Swasan – The Curse (Ek Paheli) – Chapter 3


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The Curse ( Ek Paheli )

Chapter 3.

The warning.

Swara was all confused. She left for biology class with her new friend Ragini. They were late. The teacher allowed them to enter and settle. Ragini found a better place to settle for such boring lecture while Swara was left confused checking a better place to settle. While rolling her eyes her and there teacher shooek her.

Teacher : Sit over there.. The seat is vacant..

She pointed towards a seat which was half occupied by a guy. She moved towards the seat and found him… After the guy’s first gesture towards her she was all puzzled and was wondering how to face him… And with so much of questions she finally sat besides him. She would notice the guy going fiery. And the teacher added some fuel to the fire….

Teacher : so students I’m giving you a presentation project. I’m reading out the names of partners…. (Swara turns to Ragini. Ragini smiles and shows her best of luck sign. Teacher reads out some names.) Ragini and Pia… then Swara and Sanskaar… Now I hope the pairs are clear..

Swara didn’t knew who was Sanskaar. Before she could ask teacher the teacher went as bell rang. As soon as teacher went Swara stood up. At that time even the guy got up. He went from there rudely cutting Swara’s path. Swara was amused. She goes to Ragini. Ragini starred her with horror. Some students passing by saw her with horror.

Swara : What is wrong !? Ragini !?
Ragini : you are so unlucky honey…. U have ur project partner as Sanskaar !
Swara : Actually … who is he !?
Ragini : he is the one for whom all the college girls are mad. He is the one with whom girls die to speak.. N he is the one whom you just had an bad encounter….. Sanskaar! I did mention his name….
Swara : (hell shocked) He is… oh yes ! U did mention ! I’ve to work with him !?
Ragini : Yes dear… best luck !! ?

After some time in music room.
Swara saw the teacher punishing a boy for not playing guitar properly.

Teacher : So Miss Swara… Our new student… do you know how to play guitar
Swara : No…. (remembers the punishment) Yes….
Teacher : oh is it…. So play it..
Swara : (shocked) now !?
Teacher : Yes now……

Swara nods. She takes the guitar and sits. The other students were practicing their own music. She starts playing the guitar miserably. The teacher gets angry as she thinks Swara is teasing the art of music.

Teacher : Swara just stop it !! Get up.. (Swara gets up.) You are a patient which doesn’t mean I won’t punish you !! What do you think, huh !? Music is rubbish !? How could you !?

Guy : May I come in miss….
Teacher : oh! Look who is so early !! Come in Sanskaar….

(He was Sanskaar. He enters the room and looks at Swara with anger.)
Teacher : So where was I Miss. Swara !?
Swara : I’m sorry Miss…. I’ve came on conscious yesterday itself…. Please forgive me…..
Teacher : Ok. I’ve a good idea !! Why don’t you teach her guitar !?
Sanskaar : what !? Me to teach her guitar !?
Teacher : I guess I was clear enough….

Sanskaar jerks. He takes the guitar and sits on the chair.

Teacher : Now go n learn the guitar….

Swara takes a chair and places besides his. She sits on it.

Sanskaar : you feel I would be able to teach you like this way….
Swara : No. So… !?

Swara gets up and sits on his lap. He mutually cuddles her and places the guitar on her lap. He places his chin on her shoulder which gave her goosebumps. He took her fingers and started playing the guitar with all frustration. Swara was feeling all strange. She could feel a sudden shock and shuts her eyes. She could see something.

A girl was trying to play guitar. She couldn’t play. Suddenly a guy comes from behind and takes her fingers and starts playing.
Guy : I hope you love playing it in this way…
Girl : of course…..

The scene was interrupted as Sanskaar got up suddenly. She was feeling dejected.
Teacher : over is it !?
Sanskaar : It is unable for me….
Teacher : ok…. its left 15 min yet !! So continue….

Swara looks at Sanskaar. Sanskaar jerks and looks at other side. He goes ahead behind her.
Sanskaar : take this guitar…..
Swara : hmm…

She takes the guitar. He was behind her. He peeped through above her shoulder. He took her fingers and started playing the guitar. She again feels shock flowing through her body and shuts her eyes. She could see the same scene continued.

Guy : you are not scared of Lucifier anymore !?
Girl : No. When you are with me….

Again the scene gets interrupted as she feels her fingers getting hurt due to rubbing over strings. She could feel that he was purposely rubbing her fingers against the strings.

Swara : listen….Please play mildly… I’m getting hurt…
Sanskaar : it was not my choice to teach you..
Swara : Please….
Sanskaar : Don’t beg… I’m gonna play harshly itself…

He continues playing harshly. She couldn’t tolerate it and parted away. Teacher saw her.
Teacher : done !? Still ten min to go… Practice !! ?

Sanskaar smiles evilly and plays again harshly. Now he was more harsh and not even paying attention to her pleads. She pleaded him a lot but in vain. Her fingers starts bleeding due to cut.
Swara : please stop… my fingers are bleeding.. its hurting me !! You don’t have any humanism !? Stop it please !! What have I done bad to you that you are punishing me !! ?

She began crying. She could feel burn in her fingers. She was helpless. The guy was hurting her like a devil !! She don’t know why felt broken.
Swara : please…. I’m sorry… I won’t talk to you ever… nor even look at you !!
Sanskaar : (finally broke silence) Now dare if you ever give me a gaze…. you know that I’m a devil… stay away from me !! Got it !? Away !!
Swara : Yes. I won’t even gaze you please leave me…. Please… my fingers are bleeding…

Sanskaar couldn’t tolerate her pleads and pressed her fingers more tightly. His tight finger grip around her soft fingers was like a hell. She could feel pain in her finger bones….
Swara : What is wrong with you !? Please !! My fingers are paining…. You are holding my fingers tightly…. Please forgive me… its damn paining…
Swara cried a lot…. But Sanskaar didn’t left her fingers at all… Bell rang. Sanskaar jerked her fingers. Swara turned her face to him. He saw her face.

Sanskaar’s Point of View.
She turned her face to me. I saw her face. I felt as if my heart came out of the ribcage. Her crying face was enough to kill me… I’m sorry… I don’t know how to control the devil side of me…. Her nose was all red…

Swara’s Point of View.
I couldn’t believe him. How can he fall so low !? Ouch…. my fingers are paining a lot… I couldn’t stop my tears. I felt like someone stole my heart…

Sanskaar gave her a angry look and whispered in her ears. She felt a breeze.
Sanskaar : I’m not at all changed by your tears…. And hope you would drop the idea of working with me….dare if you again come across me….I’ll kill you..

She shivered on the word kill you. He left from there. She ran to library crying. She couldn’t stop her tears. The library was empty as it was 10.. She removes the oxygen tube off her nose. She unwraps the crepe bandage. She sees her bleeding fingers and remembers how Sanskaar behaved with her. She cries a lot and falls unconscious.

Recap – Swara gains consciousness and sees bandage around arm and bandage around wound on fingers. And also the oxygen tube over nose….

Who did this !? Sanskaar or Ragini….. Comment ur views… N I hope I didn’t made you cry.. but I did cry.. ?

Credit to: Duggu

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