Swasan – The Curse (Ek Paheli) – Chapter 5


Disclaimer – Guys I was overwhelmed with ur comments and I thought I won’t end the ff soon… and wont reveal the truth soon….Now wait till episode 35 for truth?? Just kidding !! Secret would be revealed slowly slowly…

The Curse ( Ek Paheli )

Chapter 5

The Graveyard.

Sanskaar : where the hell she went !?

Sanskaar searches for Swara. Even Ragini does search for Swara. Swara called both Sanskaar and Ragini’s names loudly but in vain. It starts getting dark. While walking Swara suddenly sees Kristene peeping from a tree. Swara was now sure that Kristene had been there. Swara goes there.

Swara : Kristene I know you are here…..come out !! Kristene please come…

Swara was about to catch her but she runs again. Even Swara follows her. Swara keeps on calling for Kristene but she doesn’t stop. While running suddenly again Kristene disappears. Swara all confused and even scared. Swara broke down as she was helpless.

Swara’s Point of View.
How am I gonna go home !? I wanna go home…. God please… and why am I seeing Kristene here !? It’s so silent here……wait….I raised my head and was all amused. Well it was not new but still…..The shadows returned… The shadows came closer to me… more closer… I went back…and back and hit a tree. The shadows were all covering me…. I screamed like hell. I sat down closing my eyes. I had no guarantee of my survival. I felt strange when I saw him…..when I closed my eyes…How and why !? I could feel that someone had cuddled me. Of course it might be the shadows !! I concluded. Suddenly the voice stopped. But I felt safe in that cuddle. And suddenly I heard some voice…Some human voice !!! Male Voice…

Voice : Swara open your eyes !! Swara !! Damn open your eyes….

I opened my eyes. The shadows were vanished. I turned to left and saw him ! He was cuddling me. I stared at him wid amusement. He made stand properly.

Swara : How did you find me !?
Sanskaar : Its a brief story and I hate narrating stories…..
Swara : (in mind) Attitude..?
Sanskaar : Follow me….
Swara : you know the way !?
Sanskaar : yeah..I’m familiar with it as I live here..
Swara : nice joke.. Even I can crack a joke, shall I !?
Sanskaar : No need…..I’m enough…
Swara : okay… As you wish…

Swasan start walking… Sanskaar walks fast than Swara. Swara tries to overtake him but he doesn’t allow her to go ahead..

Swara : What the hell are you doing !? Let me go ahead na..
Sanskaar : you know the path or what !?

Swara nods in no.

Sanskaar : then shut up your mouth and follow me..follow..
Swara : hmm…?

Swara feels bored walking and decides to break the silence.

Swara : You know what…tomorrow I will tell your name to music mam….
Sanskaar : she knows my name…
Swara : I mean I’ll complain…
Sanskaar : do what you wish…and go to hell…
Swara : Sanskaar…. You think you’re an intelligent or wat !?
Sanskaar : There’s no need of thinking….I’m an intelligent…
Swara : oh please… Okay I’ll accept it…so can you answer me !?
Sanskaar : I don’t answer any dumb..
Swara : fatti kya !? It’s okay…It happens..I’ll ask someone most intelligent..
Sanskaar : Ask…
Swara : (giggles) You said go to hell….Why you said so..
Sanskaar : What type of question is that !?
Swara : unable to answer !?
Sanskaar : I said so coz people say so…happy !?
Swara : Yes… One more…You said go to the hell…I don’t know where hell is and can you please tell me the adress….and yes !! Would I get my Prince Charming there !? (Chuckles)

Suddenly Sanskaar stops.

Swara : What happened !? Hey !? Are you really thinking to take me to the hell !?

Sanskaar turns. Swara could see him getting angry. His anger was seen in his eyes. Before she could speak Sanskaar caught her wrist and began to walk in different direction. She followed him as he had caught her wrist. He walks too fast.

Swara : Why you’re holding my wrist !? I was anyways following you na…. (After 1 min) Speak na……And why did you changed the direction !?….oh yeah you know the directions well na…

As Swara had already been unwell and her bones weak…her hands couldn’t bare the tight grip of his hand.

Swara : Ahhhhhh…..Please leave my hand..its paining..Sanskaar please….I’m sorry…I know that you care for me…
Sanskaar : Its your belief….I don’t care about you….

Swara was about to speak but gets shocked seeing where Sanskaar had brought her… Sanskaar stops and turns to her… Swara looks at him with disbelief..Swara : why have you brought me here Sanskaar !?
Sanskaar : you should thank me…you had asked me the address but I brought you to the place itself…

Sanskaar had brought Swara to graveyard…!! They were standing outside the gate. Sanskaar walks ahead. Swara tries to free her wrist as she doesn’t want to enter the graveyard..

Swara : (crying voice) Sanskaar please don’t go inside…I don’t wanna go inside… Please… I’m sorry…I’m really sorry…

Suddenly Swara stumbles over a small rock. She falls down on ground. Sanskaar stops seeing her fallen down. Swara gets hurt on her leg as it was already weak.

Swara : shoot…my leg..

She rubs her leg but it couldn’t stop paining.

Sanskaar : Get up fast… I hate this melodrama…N you..
Swara looks at him when he says he hates her. Her eyes fill with water. She herself was confused why she felt heart broken when he said that.

Swara : But I know you care for me…
Sanskaar : No I don’t…
Swara : you do..I can see in your eyes..

Swara smiles lovingly. Sanskaar gets furious and tightens his fist.

Sanskaar : (evil smile) Okay…Let’s see…

Sanskaar pulls her up. Swara gets up but was unable to stand. Her leg had a great cramp and she couldn’t stand. She helds his jacket tightly and takes support. Swara looks up at him.

Sanskaar : Let’s go..
Swara : I cannot walk…my leg got cramp…
Sanskaar : So what !?
Swara : If you don’t wanna lift me..fine…but I won’t come in..Please…
Sanskaar : you wanted to go to hell right..to meet your so called prince…
Swara : I joked…I’m sorry..

Sanskaar shuts his eyes for while and then jerks her hand and drags her. He literally drags her inside the graveyard…She keeps yelling.

Swara : Sanskaar…..!!! I can’t walk…. ( You can imagine the feeling when your leg is cramped and someone drags you when you can’t even walk…you’ll die wud the pain…)

Sanskaar drags her as if he is inhuman… Swara weeps hard. She cried so much. He dragged her too harshly and rudely. Swara was not able to walk but still he made her walk…..

While walking Sanskaar stops and pushes Swara down on one grave. Swara falls down on the grave hardly. Swara looks at him. Her eyes were all filled wid tears. Her nose was red. Sanskaar gave an evil smile to her.

Swara : why !? Why are you doing this !? What have I done to you !?
Sanskaar : I wanted to prove that I don’t care for you…Got it !?
Swara : My leg is burning…..

She rubs her leg which was actually paining like hell …

Sanskaar : Ok…so you’ve reached here….Now enjoy…And good night…
Swara : I’m sorry..
Sanskaar : okay then..bye…I’ve to leave it’s 12….
Swara : What !? So where shall I go !? I don’t know the path…And I can’t even walk….
Sanskaar : but you did walk now…
Swara : you dragged me…
Sanskaar : that’s not my problem…bye…

He turns to leave. But Swara holds his hand.

Swara : please don’t leave me….. Please…. I’m sorry..

Sanskaar jerks her hand rudely and leaves. Swara keeps yelling. She tries to get up but couldn’t. She cries a lot… Swara looks around and understands that she was in grave. She could see everywhere graves. She herself was sitting on a tomb. She somehow gets up. Swara somehow manages to walk. She falls down many times…and gets up again every time to walk. After some time she reaches the road. It was 3 now. She walks on road somehow. The road was empty. She was walking when she sees lights. She turns to right. She sees a truck coming. She tries to move away but couldn’t move.The truck dashes her and she falls down unconscious.

Swara’s Point Of View.
I could hear someone’s voice. It was familiar….yes it was Sanskaar’s voice..

Sanskaar : Please get up na…..I’m sorry..I know I’ve done so wrong….Please get up…Shall I ask you one question !? Ha !? Ok listen…..What is life !? Tell na….you know what life is!? …..ha !? Swara tell na…..

Swara smiles and holds his finger tightly. He gets amused. He looks at her. She was fluttering her eyes.

Sanskaar : Swara….!? (shouts) Doctor…..Doctor…..
Swara : (opens eyes) shhh…..I’m fine….. Don’t call doctor…

Sanskaar looks at Swara. He leaves her hand.

Swara : Life is a gift…..A special gift from our parents…..life is neither easy nor difficult…..Life is like a a drop of water….Small but clear…. (smiles) Life is a boon…..Life is everything….?

Sanskaar was overwhelmed hearing her answer.

Sanskaar : ok bye…I’ve class….
Swara : bye…..

Sanskaar gets up and leaves. Swara was all confused by his behaviour. He is so different. She couldn’t guess his character….He is hero or villain…who was he !? A villain harming her or a hero saving her !? Or someone else…!?

Recap – Swara shifts to hostel with Ragini. Handcuffed Swasan..


Credit to: Duggu

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