Swasan – The Curse (Ek Paheli) – Chapter 2


The Curse (Ek Paheli)

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Chapter 2.

The Abuse sign.

Swara breathed fresh oxygen after coming out. She was still holding his palm and fingers tightly. The guy comes up. She sees him.

Swara’s Point of View.

He was looking incredibly handsome… He was perfectly carved and made ! What was he !? Of what was he made !? He looked so young and just amazing… His eyes were perfect and hypnotising mine… I felt giddy and unconscious on his cold shoulder. (After sometime)

Dadu: Shoru….

I could hear my dadu’s voice clearly. I opened my eyes. I was on bed with oxygen tube around my nose. I tried to move my fingers and got a pain in my left arm…. My leg also pained lil when i moved it….Had I faced an accident or what !? I don’t know what had happened… I seriously remember nothing.. like only remember that I drown and that complete tattoo and I came out and felt unconscious….. Then where did the guy went !? Who was he… (Swara doesn’t remember his face at all.) Why don’t I remember his face !? And this locket…. (She checks the locket. The locket no more shined…but the locket seemed improved more than what it was first. )

Dida : Shoru, you fine !?
Swara : ha dida….. I’m fine.. better !! ☺
Dadu : So today we’ll celebrate your birthday !!
Swara : What do you mean today..?..Hold on ! what is the date today..11 right !??
Dadu : No… it’s 14 today….
Swara : What !? like seriously dadu..!??
Dadu : would I lie you !?
Swara : Yes you do !! ? But I feel like trusting you… don’t know why ! ?
Dida : okay now enough ! I’m bringing the cake ! And you Mr. Decosta help ur girlfriend (Swara ?) get up… N u Swara.. listen to your boyfriend (dadu ?) Got it both of you!?

Both nod. Dida goes inside the kitchen. She brings a cake. Till then Swara gets up safely. Swara cuts the cake and they celebrate her birthday. Then Swara takes rest.

Swara : Dadu..!?
Dadu : bolo
Swara : can I remove this tube…..!?
Dadu : ( fumbles ) No… Doctor has strictly prohibited !!
Swara : ok ! But when shall I remove this !?
Dadu : ( fumbles ) Umm….. You ask so many questions !! ? Now sleep ! Day after tomorrow we are going to clinic and then doctor would advice…..
Swara : Dadu.. so till then I’ve to wear it on my nose !?
Dadu : Yes.
Swara : ( shocked ) what !? Are you kidding me…. Tomorrow is my first day of high school….. How can I take this cylinder with me huh !?
Dadu : Not that beta ! You have been given a small bottle of oxygen….. but don’t dare remove the tube !! Got it !!
Swara : hmm…..ok dadu !!
Dadu : now sleep…
Swara : how can you forget !? I’ve insomnia !!
Dadu : oh yeah! Sorry….. Take rest…..

Next Day.
Swara wears black denim jumpsuit and a white full sleeves top. She left her hair idle. Bandages her left arm with crepe bandage and wears the oxygen tube over nose and locks the oxygen bottle on waist. She takes her backpack and leaves.

Dadu : don’t put more Weight on your left leg ! And take care of your left arm also!! And the oxygen tube…
Swara : ( Interrupts ) Dadu !? Why don’t you accompany me !?
Dida : Oho !! Leave her….. She is strong enough !
Dadu : (Chuckles) like you !??
Dida : Yes.
Swara : Guys stop it !! And bye bye !!

She leaves and rides her cycle to college. The college was so huge !! She parks her cycle and arranges herself neatly… She walks towards the entry. Suddenly she collides wid someone n falls down. She looks upwards and sees a gorgeous girl. She was pretty tall. She extended her hand…

Girl : Sorry… may I help you !?
Swara : No it’s fine… Even I’m equally sorry…

Swara gets up.

Swara : I’m Swara…. N u !?
Girl : I’m Ragini…..
Swara : ( She extends her hand. Ragini shakes her hand.) Friends…!?
Ragini : Friends…!!

Ragini notices a scar on Swara’s hand. And Swara notices a metal bracelet on Ragini’s wrist. Both remain shocked.

Ragini : What is this scar on your hand !?
Swara : N what is this bracelet on ur wrist !? ..its very unusual !
Ragini : well… A punishment…
Swara : Ok. But it would be great if we won’t disclose our past so soon…?
Ragini : Yes. even I felt so….

Swara noticed another dress code violation. A very attractive dress code violation. The guy gets off the volvo car. It was far from cold outside, but he had on a black leather parka jacket over his black sweater, too. Maybe it was because his was the only spot of color on the quad, but he was all that Swara could look at. In fact, everything else so paled in comparison that, for one long moment, Swara forgot where she was.

She took in his deep black hair and matching tan. His high cheekbones, the dark sunglasses that covered his eyes, the soft shape of his lips. In all the movies Swara had seen, and in all the books she’d read, the love interest was mind-blowingly good-looking—except for that one little flaw. The chipped tooth, the charming cowlick, the beauty mark on his left cheek. She knew why—if the hero was too unblemished, he’d risk being unapproachable. But approachable or not, Swara had always had a weakness for the sublimely gorgeous. Like this guy.

He leaned up against the building with his arms crossed lightly over his chest. And for a split second, Swara saw a flashing image of herself folded into those arms. She shook her head, but the vision stayed so clear that she almost took off toward him.

No. That was crazy. Right? Even at a school full of crazies, Luce was well aware that this instinct was insane. She didn’t even know him.

He was talking to a shorter kid with dreads and a toothy smile. Both of them were laughing hard and genuinely—in a way that made Swara strangely jealous. She tried to think back and remember how long it had been since she’d laughed, really laughed, like that.

Ragini : That’s Sanskaar Swift… ( leaning in and reading her mind. ) I can tell he’s attracted somebody’s attention.

Swara : Understatement ( embarrassed when she realized how she must have looked to Ragini. )
Ragini : Yeah, well, if you like that sort of thing

Swara : What’s not to like( unable to stop the words from tumbling out. )

Ragini : His friend there is Roland ( nodding in the dreadlocked kid’s direction. )He’s cool. The kind of guy who can get his hands on things, ya know?

Not really, Swara thought, biting her lip.
Swara : What kinds of things?

Ragini shrugged, using her poached Swiss Army knife to saw off a fraying strand from a rip in her black jeans.
Ragini : Just things. Ask-and-you-shall-receive kind of stuff.

Swara : What about Sanskaar….? What’s his story?

Ragini : Oh, she doesn’t give up ( laughed, then cleared her throat.) No one really knows. He holds pretty tight to his mystery man persona. Could just be your typical reform school a*sh*le……

She glanced again at Sanskaar. He took his glasses off and slid them inside his jacket, then turned to look at her.

His gaze caught hers, and Swara watched as his eyes widened and then quickly narrowed in what looked like surprise. But no—it was more than that. When Sanskaar’s eyes held hers, her breath caught in her throat. She recognized him from somewhere.

But she would have remembered meeting someone like him. She would have remembered feeling as absolutely shaken up as she did right now.

She realized they were still locking eyes when Sanskaar flashed her a smile. A jet of warmth shot through her and she had to grip the bench for support. She felt her lips pull up in a smile back at him. She couldn’t believe….He smiled !! The Heartthrob smiled at her !! But the smile faded away when she noticed his hand in air. He showed his middle finger to show her. He abused her !! His eyes were fiery… She bent her eyes down. Ragini patted her back…

Ragini : let’s go….
Swara : sure…..

They leave and Swara turned back again…. She gazed at him again !

Swara : (in mind ) Why am I gazing at her though he abused me… I feel as if I know him…. We have some past connection…. I’m meant to be his…. forever… why !?

Chapter Ends…..

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