Swasan – The Curse (Ek Paheli) – Chapter 7

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The Curse.

Chapter 7.

The Mutton Gravy.

Swara gets up from sleep. She was sleeping on bed. She had blanket on her. She was amazed as she was sleeping…An insomnia patient was sleeping….. She gets up and then realises that Sanskaar was not seen and even the handcuff was there….

Swara : Sanskaar…..!?

Swara searches for Sanskaar everywhere in house but he was not there. She wished to call him but didnt had his number. She turns to clock…It was 8. She calls Ragini.

Swara : Rags where are you !? You said you’ll return home in morning…
Ragini : Swara madam just turn towards the entrance door….

Swara turns to entrance door and hears the door been unlocked. Dorset I opens and Rags enter the room.

Swara : (still speaks on phone) oh…you’re here !!
Ragini : Then cut the call dumbo !!
Swara : oh yeah !!

Swara cuts the call.

Swara : so how’s Sujata mam !?
Ragini : yeah she’s fine…
Swara : but who’s she !?
Ragini : I’ll introduce her to you soon….. chill bachha..
Swara : okay…get ready..I want to narrate you yesterday…
Ragini : What !?
Swara : Yes…. Go get ready..its 8 !!

swaragini get ready and on way Swara narrates whole handcuffed day to Rags. They reach college and attend their first lecture and go to canteen to have their breakfast.

Swara : I’ll have shrimp rice !!
Ragini : Shrimp rice now !? (Ragini raises her eyebrow)
Swara : What !? Achha okay…..I’ll have one chocolate sandwich, fine !?
Ragini : fine….I’ll have salad..its healthy na…
Swara : okay Rags…do whatever you wish…..

Swara brings the eatables and eat. She was about to have a bite when she notices Sanskaar entering the canteen and she pauses. Ragini sees her pausing and waves her hand.

Ragini : What happened bachha !?
Swara : Nothing…Leave it…
Ragini : okay… (in tune)

Sanskaar sees Swara and sits on different chair.

Swara : I’ll bring juice…

Swara gets up to bring juice. Sanskaar also gets up to place his order. When Sanskaar was going and Swara was returning Swara and Sanskaar collide and juice which was in Swara’s hand spills on Sanskaar’s shirt.

Swara : oh sorry…I’m really sorry… I didn’t knew you were back…

Sanskaar says nothing but gives an angry look to Swara. Swara removes her kerchief and was about to wipe when he jerks her hand. Sanskaar smirks and leaves. Swara feels guilty and confused and goes back to Ragini. She forgets all and chit chats wid Rags. Even Sanskaar sits on the chair and has his snacks when suddenly the happy scene turns… Swara was all having fun with Rags when suddenly she feels something on her head. She finds the smell odd and looks up. A girl with minimal make up was gazing Swara with anger. She smirks. Swara notices an empty bowl in her hand. Suddenly Swara hears Rags growl.

Ragini : Are you mad !?

Swara gets up and touches her hair. She finds some gravy and some mutton pieces over her hair. Swara feels disgusting.

Ragini : Don’t you’ve your brains !? or they don’t work, huh !?
Girl : Just shut up lady Bachhan.. !! (this is the tag which my Geography teacher gave me ??)
Ragini : Mind your tongue Kavita !! (yes she is Kavita ?)
Kavita : Shut up !!

Rags looses her control and punches Kavita hard on her face.

Kavita : oh f**k !!

Suddenly Ragini starts screaming… Swara moves to her…

Swara : Rags…!? Rags !?
Ragini : Aah….!!! Swara….

Swara notices Ragini’s hand shaking. Swara was about to touch her hand..

Ragini : don’t touch my wrist….you’ll get shock !!
Swara : shock !? (amused)

After sometime Rags feels better. Rags caresses Swara who was crying.

Ragini : Are you fine !?

Swara nods in yes.

Kavita : Look guys…here comes the lady Bachhan !!

Kavita taunts and laughs. Swara loses her control. she decides to warn Kavita. Swara makes Rags settle and moves to Kavita. But Swara was shattered as she saw Kavita hugging her Sanskaar. Now Swara gets all angry. She was going to warn Kavita now don’t know what she would do to Kavita…?? Swara goes to her and slaps Kavita hard making her cheeks red. Sanskaar looks at her fiercely and was about to jerk Swara when..

Swara : don’t dare think to touch me Mr. Sanskaar !! I’ve had enough of the torcher !! And you !! Dare if you ever think hurting my Rags !! I’ll kill you !!
Sanskaar : Swa..
Swara : (cuts his word) And you !! I was quiet till now !! ? but if you and your so called Kavita tries to cross limits…I’ll cross my limits… Got it !!
Kavita : you don’t have manners !? Didn’t your parents teach you values !?

Swara ignores her. Sanskaar was all burning as in how a cat turned to tiger. Swara goes to her table and takes the salad and juice. Swara goes to them again.

Swara : So what did you said…my parents didn’t inculcate values on me..!? Well if you feel I should act according to values then okay…

Swara puts the salad on head of Kavita and pours juice on Sanskaar.

Sanskaar : what the f**k !! ??
Kavita : you’ve lost it !?
Swara : My parents had taught me…. tit for tat !! Happy !? Of course..I acted according to the values na !?

Swara smiles and gives a hatred look towards Sanskaar and leaves the canteen with Rags. Sanskaar gets furious and leaves the canteen. Rags wipes Swara’s hairs and Swara baths in the washroom and changes.. ( Rags had clothes in her locker..?)

Swara : Rags…!? Why did you say that I’ll get shock !??
Ragini : you remember we had made deal not to ask about each others past !?
Swara : Yes. But please tell na !
Ragini : well actually… This metal bracelet was given to me as punishment…
( Rags shows her the metal bracelet on her wrist ) It’s for those students who do sinful things…
Swara : What sin you did !?
Ragini : I kissed the Principal’s son… ?
Swara : hmm…..
Ragini : And they awarded you wid this , huh !?
Ragini : yeah…It gives an electric shock when we misbehave….
Swara : oh….. But thanks ha !!
Ragini : anything for you baccha…

Swara leaves for her next class when she hears Sanskaar’s voice… She stops and hides to listen. With him was Sujata mam..

Sanskaar : mam but are you sure !?
Sujata : of course Sanskaar… If a student gets 5 black remarks he or she would be removed from the college…its a rule !!
Sanskaar : thanks mam !!

Sujata leaves without seeing Swara.

Sanskaar : Now you see Miss. Swara…. I would compel you to do mistakes and the teachers would add black remarks….And you would be out of my life forever…!! I will compel you to do even sins….

Sanskaar smiles evilly and leaves. Swara was hell shocked. Swara feels broken and runs from there. She runs from the campus. Rags sees her and follows her. Swara gets into taxi and Ragini follows her.

Swara comes to her hostel room. She was all shocked and broken….. She calls her dadu to ask if he reached safely…

Swara : hey dadu… Reached safely na !?
Dadu : Yes…..how are you !?
Swara : all fine dadu…I’m having rest..
Dadu : it’s 12…you should be in college…
Swara : (fumbles) woh dadu… I was tired…
Dadu : okay then take rest..

Suddenly Shekhar speaks… (not on call)

Shekhar : Ma….. par yeh kaise…
Dadu : shhh…!! Main Swara se baat kar raha hoon….
Shekhar : ohk…

Swara : Dadu !? What was dadda saying !?
Dadu : nothing..woh Bas aise hi….Okay bye…

Swara finds her Dadu’s behaviour weird and keeps thinking… Suddenly she hears dadu’s voice and realises that Dadu had not cut the call and forgot to cut.. She was about to cut but she hears Shomi crying and stops….

Shomi : Shekhar…. yeh Sab hamari Shona ke saath hi kyun hota hain !? Why !!??

Swara : Mumma kyun ro rahi hogi !? I think I need to know…

Swara decides to listen…

Dadu : Shomi beta, control your emotions…at least think of Swara…..When she understands the truth we need to support her na…
Shomi : But why only my daughter…!?
Dida : Shomi…try to understand…
Dadu : Parvati (dida) I think we should tell Swara soon about her disease…
Dida : how shall we tell her that she has cancer.. and she has no survival chances !!?

Swara was all shocked. She literally collapes the on floor.

Dadu : par we have to tell her…

Swara : I’ve cancer…..? Why!? How!?

Swara bursts out crying… Dadu hears Swara’s crying voice and realises that he didn’t cut the call and Swara heard everything…. Dadu picks the phone and goes out of the room.. Suddenly Ragini enters the room and finds Swara lying on floor and weeping like a kid. She rushes to Swara.

Ragini : Baccha are you fine !? Swara !!!??

Ragini hears some voice from her phone ..

Dadu : are you fine Shona !? Swara I know you are hearing me…. Swara !?
Ragini : it’s me Ragini…

Swara doesn’t reply but just cries…She lies on floor and cries hard.

Ragini : Dadu what happened !? Why did Swara collapse !?
Dadu : Swara has lung cancer……and she has no survival chances….

Ragini was all shattered….

Dadu : hello Ragini are you listening….!? Ragini !!!?
Ragini : Swara !? But how !? (She yells)
Dadu : We came to know when Swara drowned in water Andshe was admitted… Doctor had asked her to put on the oxygen tube so that she won’t face difficulties…..We decided not to reveal it to Shona…but then again and again she started facing accidents… We were helpless…
Ragini : Dadu…I’ll call you back…I’ve to speak to Swara..
Dadu : ok…

Rags cuts the call and moves to Swara. She herself was crying like hell…Rags covers her mouth to stop crying… She wipes her tears and caresses Swara.

Ragini : bachha please get up…Rags is here…

Swara gets up suddenly and hugs Rags tightly… Rags hugs her back tightly.

Ragini : don’t cry..Bacchaa please speak…Please don’t cry…
Swara : (weeping tone) what shall I speak !?
Ragini : Anything….
Swara : Rags….Im very tired of this life…..
Ragini : you should not say so…
Swara : I defined life to Sanskaar….but feel like it’s not my cup of tea… It’s so complicated…I’m tired Rags…..
Ragini : Swara…..life is not enjoyable without hurdles…
Swara : but this is the end..not hurdle.. Swara lost..I can’t liv
Ragini : Don’t live your life like Swara…live your life like Shona…Shona the superstar !!
Swara : Shona the superstar..my foot.

Swara starts crying. Ragini caresses her.

Swara : how many times I shall fall ill !? Why doesn’t God take me permanently with him !?
Ragini : Coz he knows….You’re brave…and…He can’t handle your pj and stupid questions….?
Swara : (laughs) Rags!!?? How do you know !?
Ragini : your Dida told me yesterday…
Swara : Dida…!!
Ragini : Bachha !?
Swara : hmm….
Ragini : Live like Shona….carefree..cracking jokes and pj..asking funny questions….don’t live for yourself but live for someone who wants you to live… Be happy and make the person happy…..
Swara : I’m sorry…..I can’t…

Swara breaks the hug and wipes her tears….Swara nods in no. Rags gets up as she didn’t want to break in front of Swara….

Ragini : I’ll come…..

Rags turns to leaves. She was crying but didn’t want Swara to notice it…But Swara could feel that Rags was crying …..
She remembers the way she asked stupid questions to Sanskaar n unknowingly smiles. She remembers the milkshake incident…her joke..pouring juice…

Swara : Aey….!? (Rags stops.) Jate Jate ek Joke sunnogi kya !??!? ?

Rags smiles and wipes her tears. Rags turns to Swara.

Ragini : ha jaroor….
Swara : okay listen…..
Why did a girl changed her name from Shruti to Shraxis !?
Simple! Coz Uti bank is now Axis Bank….??
Ragini : ???? hehe lol !!
Swara : ek aur sunaoo !?
Ragini : okay…!!
Swara : Listen !!
Once Niki asks Sanji to bring Pepsi. Sanji brings Pepsi…But goes to Sachin ….why !?
Ragini : mad hogi..
Swara : No ! Coz Sachin is the opener na !! ????
Ragini : haha lol !! Poor Sachin….
Swara : One more !?
Ragini : No baba !! I’ve to make lunch…
Swara : one for me… !! Then Shayari !?
Ragini : okay..
Swara : Arz kiya hain… Aatma Chhod Gayi Jism Purana……. Aatma Chhod Gayi Jism Purana…Didi Tera Devar Deewana !! ?????
Ragini : ? lol !! Bachha you’re too good yaar !! ?
Swara : I know Rags ! ?One more !?
Ragini : Bas Bas !! Meri amma muzhe lunch banana hain…
Swara : Rags…decide whether I’m baba , amma or bachha…
Ragini : (kisses her cheeks) You’re my Shona bachha !! ?

Recap – Swara makes a diary and writes her wishes which she wants to fulfil some day before dying….

N sorry for the delay..I’ll try 2 post next chapter at night…so be online !?

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