Swara woke up and went to the washroom and got ready…….she came out wearing a yellow colour suit….mohit came there and hugged her
Swara: mohitt….what happened are you okay
Mohit: shona now you will also go leaving me alone….
Swara wiped the tears in his eyes
Swara: arreee you are crying for such a small thing…….haan
Mohit: shona its not a small thing…..you will leave us and live in other house forever
Swara: and that house is not so far….and even I am allowed to come here whenever I want to
Mohit: but I will miss you a lot
Swara: even I will miss you
Mohit: don’t go na
Swara: mohitttt…..bacha its necessary for every girl to go after her marriage….haina..
Mohit: if you will go then with whom I will share all my secrets…..with whom I will do gosspis…..who will make me eat such a delicious food
Swara: mohit…..listen to me carefully…..we are growing up and with things growing up habbits should also grow up……and till when you will be dependent on me…..you are of age that now you have to find a dil for this house….she will handle you na
Mohit: diiiii you are not even 1% sad of leaving me
He said disappointedly and left from there

As soon as he went swara started crying badly……she was crying continuously when she felt a hand on her shoulder…she turned and saw sanskar standing there in a yellow kurta pyjama
She hugged him and cried her heart out
Sanskar: shhhhh…..nahiiii mera bachha…..shhhh
Swara [crying]: s a ns kar…..h..o..ww…will I console him on marriage day
Sanskar made her sit and gave her a glass of water
Sanskar: swara see if you want you can take some ime we can marry later and if you want mohit can come with us until he feels good
Swara [wiping her tears]: no sanskar….as I said to mohit….with things growing habbits shud also grow….we will marry as decided and no need of mohit to come with us
Sanskar: are you sure
Swara: hmm
Sanskar: swara whatever is your decision I am with you….forever
Swara smiled….sanskar kissed her forehead

He took her hands in his palms and caressed them
Sanskar: today is our haldi and sangeet and tomorrow you will be swara sanskar maheshwari….tomorrow I will make you mine swara
Swara blushed
Sanskar: if you blush so much then I am sure I will lose my control and do it now itself
Swara hitted him playfully
Swara: achha now go….everyone might be waiting for you
Sanskar: swara I cant apply haldi also to you…..
Swara: hahah mr. maheshwari I know you cant…
Sanskar: but I will
Swara: how
Sanskar: just wait and watch my princess
Sanskar continued: achha now meet you outside bye
Haldi ceremony started and sanskar was full of haldi…..he made faces by seeing that everyone including swara laughed
Now it was time to apply haldi to swara….swara’s friends applied haldi to her and started dancing they took everyone with them for dance only some ladies were applying haldi to swara and sanskar was busy staring swara….
Many ladies were applying haldi to swara when they finished all were induldged in dancing….
Only swasan were sitting….sanskar silently went from his place to swara’s place and she was so lost in seeing the dance that she didn’t even got to know he is here….he smiled naughtily and put his hands in the bowl of haldi and filled her face with haldi
Sanskar [whispered]: swara……see I completed my dare
Swara was shocked to see him applying haldi…….her mouth made a big O
Sanskar: clouse your mouth princess
Swara shut her mouth immediately and sanskar pecked her forehead and went back to his place while swara smiled seeing him

Sangeet was held at mm mansion and sanskar was getting ready in his room
He was setting his sherwani…..when swara entered his room….he turned and saw her
He was mesmerised to see her he was lost in her…….she was wearing a pink and golden lehenga
Swara blushed and sanskar started coming close to her and held her by her bare waist
Sanskar: you are looking gorgeous today
Swara blushed…..sanskar pecked her eyes
Swara: sanskar…..please go out from the room I have to get ready
Sanskar: you can get ready here even if I am present I don’t have any problem
Swara hit him playfully
Sanskar smiled and went
Sanskar [while going]: I wont leave you tomorrow
Swara blushed hard and went to get ready

The sangeet had started and swara and sanskar were made to sit
Both were enjoying seeing everyone’s dance…..suddenly swara felt a bit thirsty and was looking for water….she said sanskar that she is going to bring water and went and didn’t come for long….sanskar got worried and went to search her when he saw her in the kitchen…..he went and back hugged her……….
Sanskar: why you are taking so much time
Swara: sanskar go from here someone might see us
Sanskar: nooo…..i wont leave my princess
Swara: sanskar please na goooo
Sanskar: swara let everyone enjoy the sangeet we will go to my room and enjoy
Swara: sanskar don’t become so selfish and go
Sanskar: jaan please na
Swara: sanskar achha come with me
Swara took sanskar took his room,, throwed him on bed and came out of the room and bolted the door
Sanskar: swara swara what is this yaar
Swara: you wanted to bein the room na be there
She said and went down and sanskar stood there only in the room
Sangeet got over and everyone was searching for sanskar
Swara: laksh go and check once in his room
Laksh went and came back with sanskar
Shekhar: sanskar why were you in your room instead of being her
Sanskar: papa don’t know which wild witch had locked my room’s door
Ap: leave all that…..tommorrow is wedding so we were thinking that it will be good if swara stays here and ragini also to help her
Sanskar: yeah mom that’s a very good idea
Everyone laughed and swara blushed

Shekhar: ok ap ji we don’t have any problem
Mohit and shekhar went back and swaragini stayed there.
Ap: swara ragini you both sleep in sanskar’s room
Sanskar: mom then where will I go
Ap: you can sleep in guest room sanskar
Sanskar: what
Ap: yess
Sanskar: mom I was saying that me and swara can sleep together in my room and you can make ragini sleep In guest room
Everyone laughed on his statement and ap twisted his ears
Sanskar ahhh mmommm
Ap: sanskar at least have some shame and yes without any arguments go to guest room
At last sanskar had to go to the guest room while swaragini went to is room

Swaragini entered the room and ragini was shocked to see the room filled with swasan’s pictures
Ragini: dii jiju loves you so much see now only he decorated the room for you
Swara: yes ragini I am so lucky to have him….achha now I will go and change and then you go and take a shower and then we will sleep
Swara went and came after taking a shower and sat on the bed and ragini went….when ragini went sanskar came inside the room and swara was shocked seeing him there
Swara: sanskar what are you doing here
Sanskar ignored her words and went to her and hugged her…..but she pushed him
Sanskar: jaan
Swara: what jaan haan….i am not jaan I am a wild witch
Sanskar: jaan I didn’t say intentionally
Swara: stop your drama…..i know why you said that
Sanskar came forward and looked at her mehendi
He touched her hands
Sanskar: hmm see your mehendi is so dark your husband loves you so much
Swara: nooo my husband thinks I am a wild witch
Sanskar: jaan sorry na
Sanskar started moving forward and swara started moving backward and at one point both fell on bed with sanskar on top of swara
They both had a cute eye lock
Just then ragini came out of washroom
Ragini: jijuuuu
Sanskar got up with a jerk and even swara got up
Ragini: jiju what are you doing here
Sanskar: nothing wo wo I came here to take my pillow yes pillow
Ragini: pillow or swara di……and pillows are there also in the guest room I guess…..
Sanskar: sorry meri maa……galti hogyi
He said and went out and ragini laughed out
Swara: oh god ragini why you teased him so much
Raginii: hahahahaahhahahhaaah diiiiii just wait for tomorrow and see how much I tease him
Swara: shut up and go to sleep
Both slept

It was the most beautiful day of swara’s life……she was getting married today….she was in her room getting ready and ragini was helping her
Swara: ragini are you sure I am looking good
Ragini: di you just wait a min and you will get to know how you are looking
Ragini said and went out of the room
Swara: arre why she went out
As soon as she went sanskar came in……
Sanskar: swara
Swara turned and saw him
He was looking very handsome in cream coloured sherwani
Both had a cute eye lock
Sanskar moved towards her and said: you are looking very beautiful
Swara blushed
Sanskar: swara are you sure you will marry me now
Swara: yes sanskar why are you asking this
Sanskar: because mohit is crying a lot
Swara: what…..
Sanskar: yes swara
Swara: sanskar I am not allowed to come out of this room until the marriage starts
Sanskar: I know that’s why I came here
Swara: sanskar don’t worry about him…..tomorrow or today one day he has to be away from me
Sanskar pecked her forehead and said: I am with you in every decision of yours
Swara smiled and hugged him
They both were hugging for more than 5 minutes

Sanskar broke the hug and saw tears in swara’s eyes
Sanskar: swara why are you crying
Swara: sanskar…..you know I always dreamt that in my marriage everybody enjoys a lot specially maa but now toh god has taken away my mom only from me
Sanskar also got teary and hugged her
Sanskar: swara she is with you always
Swara nodded and broke he hug
Swara: chalo….now you go its time……
Sanskar: swara after 2 hours we both will be married
Sanskar pecked her forehead and left
Soon the marriage started…..swara was sobbing a bit….sanskar saw this and held her hands and assured her from his eyes
Marriage got over….it was time for bidaai
And swara was crying hard hugging shekhar but more than her mohit was crying as if he is going not swara
When they reached out of mansion swara hugged mohit and started crying both were crying hard….mohit pecked her forehead
Mohit: take care of yourself…and miss me [to sanskar] jiju take care of my shona
Sanskar: don’t worry she is my responsibility now
Sanskar took a crying swara with him

Swara was crying hard not able to stop……sanskar hugged her
Sanskar: swara shhh…..its ok……now stop crying….you can go to meet him whenever you want nobody’s gonna stop you….
Soon both reached home….swara’s face was having tears…..sanskar had held her hand tightly….ap did her grahpravesh and welcomed her
Parineeta and uttara took her to sanskar’s room and made her sit on the bed
Sanskar came in and both went out…..sanskar sat beside swara and cupped her face
Sanskar: swara I know how you are feeling….you want to cry na….cry as much you want I can understand your feelings….take out all your sadness and cry your heart out….no one will stop you today
Swara: I need a shoulder for crying
Sanskar: I am always here for you
She hugged him and cried her heart out….his sherwani was wet by now
After some time she calmed down and he cupped her face
Sanskar: go and change your dress you might be tired
Swara nodded and went for changing and here sanskar also changed and lye down on bed
Swara came out and saw him and was shocked to see him lying on bed as she expected him to take their marriage to next level…..but she didn’t say anything and went and lye down on bed keeping her head on sanskar’s shoulders
Sanskar caressed her hair and said: swara you might be thinking why I am not taking our marriage to next level as I promised you
Swara: yes sanskar
Sanskar: princess you are not well and I don’t want us to consummate without your happiness….you need some time to settle so till then even I wont touch you
Swara: thanks for understanding me so well sanskar
Sanskar smiled and pecked her forehead and both slept in each other’s arms



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