Swasan – The Curse (Ek Paheli) – Chapter 6


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The Curse.

Chapter 6.

The Punishment.

Night : ( in hospital )

Swara was lying on bed. Doctor comes in.

Doctor : hey Swara… How r u !?
Swara : hello doctor…I’m fine now…
Doctor : well…who was the guy !? I mean your boyfriend !?
Swara : No doctor !! He is just my classmate….. (murmurs) not even a friend…
Doctor : okay..
Swara : but why doctor !?
Doctor : Because he really cares you a lot… He brought you here and admitted…and then was here whole day with you…holding your hand…
Swara : (surprised) really !?
Doctor : Yes…..
Swara : (in mind) But you don’t know he was the one who injured my leg…
Doctor : Your dadu is bringing some medicines…eat them..
Swara : when will I go home !?
Doctor : tomorrow….!
Swara : (amazed) Tomorrow !!!!!?????? ?
Doctor : Yes…

Dadu comes with medicines.

Dadu : hey Swara !! ?
Swara : hi dadu !! Before you ask let me tell you..I’m fine..
Dadu : now take medicines…
Swara : (in mind) Psycho therapy and insomnia wala meds (medicine) Kya kam the jo yeh bhi khane padenge ?

Dadu takes out medicines while..

Swara : one question…..Shall I ask !?
Doctor : yeah sure..
Swara : can I go to college !?
Doctor : yeah you can…..but you have to take care of yourself…and maze did medicines on time…
Swara : one more question… Is there any need to use this oxygen mask !? Shall I remove it….!?

Suddenly Dadu drops the glass of water from hands Both doctor and Dadu look with horror and tensed. Swara couldn’t understand why they were staring wid horror…

Swara : Dadu..u fine !?
Dadu : yeah…you take medicines na..

Swara takes medicines.

Swara : Doctor I asked you something…
Doctor : (fumbles) No….you cannot remove it..I had told you that the ice incident has caused oxygen deficiency so you’ve to wear it…..
Swara : okay…..

Swara gets discharged next day. She doesn’t go to college that day.

Dadu : Swara….listen me and ur dida we both are going to Mumbai to meet your mom n dad…
Swara : why in middle !? Let’s go in holidays na..even I wanna meet them !!
Dida : Swara…!? You’re ill…..
Swara : and you are leaving me here alone..!!
Dadu : No….We’ve informed your friend Ragini about it…and she’ll accompany you in ur hostel room…
Swara : hostel !?
Dadu : Yes hostel…We’re leaving tomorrow so I’ve asked ur dida to pack ur bags..
Swara : but when will you return !?
Dadu : As soon as possible….. Okay !?
Swara : okay…I’ve no option..? But why are you going !? Any problems !?

Dadu and Dida look at each other tensed. Swara finds it odd.

Dida : (changes the subject) Swara….. You know what…I’ve brought you 5 packets of Maggi !!!
Swara : Wow Maggi !! Really !! I love Maggi so much..?? Thanks dida..

Next day dadu and dida leave. They drop Swara at hostel. Swara’s room was on 5th floor (don’t know why..?) Swara opens the door with keys.

Ragini : Hi Swara…..
Swara : Hi… You stay here alone..!? No room mate !?
Ragini : No…but I’ve a temporary room mate….!!
Swara : hmm…..So you’re ready !?
Ragini : Yes….just putting in books…
Swara : ohk…

After some time both leave for college. In college Swara goes in library to take a book. There she finds the book and before she could take someone else takes it.

Swara : oh hello !!?? I want that book got it !?

The guy turns and Swara finds him to be Sanskaar.

Sanskaar : but I took it first…
Swara : Please give it….I’ve been looking for it since many days..
Sanskaar : Then wait for some more time…
Swara : I said na I want !!
Sanskaar : do hell with you..
Swara : Yes I will…I don’t like jokes on books….
They fight like kids on books and suddenly their physical education teacher comes there.

Teacher : Hey you both…what’s wrong with you !? Why are you shouting !? You don’t know it’s library…!?
Swara : sorry sir..
Sanskaar : Yes we know…
Swara : I’m actually asking him to give me the story book….
Sanskaar : Asking or yelling !?
Swara : I’m not yelling…you’re yelling…
Sanskaar : don’t forget the graveyard incident..
Teacher : stop it both of you !! Are you mad ?? You need to be punished…
Swara : sorry sir….I don’t want any book…. (murmur) nor any punishment..
Teacher : Come with me..
Sanskaar : but..
Teacher : I said follow….

Swara and Sanskaar follow the teacher in games room. The teacher removes a handcuff from cupboard.

Swara : (murmur) is he gonna send us to Police station !?
Sanskaar : shut your mouth…
Teacher : This is your punishment…I’ll tie your wrists with this handcuff…. The key would be with me….I would open it at 5 pm….
Swara : till then..!?
Teacher : do whatever you wish…but if you disturb the college then I’ll multiply the time..
Sanskaar : but how can we stay like this…..!? This is not a punishment…
Teacher : don’t teach me Master Sanskaar….

Sanskaar looks at Swara fiercely. The teacher locks the handcuff and keeps the keys in his pocket. Swara and Sanskaar leave. Sanskaar walks to left and Swara to right. Both get pulled by each other and collide.

Swara : What are you doing !?We’ve to go to right..
Sanskaar : No ! To left…
Swara : why !?
Sanskaar : Coz I’m always right….follow me !!

Sanskaar walks and Swara gets pulled automatically. Swara walks behind Sanskaar wherever he takes… Some of the students even laugh while some were amused. Swara and Sanskaar attend Maths classes.

Swara: Look, you gotta give me some answers.
Sanskaar: Yes… No… To get to the other side… 1.77245…
Swara: (interrupting) I don’t want to know what the square root of pi is. Sanskaar: You knew that?
Swara: umm….not really…..

Sanskaar smiles crookedly seeing her innocence. Swara felt as if he would kill her with his crooked smile… Then they attend Music classes. Teacher asks them to play guitar and sing song…again punishment…

Swara : (murmur) Please don’t hurt me…..I’m already ill..
Sanskaar : I’m not always the bad guy…
Swara : hmm….Please….

Swara literally closes her eyes when he touches her hands. He starts playing the guitar softly…. She opens her eyes and sees his face… He starts singing….

Sanskaar : Heart beats fast
Colors and promises
How to be brave
How can I love when I’m afraid
To fall
But watching you stand alone
All of my doubt
Suddenly goes away somehow
One step closer

As soon as he starts singing Swara shuts her eyes as she could feel current passing through her body. She sees a scene again….

Scene – A guy and a girl were standing in the same position and singing a song…to her surprise the guy sang same song….

Swara : I have died every day
waiting for you
Darlin’ don’t be afraid
I have loved you for a
Thousand years
I’ll love you for a
Thousand more…

Sanskaar was all amused as she sung the song…It was unexpected or might be expected….

Swasan : Time stands still
beauty in all she is
I will be brave
I will not let anything
Take away
What’s standing in front of me
Every breath,
Every hour has come to this
One step closer

I have died every day
Waiting for you
Darlin’ don’t be afraid
I have loved you for a
Thousand years
I’ll love you for a
Thousand more…

Swara : And all along I believed
I would find you
Time has brought
Your heart to me
I have loved you for a
Thousand years
I’ll love you for a
Thousand more
One step closer
One step closer….

Sanskaar : i have died every day
Waiting for you
Darlin’ don’t be afraid,
I have loved you for a
Thousand years
I’ll love you for a
Thousand more…

Swasan : And all along I believed
I would find you
Time has brought
Your heart to me
I have loved you for a
Thousand years
I’ll love you for a
Thousand more…
(Guys Thousand years got majority so I wrote this song…. And I promise to write Sanam Re also as it also was on demand….)

Sanskaar looks at Swara.

Swara : how do you know the song……!?
Sanskaar : I don’t know…
Swara : but it’s written by me…. (lies)
Sanskaar : (murmurs) A lier…

The students there were all surprised seeing their coordination.

Then they were just walking when Swara suddenly feels uneasy. She rubs her throat, clears throat. She starts coughing harder. Sanskaar stops and rubs her back. She wouldn’t stop. He removes bottle and makes her drink water… She won’t stop…..

Sanskaar : Swara…..!?

Swara removes her kerchief and coughs. She stops coughing. She removes the kerchief. She gets horrified. She quickly wipes her mouth before Sanskaar or anyone else notices it.

Sanskaar : ate a fly or what !?
Swara : No…don’t know what happened….

The clock strikes 4:30…Both go in games room. The room was locked.

Swara : locked…!?
Sanskaar : let’s see in teacher’s room…

They check in teacher’s room. But the teacher was not there…. They ask the principal.

Principal : oh he…He has went out of town…
Swara : why !?
Principal : there’s a match in which our college participated….
Sanskaar : did he gave you keys….!? We’re locked…
Principal : No he didn’t say anything about the keys….

Swasan were all horrified and leave the cabin.

Swara : Now what shall we do…!?

She notices Sanskaar getting his devil out…

Swara : (tries 2 cool him) Shall I tell you one joke…!? Ok….
Once a thief enters a house. He reads a note in which the owner had written press 135 button of the safe and then finally press the green button. You’ll get money. The thief does what said and the silencer rings…Police comes and arrests him…He says that he no more believe on humanity now…?? Haha funny na !?

She notices Sanskaar getting angry… She hides her face. Sanskaar holds her hand and pins her to wall. Swara looks at him with horror.

Swara : sorry…..
Sanskaar : we’re in worst situation and you feel like laughing..?
Swara : I said na sorry….Ur hurting me…

Sanskaar leaves her and starts thinking. He gets an idea.

Sanskaar : remove your hair pin..
Swara :(confused) What…!?

Sanskaar controls his anger and removes her hair pin from hair and tries to unlock the handcuff, but in vain… After sometime..

Sanskaar : where do you live…!?
Swara : hostel…why !?
Sanskaar : Its 5:30….college will close now. We’ve to go home..
Swara : at your home !?
Sanskaar : Even I live in hostel….
Swara : boys hostel….. so now where shall we go !?
Sanskaar : of course mine…
Swara : your !?
Sanskaar : No… Just shut your mouth and do as I say..

Swara reluctantly agrees. She calls up Ragini and informs her. Sanskaar opens his car door and then Swara’s. Swara sits in and Sanskaar shifts to driver sit.
Sanskaar starts to handle driving somehow and Swara cooperates him. Then they reach the hostel.

Swara : but this is my hostel…
Sanskaar : (tease) oh is it !? I didn’t knew… Thanks ha…
Swara : welcome….

They go in the room. Sanskaar suddenly sits on sofa when Swara was going inside. She gets pulled and falls on him and lands on his lap. She looks at him. He looks wid horror and makes her stand without any eyelock….

Swara : wait I’ll call Ragini…

Swara removes her phone and calls Ragini.

Swara : listen…when are you coming…and what about dinner !? Have you made anything …!?
Ragini : Swara I’m actually at Sujata mam’s home…..She has fallen ill….so ill directly come tomorrow morning….hope you won’t mind…
Swara : okay… bye…

Swara cuts the call and gets tensed.

Swara : Sanskaar…..Ragini will not come…and she has not even made any dinner…..
Sanskaar : You know how to cook !?
Swara : No…I don’t even know where the cooking ingredients are kept..

Suddenly Swara remembers that her dida had gave her Maggi.

Swara : idea !! My dida had gave me Maggi….Let’s make Maggi…
Sanskaar : I hope at least you know how to make them !?
Swara : Yes I know…..

Swara brings Sanskaar in the kitchen and removes vessel and vegetables.

Recipe – ?

Swara : Sanskaar… You catch the onion..I’ll chop it..
Sanskaar : onion !?
Swara : I hope I said onion…..

Sanskaar holds the onion and Swara slowly slowly chops it. While chopping the onion both begin to cry? As in onion wala crying…

Swara : one minute….

Swara keeps a half onion on his head.

Sanskaar : Swara….It’s not a hat !!
Swara : I know that…my mumma says if we keep onion on our head onion wala assoo (tear) won’t come…

Sanskaar nods in yes and keeps a half onion on her head. Swara looks at him…
They cut all vegetables.

Swara : Now please would you pour water in the vessel…..!?
Sanskaar : yeah….

After adding water in the vessel Swara breaks the Maggi and puts in the vessel. Then she adds the masala and vegetables…. and cook….. Sanskaar sits on the platform.
The Maggi gets ready and both eat it…

Sanskaar : I want some dessert….
Swara : let’s check in the fridge…

They check the fridge but there was no ice cream.

Swara : No ice cream….
Sanskaar : but there is mango…..
Swara : and cream…
Sanskaar : Milk…then…..Milk shake !?
Swara : yeah sure !!

Swara removes the mixer and puts the necessary ingredients in it.

Swara : I’ll remove the glasses…
Sanskaar : I’ll cut mango for topping…
Swara : ok…..Now on the mixer…

Sanskaar puts the button on and starts cutting mango while Swara somehow manages to remove glasses… Suddenly some noise comes…Thakkk….
Swara and Sanskaar both turn to the mixer and finds the top cap of the mixer had vanished and all the milkshake splashes in the kitchen….Swara’s face was covered with the milkshake and Sanskaar was looking Milkshake man ??
Both look at each other and burst out laughing…

Swara : Look at yourself !! ?
Sanskaar : first look at your face…!! ??

Swara licks around her lips and founds tasty..?

Swara : it’s tasty… !!

Both look around the kitchen and see everywhere strawberry milkshake splashed !! Both look at it and laugh…Swara looks at Sanskaar and smiles…. Then both wipe the kitchen somehow…. (I can’t describe how)

Swara : Thank God it is finished…. Now I’m tired…
Sanskaar : yeah…I’m sleeping…
Swara : What !? How can you sleep !?
Sanskaar : I’ll sleep on sofa and you sit down….and you don’t sleep na…

Swara looks at him….

Swara : how do you know I don’t sleep…!? ?
Sanskaar : (bits lip) Ragini….She had said once….
Swara : ohk… (in mind) But I never told Ragini about Insomnia…

She again stares at Sanskaar. Sanskaar lies on sofa and Swara sits down. Sanskaar falls asleep soon. Swara keeps on looking here and there….. She keeps playing with the locket. Sanskaar holds her hand in sleep… She notices that the locket starts shining… She remembers last scene….She remembers the tattoo…. And doubts Sanskaar.. She slowly folds the jacket sleeves so that his hand would be seen. Suddenly Sanskaar turns to other side in sleep. Swara misses the chance…She keeps on looking at the locket and smiles…..and sleeps !!

Precap – Sanskaar vanishes… Sanskaar plans to remove Swara out kf college. Revelation of bitter truth…

Guys next chapter will be really cool and it’s my personal favourite one…so please read it.. It wud also be long and please read it…and I want even silent readers to comment in next chapter…


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