Swasan – The Curse (Ek Paheli) – Chapter 10.


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The Curse.

Chapter 10.

Swara was shattered knowing that Sanskaar was the one who added poison to tikki ……

Swara : Well I still didn’t get your answer !! Are you ready to do my work !?
Sanskaar : you really feel I’ll agree !?
Rags : Swara let’s go !! There’s no point in talking wid this idiot !! Swara !!

Rags pulls Swara. Sanskaar turns starts moving. Swara stops and turns.

Swara : Aey Sanakii !!! Oye !!

Sanskaar stops and turns.

Swara : ek Joke sunega !? Ok bata hi deti hoon !!
Ek Moti Aurat Ne Doctor Se Puchha : ”Maine Suna Hai Khelne Se Motapa Kam Hota Hai, Par Mujhe Koi Fark Nahi Pada”
Doctor : ”Kaunsa Khel Kehelti Ho ?”
Moti Aurat : ”Chidya Udi, Maina Udi”

Swara laughs…. Even Rags keeps on looking at her cute and innocent baccha and smiles. Sanskaar smiles crookedly seeing her laugh. Swara quickly removes her Bunny (camera’s name).

Swara : Oye !! Smile !! ?

Swara clicks his pic. She shows him the picture.

Swara : achhi hain na !? Actually last time wala pic got vanished..!! ??? So I clicked new !! But I would keep this pic safe ha !! Ha !! One more thing !! You would definitely do my work !!!!! Dekhlo !! ?

Swara Winks and turns to leave. Rags turns and smiles evilly at Sanskaar. Sanskaar smiles back and leaves. Swara and Rags return at their hostel at evening 5.

Rags : I’ve a surprise for you bae !!
Swara : What !? ?

Rags hides something behind her and shows to Swara. It was Romeo and Juliet book !!

Swara : Romeo and Juliet !!!!! Thanks Rags !!

Swara jumps with excitement..

Rags : Baccha slow down !! Slow down !!
Swara : Yes Rags !!

Ragini drags her near balcony and makes her sit on swing and she herself sits on Apple chair.

Rags : let’s start the story…

Rags narrates her 2 chapters..

Rags : how we’re the two chapters !?
Swara : beyond imagination !!
Rags : now let me order some stuff and then we’ll watch a Amir Khan film , okay !?
Swara : so sweet of you Rags !! Love you loads !! My one wish is on process of completion and second will be fulfilled within some hours !!
Rags : I’ve called Sanji… She has a collection of Aamir movies !!
Swara : who is Sanji !?
Rags : she is my friend and daughter of the librarian mam…
Swara : oh !! So she helped you in getting the original book of Shakespeare !?
Rags : yeah ! We’re planning to fulfil your wishes one by one ! And tomorrow we’ll fulfil another wish….
Swara : Which !????
Rags : you’ll get it !! And yes tomorrow don’t attend Cooking class…..and instead go in library… Even Sanji is skipping her Bio lectures and she’ll narrate you remaining stories… Okay !?
Swara : Ohk Rags !! Love you !!
Rags : love you three !! ???

Then afterwards Sanji comes with Aamir movie cd…

Swara : hey Sanji !!

Swara hugs her.

Sanji : hi Swara ! How’s you !?
Swara : ill !! ?
Rags : Swara !??
Swara : oh sorry !! ?? I mean I’m fine !!
Sanji : And yes…If you want help ask me ! I’m always there to help you !!!
Swara : sure !!

They watch movie. Sanji and Rags sleep. Swara couldn’t sleep as she is insomnia patient ?…… Next day Swara wears some casual dress and , leaves wid Sanji as Rags had went out for some work. Swara reaches college. Swara sits on bench and strikes of the wish of watching movie from her diary…..

Swara calls Rags.

Swara : hey Rags come fast na !!
Rags : yeah on the way dear !!
Swara : ohk..you drive…bye !

Swara notices Sanskaar standing near his car. He was looking damn hot…. Some girls were watching him from top to bottom , which Swara hated…..

Swara : Aey Sanakii !! Here !! It’s me !! Clumsy !!

Swara keeps down the diary and runs to Sanskaar…..

Swara : Sunayi nahi deta !?

Sanskaar ignores…

Swara : Barfi !!? ?
Sanskaar : What’s your problem !?
Swara : said na !! I want your reply ! its the last day ha !!

Sanskaar pushes her away from his path rudely. Swara falls down on ground.

Swara : Haww ! How mean !! Ouch !!

Swara blows air on her wound. She finds someone extending hand. She smiles naughtily and looks above…..

Swara : I know it might be you !!
Sanskaar : Ab chal ooth ja !! Dimmag mat kha….Samjhi !?

Swara nods..

Swara : Ji shaab !! ?

Sanskaar pulls her up. Swara collides on him. He was so huge…… His muscles were clearly felt though he had jacket over it. He was so tall….so fair… Swara parted quickly… Sanskaar stares at her…. Swara notices Sanskaar staring her lovingly…..

Swara : oh hello Sanakii !! Mujhpe aakh mat dalo !!
Sanskaar : (husky voice) Kyun !?
Swara : (gulps) Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hain…..????

Sanskaar realises what he was doing and looks at other side in embarrassment..? Suddenly Swara feels some lil hands cuddling her from behind…

Kristene : Shona !!!!!

Swara could feel the cute voice of Kristene…… Swara shuts her eyes….. She could again feel some scenes…

Scene –

A girl was singing lullaby….. She had a small baby girl on her lap…

Sanskaar wides his eyes when he sees the present scene. Rags looks at Sanskaar wid horror. Rags signs Sanskaar to leave….. Sanskaar nods in no and looks back at Swara. Sanskaar signs something to Rags and Rags nods…. Sanskaar turns and moves away from Swara …… Swara opens her eyes and was amazed to see Sanskaar nowhere. She looks here and there to see Sanskaar. Sanskaar hides behind a tree and watches her…..

Swara : Kristene !? You here !?
Kristene : Ragu brought me here !!
Rags : it was your wish to spend a day wid Kristene……here’s your Kristene…. Enjoy !! ?
Swara : but how do you know who Kristene is…!?

Rags looks at Kristene wid horror. Swara looks at both…..

Kristene : leave it na !! Let’s go somewhere !! What say !?
Swara : let’s go to canteen first ! I wanna do pet pooja ? Rags come wid us !!
Rags : yeah !!

Three of them go in canteen to have their breakfast… Sanskaar comes out and notices a diary on the bench where Swara was sitting. He goes there and takes the diary.He opens it sees the cover page. He smiles. The cover page had some stickers of cute cartoons and Swara name was written in cute manner. He was about to turn page when he realises that he is forgetting something….. He closes the diary and keeps in his bag and enters the college….. Swara , Rags and Kristene and have their breakfast….. Suddenly their principal speaks on mike which was audible to everyone through speakers …..

Principal : all students of tulip group should assemble at ground till 12.

Rags : Shoot !!!!!!
Swara : What happened Rags !?
Rags : Swara , today we have to clean the college !! I’m tired yaar !!
Swara : And Kristene !?
Kristene : I’ll sit on bench and watch you !!
Swara : Cool…Let’s go then !

Swaragini and Kristene leave canteen. Kristene settles on bench and plays games on Swara’s phone. Swara stands in line. The teacher asks each student to clean certain parts of college. Swara was asked to clean the stairs. Swara agrees and starts cleaning the stairs….. All students of tulip group were cleaning the college… Swara gets tired and sits on the stairs. She sees here and there. All were bit tired. Rags was washing pillars….. Swara sees up. All the classroom were filled by students. Suddenly she notices Sanskaar sitting near window in one class. Swara smiles and waves her hand. Sanskaar ignores her.

Swara : Swara do work !! Don’t keep starring that Sanakii ! let him study ! And wash these stairs !!

Swara continues washing the stairs. Kristene gets up and goes near Swara and hides behind a pillar. Swara didn’t notice her. Kristene looks up and smiles evilly at Sanskaar. Sanskaar quickly turns to her and notices Kristene smiling evilly at him. Kristene signs him to come down. Sanskaar nods in no and fumes. Kristene pouts and signs that if he doesn’t come down then she’ll push the statue on Swara. Sanskaar looks in horror. Kristene waits for 1 minute but he doesn’t come. Kristene walks near the statue and pushes the statue. Swara hers some noise and looks above. She notices the statue about to fall on her. She stares with horror. The statue was all close when she suddenly gets dragged away ….. Swara feels some hands on her waist. She catches the jacket of the person tightly. Kristene smiles cutely and vanishes before Swara could notice her. Swara opens her eyes.

Swara : (in mind) you’re sinfully handsome…..? Why my heart beats fast when you’re near me and stare me…. I feel I know you since unknown period….I know you ! I do…We have some past connection…but what !? Who are you !?

Sanskaar makes her stand.

Swara : thanks…..
Sanskaar : you fine !?
Swara : yeah ! But wait….you were in class..N now here !?

Sanskaar ignores her question and was about to leavewhen she holds his hands and stops him.

Swara : wait…..You were on second floor 3 minutes ago….If we calculate a normal human needs at least 10 minutes to reach here….how did you come within 3 minutes !?
Sanskaar : the answer is beyond your imagination….so leave it !
Swara : ha leave it….its beyond my imagination ?? Did you think !?
Sanskaar : I won’t do your work …..I thought….
Swara : You’ll do !! I’ve a deal….
Sanskaar : Deal !? What deal !?
Swara : you need to do my work and I’ll get out of this college…

Sanskaar stares at her.

Swara : ( in mind ) I’ve hardly any days left to live …..
Sanskaar : What if you don’t go !?
Swara : I will ! Trust me yaar !! You have to do the task…And yes it’s very risky ha ! You should be mentally as well as physically ready !! Later don’t bash me ! I’m already warning you ..!!!! You’re perfect for this task … And don’t worry I’ll pay you !
Sanskaar : Chup ! How much u speak !!? Sachme tumhe bolne ki bimaari hain kya !?
Swara : Arey baba bola na…bimaari toh bahaut sari hain !! Uska kya bharta banau !? I’ve to go to library…I’ll return after an hour ….
Sanskaar : Come near my car then….
Swara : ohk !!

Swara goes in library. Rags drops Kristene at the orphanage. Sanji narrates her chapter 1 … Swara goes near Sanskaar’s car after an hour.

Swara : Let’s go !

Both sit in the car.

Sanskaar : Put seat belt ..
Swara : (speaks suddenly) No ! I mean tum hi batao wat will a person do following safety rules when he knows he is not gonna live long … !?
Sanskaar : What …..!?

Sanskaar stares at Swara. Swara realises what she said … She tries to ignore him. She raises the volume of the radio from 0 to 20 and looks at other side. Sanskaar thinks..

Sanskaar : Why does she says that bimaari toh bahaut sari hain ….!? And now said something weird …. She’s hiding something …. But what !? I need to know …. She won’t tell me … She might have written in her diary .. I need to check. .

Precap – Sanskaar completes Swara’s task and knows Swara’s truth …

So guys what do u want Sanskaar to do when he knows Swara’s secret !? Comment and like ! ! ?

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