christ. Begone and stay far from this creature of God. + For it is He who commands you, He who flung you headlong from the heights of heaven into the depths of hell. It is He who commands you, He who once stilled the sea and the wind and the storm. Hearken, therefore, and tremble in fear, Satan, you enemy of the faith, you foe of the human race, you begetter of death, you robber of life, you corrupter of justice, you root of all evil and vice; seducer of men, betrayer of the nations, instigator of envy, font of avarice, fomenter of discord, author of pain and sorrow. Why, then, do you stand and resist, knowing as you must that Christ the Lord brings your plans to nothing? Fear Him, who in Isaac was offered in sacrifice, in Joseph sold into bondage, slain as the paschal lamb, crucified as man, yet triumphed over the powers of hell. Begone, then, in the name of the Father, + and of the Son, + and of the Holy + Spirit. Give place to the Holy Spirit by this sign of the holy + cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit, God, forever and ever.

I was mum. I felt better. Those shadows were out casted from my body and I felt asleep. Then after I never dared touching the shadows.. who the hell would go through exorcism again !! I hate exorcism as it hurts like hell !! My 16th Birthday was fine…don’t know how 17th birthday would be…


■ Swara Decosta – Friendly and suffers from insomnia.
■ Sanskaar Swift – A born rebel and hot topic for gossiping of girls. Heartthrob of college.
■ Ragini Webber – Loves Swara to the core and cares for her a lot. A rebel.

Guys please leave comments as I need majority to continue this ff. Hope you guys loved it. N yes there won’t be any season of #Twilight Diaries. I’m sorry guys but I don’t get support from you in that ff….

Credit to: Duggu

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