Swasan – The Curse (Ek Paheli) – Chapter 11.



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The Curse.

Chapter 11.

Swara totally ignores Sanskaar for 10 minutes.

Sanskaar : Now would you tell me where are we going !?
Swara : oh yeah !

Swara guides Sanskaar the path. They reach the venue.

Swara : well….let me again warn you !! This task is risky !! Tumhe shayad apni strength ka use karna padega !! Dhishum Dhishum bhi karni padegi !! Aur agar kuchh hua then I’m not gonna take charge !!
Sanskaar : Shut up !!! And now please tell what the work is !!
Swara : Listen ! This bungalow is Roli aunt’s bungalow !
Sanskaar : wait….wait.. Are you sure !?
Swara : yeah… Actually she is my neighbour ! That bungalow is my !

Swara points at the bungalow. It was really her Dadu’s bungalow !

Swara : Come with me !!!!!

Swara walks towards the bungalow and Sanskaar follows her. Swara stops near the door.

Sanskaar : don’t tell me you’re gonna ask me to rob !
Swara : No re !! Wait ….. Now listen…. That is Sheru ….

Swara points at a pug doggy.

Swara : His name is Sheru but he is like donkey !! ?
Sanskaar : Come on point …..
Swara : Ha yes … so you’ve to drag him to forest !
Sanskaar : Par kyun !?
Swara : because he always barks and irritates my dadu !!
Sanskaar : ohk ….so this is your task !?
Swara : yeah ! don’t worry ! he’ll not bite you …. I’m there na !
Sanskaar : So you would’ve done it ! Why did you called me !?
Swara : Oho !! do the task na !!
Sanskaar : doing …..

Sanskaar goes near Sheru and unties him. The pug keeps mute leaving Swara shocked. Sanskaar drags him near forest.

Swara : Swara …. kat le !! Agar Roli aunty ne dekhliya toh tu toh Mar gayi !! Ja aur Car mein baith !!

Swara runs towards Sanskaar’s car …… She tries to open the door and realises that the door was locked and keys were wid Sanskaar. So she sits on front part of the car waiting for Sanskaar. Sanskaar slowly comes from behind…

Sanskaar : Bhoooo !!!
Swara : Aah !!! ??

Swara turns. She sees Sanskaar laughing.

Swara : (smiles) Wish fulfilled !!
Sanskaar : What !?
Swara : (Comes on senses) Woh…nothing ! Leave it ! Oh yes ! I need to give you money !! Wait ha !! I’ve in my bag….First unlock the car !!
Sanskaar : Yes sure …….

Sanskaar unlocks the car and Swara removes her backpack.

Swara : (while removing from bag) But I must say .. you’ve done you’re task too good !! By the way are you sure the dog won’t return !?
Sanskaar : Yes he would…. If he has GPS ! Lol !!
Swara : true !! ?

Swara removes a pig from bag. I mean not a real one but a toy…

Swara : Oho ! I don’t have the key to unlock my bank..
Sanskaar : your bank !? ?
Swara : I mean my piggy bank !! ?
Sanskaar : oh !!

Swara shakes the piggy bank which makes noise.

Swara : I’ve enough money !!

Swara drops the piggy bank on ground. The piggy gets break and all the money falls down. Swara bends down and picks the money. Sanskaar keeps starring at her childish behaviour …..

Swara : take this……
Sanskaar : Chillar !?
Swara : ha….I’ve only that much !
Sanskaar : Its fine …..

Swara puts all the Chillar (coins) in one bag and gives to Sanskaar..

Swara : poore 200 rupees hain ! 200 !!
Sanskaar : oh Acchha !? ?
Swara : ha !!
Sanskaar : Now let’s go ! It’s 8 !
Swara : ha !! Shall I click a selfie !?
Sanskaar : Ohk…

Both click selfie. Sanskaar and Swara Both sit in car and leave. Sanskaar drops Swara hostel.

Swara : Tata !! Sweet dreams !! ?
Sanskaar : bye..?

Sanskaar leaves, Swara goes in room. Swara searches her diary in her bag but doesn’t find ….. Swara starts searching here and there ….

Swara : Meri diary !?
Rags : What happened !?
Swara : I’m not finding my diary !! My diary….?
Rags : wait …I’ll search ….you sit ! Relax !! Calm down !!
Swara : Ha ….

Rags searches in whole house but doesn’t find …. Swara starts crying like kid.

Rags : let it be Swara !! I’ll buy you new one !
Swara : I want the same one !!
Rags : but we’re not getting it …. what shall we do …!?
Swara : If we lose something we complain to Police …. we’ll complain to Police !!

At Sanskaar’s place.

Sanskaar removes the diary from his bag. He starts reading the cover ….

Sanskaar : Wishes !? ? …… For what !?

He reads all wishes. He notices a strike on the wish ‘ I wanna watch a Amir Khan movie ‘ and a pic of Swara, Sanji and Rags watching movie … 16th page was tore ….

Sanskaar : Why did she tear this page !? What’s the wish ….!? And why she has strike off one wish !?

He reads the next one and smiles …..

Sanskaar : So she behaved weird to make me smile !? ?

He turns the page.

Sanskaar : (wishes which Swara wrote in morning on bench) I wanna click selfie wid Anu… I wanna propose my boyfriend … ( he unknowingly smiles ) I wanna remove the Sheru out !! And i wanna ride bike … !!?? She thinks so much about others ….. But why has she written in diary !??

Sanskaar shuts the diary and finds something written on last page…

Sanskaar : If anyone finds this diary call me !! ?

Sanskaar calls Swara to check if she has reached room safely ….. Swara sees the call and picks it immediately ..

Call …

Swara : hello… ( Crying tone )
Sanskaar : Are you fine !?
Swara : Hmm…?
Sanskaar : you’re crying !?
Swara : What do you feel !?
Sanskaar : you’re crying ….. why !?
Swara : nothing …
Sanskaar : are you coming to college tomorrow !!??
Swara : No….
Sanskaar : Why !?
Swara : I’m going to orphanage …

Suddenly Rags comes wid dinner plate and starts pleading Swara to eat …

Rags : Swara please khao na !

Call –
Sanskaar : What’s she saying ..
Swara : Khana khane ko bol rahi hain…
Sanskaar : to khao na !
Swara : No !!! I’ve lost my diary …
Sanskaar : Idiot … just think how must have I called you !?
Swara : Mujhe kya pata !?
Sanskaar : Through your diary …
Swara : Diary ne Bataya !!!!??????When !!??
Sanskaar : Arey it didn’t speak ! I’ve it wid me …
Swara : oh ! So it’s wid you !! WHAT !!????
Sanskaar : yeah..
Swara : But how !? You didn’t read na !? Tell me ! You don’t know anything na !!??
Sanskaar : No I’ve not read …. And know nothing ….
Swara : When will you return it !!??
Sanskaar : Tomorrow …. I’ll give you in orphanage. Actually the orphanage is on the way from my home to college …
Swara : ohk ….
Sanskaar : Bye…
Swara : Bye…

Both cut the call. Swara has her dinner.

Next day –

Swara gets up early. She wears black shorts and white ganji top wid short denim jacket. She goes to orphanage. When she reaches there she finds all kids sitting outside the orphanage. Kristene sees Swara and runs to her and starts crying.

Swara : Kristene, why are you crying !?
Kristene : He is my best friend ..
Swara : Who !?
Kristene : Sahir….. Today in morning we all were playing and he suddenly fell on a rock collapsed down …. Doctor came and checked …. And said that he is in coma and he is not sure when Sahir will get up ?
Swara : Shh…. Don’t cry ! You’re a good girl na !!

Swara asks the doctor about Sahir. Kristene was right. Swara handles all kids and asks them to play …… Swara goes in the room where Sahir was there ….

Swara : You know what ….. Tum pe kya beet rahi hain yeh Sirf Mujhe pata hain …. Even I suffer everyday thinking that I’ll die soon …. But you know what …At least you’re in sleeping mode ! I don’t even get peaceful sleep … I think you should enjoy your life when you’re all time sleeping !

Sanskaar arrives there in orphanage….He sees a small boy playing there …

Sanskaar : Hi ….What’s ur name !?
Boy : Rehan….and urs !?
Sanskaar : Do you where is Swara !?
Rehan : Swara di !? Ha !! She is inside in room ! She is speaking wid Sahir …
Sanskaar : Sahir !? ?
Rehan : Yes. But Sahir doesn’t speak …..
Sanskaar : Why !?
Rehan : Sunita Didi said that he is sleeping peacefully and we shall never wake him up….
Sanskaar : (thinks that Sahir died) Oh… I’ll meet your Swara di ….
Rehan : Ohk !!

Sanskaar comes in the room and sees Swara holding Sahir’s hand …

Swara : You know what ….. Yeh life na humare Bas ki baat nahi hain ! But you know what you should be really thankful that you got a long sleep !! I’ve a wish. ..to dream dreams !! Would you fulfil that wish !? Not me but at least you dream dreams ! And my wish would be fulfilled !! Well I’ll click a selfie in advance…Okay !!??

Swara takes her cellphone out and clicks selfie. She sees Sanskaar standing near the door and fuming. ( Sanskaar totally misunderstood Swara )

Swara : Meet you soon ha !!!

Sanskaar goes outside. Swara runs behind him …..

Swara : Sanskaar what happened !!?? Sanakii !??? Arey yaar bolo na !! You know what you’ve done great thing for me ! Thanks for coming here to give me back my diary … You really care for me ! And though you act rude but you’ve some soft corner in your heart for me !! I know….

Sanskaar stops ….

Sanskaar : Shut up!! I’ve no soft feelings for you !! What do you think …. You’ll ask everyone to fulfil your wishes and click your selfie !? You even made me fulfill your wish and now asking that Sahir !? Who’s dead !?
Swara : No Sanskaar ….
Sanskaar : You know what life is !? What death is !? No na !!?? ? You know what tum zindagi ka mazhak udda rahi ho !! Agar aisa karogi na toh maut tumpe hase gi !!
Swara : Nahi Sanskaar…. Maut toh Mujhpe pehle hi has rahi hain …. And you know what Zindagi ne pehle hi mera mazhak bana ke rakha hain !! These are my last wishes…I don’t know whether I would be alive to fulfil these wishes….so hope that others would do… And Sahir is not dead ! He is in coma ….. I just wanna enjoy my remaining life ….. Laugh and play till the end…..

Swara gets teary eyed but still keeps a smile. Sanskaar keeps looking at her like statue. Suddenly Swara starts feeling giddy…..

Sanskaar : Swara !? Swara !??

Swara collapses but Sanskaar catches her on time.

Precap – The truth is out…

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