Swasan – The Curse (Ek Paheli) – Chapter 4.


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The Curse.

Chapter 4.

Overwhelming Trip.

Swara’s Point of View.
I was running from something. It was all dark. I ran and ran and ran. I saw a car coming from ahead. I looked with horror and collided with car. I hit the car hardly. Blood started bleeding. I saw someone coming out of the car. The person caressed me and took me into his arms. Suddenly someone came and stopped him. As the guy came I held the person tightly and tried to hide my face.
Guy : She is mine……
I heard his voice. He was… Sanskaar !! I screamed and woke up at once….
I panted for oxygen.

Dadu comes inside in room.

Dadu : you fine !? What happened !?
Swara : Yeah I’m fine… !! I just saw a dream… Dadu !? How are you here…. Wait how am I here !? ?
Dadu : did you expected yourself to be somewhere else !? You came yesterday home yourself right… !? And what did you said !? You saw dream !? ??
Swara : ( lie ) Yes… I forgot… ( Fake smile ) (realises) I saw dream…. !? Did I just slept !? How? (on cloud 9) Dadu !!
Dadu : yup… I’m down.. come fast..

Swara was all happy. But she then realised that her finger wounds were bandaged and even her arm was. The oxygen tube was also put over her nose. How can this happen !? She got fresh and came out. She got ready and went to college. Ragini saw her disturbed.

Ragini : hey !? Where are you !?
Swara : hi…. No re I’m just thinking something…
Ragini : I’ve brains to think… tell..
Swara : Did you bandaged my wound !?
Ragini : Wound… !? Did you hurt yourself or what !?
Swara : Yes… You didn’t do then who did….. ?
Ragini : What happened tell me ?
Swara : hmm… I fell unconscious in library with wounds and got up on my bed
Ragini : What !? You were in library! ? Are you sure !?
Swara : Yes.
Ragini : cool !! You can find out who did !! There is a camera in library!!
Swara : woah !! Let’s go then….
Swaragini go to library and ask the librarian to show them the CCTV footage. Swara told the timing and they checked.

Footage –
Swara was unconscious. After some time a guy wearing black hood came inside. He saw her and ran to her. He caressed her and bandaged her wounds. Swaragini stared amused. The boy turned his face and Swara saw him. She was all amused. He was Sanskaar !! She could see his concern. Ragini smiled a lil. Swara was amused seeing a good side of the devil.

Ragini : (in mind) Why is he doing so !?
Swara : Ragini.. I need to thank him….
Ragini : Hmm….. ( murmur ) I need to tell him…
Swara : What !?
Ragini : nothing. .. Let’s go..

They thank the librarian and leave. Swara was all confused.
Swara : that’s too weird isn’t it !?
Ragini : No it’s not…. Leave it !!
Swara : But I should thank him !!
Ragini : Hmm.. don’t worry I’ll thank him when I find him…
Swara : Ok….
Ragini : (confused) hmm…

While talking Swara noticed Ragini nervous and trying to change the topic.
Ragini : (in mind) Shoot yaar !! I need to speak to Sanskaar as soon as possible…..I know that it was gonna happen but….He need to stop it !!

They go for their first lecture. They sit on the bench. Swaragini were engaged in gossiping when Sanskaar comes. Swara looks at him. He doesn’t pay attention towards her and sits elsewhere. The teacher comes.

Teacher : good morning my students….. Well today we have to do a task.. The plants which we studied yesterday, we’ll observe them today …. so its like a small educational trip… be ready within 10 mins…

Saying this she leaves. The students get ready and leave. Swara was planning how to thank Sanskaar. They walk in the woods. Teacher makes them stand roll number wise.

Teacher : Roll number 15 !?
Swara : Yes mam it’s me ?…
Teacher : come ahead here….

Swara stands behind a girl.

Teacher : 16 !?

Swara was all excited to know who her partner might be…..
A voice came.

Sanskaar : Its me…
Saying this he stands besides Swara. Swara was hell shocked. What should she say !? What should she expect !? It was weird or nice !?
Ragini : (chuckled) you try hard Sanskaar… but destiny will make you fall for her…’again’ !!

Then they visit the nursery and see plants. While walking he touches her hand. Swara was now looking at him. She keeps looking at him.
Swara : (murmur) I know you….
Sanskaar : what !?
Swara : (Comes on sense) aa…. nothing….. (She bits her lips.) Thanks… For hurting ….and For saving me yesterday….
Sanskaar : (gazed at her) I did it coz teacher instructed me to do so… Don’t think I’ve changed…
Swara : hmm….. You’re so weird na !?
Sanskaar : (smiles) Compliment !?
Swara : (Chuckles) No ! (She smiles and turns her face.)

They see few more plants and move ahead.

Swara : so got a partner for project !?
Sanskaar : No. But don’t think I’ll ask you..
Swara : it’s your dream… I won’t…
Sanskaar : don’t worry for me.. worry for you…
Swara : It applies to you too seeing your yesterday wala act…. I guess…. (bits lips)
Sanskaar : I’m born to think of you….(inaudible)
Swara : did you say something !?
Sanskaar : Nothing special…
Swara : you never… ( She stops as she gets distracted. She sees Kristene there.) Kristene !??? ( in mind ) No Swara… its hallucination..
Sanskaar : who is Kristene !?
Swara : nothing… Leave it…. ( She notices Kristene again and she hides.) (In mind) Is Kristene really here !? I need to find her…

Swara slides through bushes quickly without telling Sanskaar. She searches for Kristene.

Swara : Kristene !! Kristene ! Kristene I know u are here.. Kristene !?

Swara sees a small girl running. She assumes her to be Kristene and runs behind her. The girl again hides. Swara gets confused and notices Kristene….. She was confused like you all are !!
Swara : Its pakka hallucination… Let’s go back..
Swara decides to leave. But which direction !? Where was she !? She tries hard to reach to group but fails.

On other hand Sanskaar realises that his partner was absent. He searches around but finds her nowhere. He asks Ragini….

Sanskaar : Did you see her !?
Ragini : No. Where is she !?
Sanskaar : I don’t know…
Ragini : where can she go then !? (They think. Suddenly they look at each other with horror.)
Ragini : No…… !!!???
Sanskaar : How she be here !?
Ragini : She should be in orphanage…..
Sanskaar : we should keep check on her…. Now let’s find Swara…
Ragini : Hmm…

Both Sanskaar and Ragini search for Swara.

Recap – Sanskaar searches Swara desperately……Sanskaar’s plans to remove Swara out of the college.

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