HI GUYS ……..MISSING THIS FF?? SO HERE I AM WITH ANOTHER PART…..AND AS I PROMISED I WILL COME TO TU ONCE IN A WEEK SO HERE I AM……….BUT ITS SHORT ONE…….and guys here I am not including that cliff track a first will be swasan marriage

Swasan were on their way to the venue of the farewell party……swara was wearing a black one piece and sanskar was wearing a black suit with white shirt and a bow
Sanskar stopped the car when they reached….swara was about to get out of the car when sanskar pushed her and she landed on his chest…….
Sanskar: sorry na shona……I was joking

Swara was getting ready in her room while sanskar was waiting outside
Sanskar [in mind]: oh god this girl is taking so much time
Sanskar: swara……..swara how much time jaan
Swara [from inside]: just two minutes baby
Sanskar: ok be fast
Swara came out of the room after 2 minutes
Sanskar was stunned to see her
Sanskar [teasingly]: jaan you took so much time just for this ugly get up
Swara got angry and since then she isn’t talking to him

Swara didn’t reply him…….sanskar sighed and kissed her eyes…….
Sanskar: plsss
Swara moved away
Swara: I think we are getting late……….
Sanskar: no I wont go until you forgive me
Swara: ya ya why will you go with an ugly girl……..
Sanskar: jaan I was joking………you are looking so beautiful
Swara: u r just praising me for the name sake….truth is that you don’t love [she was cut by sanskar…..he kissed her lips…..so tightly showing his aggression for saying that he doesnt loves her] Sanskar broke the kiss while swara was shocked
Sanskar: never say anything to my love……..
He said and got out of the car
Swara looked on to him and saw water in his eyes
Swara: I have hurt him…..he was just oking but I made th environment serious…..i need to ask forgiveness from him
Swara came out of the car and held sanskar’s hands……..and started walking with him
Sanskar didn’t pay any heed to her and kept on walking……..they reached the venue……swara got busy with her friends and sanskar with his…..now it was dance time……
Host: so now its time for dance but now I want to make an announcement……today we wont have any dj unless and until our heavenly couple swasan dances with each other and all the other couples also

Everyone clapped and started shouting SWASAN SWASAN
Sanskar’s friends took sanskar while swara’s came to them with swara…….mohit joined swara and sanskar’s hands and pushed them to the dance floor
With no option they both started dancing
Sanskar was dancing without looking at her which hurt swara a lott
Tears started coming from her eyes…..sanskar looked at her and saw her crying silently…..he got hurt and kissed her eyes without anyone’s notice…..he kissed her tears……she looked at him and he nodded a no asking her not to cry
Swara: so you for gave me
Sanskar: I was never angry with you…….in fact you were
Swara: sorry
Sanskar: shhhh…..no sorry no thank you….now let me enjoy dancing with my jaan…….
Swara smiled and they both started dancing together…….


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  1. Shrinjal

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    Btw di I sent u a msg.,.

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      Luv u?

      1. Shrinjal

        You’re not well and hospitalized right??? Huh!! Who told u to upload the episode??? It’ll affect ur health naa…. Katti!!
        Btw isha nd disha di didn’t commemt in TH….

    2. Hemanshi

      Yaa ishaa is also a bit busy as she has the whole load of Me N her…..and Diya toh….she has hangover of her bday???

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      3. Hemanshi

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        It’s 19 December
        Hahaha too early
        She is eating my brain from last two months

        Such a crazy girl she is !!!!! ??

    1. Hemanshi

      Thanks dear?

    1. Hemanshi

      Thanks dear…..I read ur ff love life swaragini ki and it’s amazing?

      1. Dharani

        thank u Hemanshi

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  3. Himmi hats off to you….you are hospitalised still posting it….wow…..what a doctor you are not even cared for your health……my Bae please don’t do anything and if you do then don’t worry because main bhi doctor hu??

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    Filhaal krle enjoy jiju keep saath

    1. Hemanshi

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    Aap hospitalised ho plz take care dont stress yourself

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