Swasan my crazy girl


The story start with a not so big but medium sized flat is shown as we move in to a room a guy is standing near window helping a girl to come inside the room the face of guy reveled he is shekar
shekar: sona fast if your mom come we will dead
a sweet voice come from girl side
girl: i know dad you pull me up
and face of girl shown she is none other than our bubbly swara
as swara was about to enter the room and a lady open the room gate and shekar and swara see her and get shocked
lady: today also sonu and shekar you also
shekar and swara see each other and swara come in room and both bend their heads and hold ears and start situps
lady: stop it now what are you doing
swara: mom soory
yeah she is sumi
sumi: you always do this sona and shekar u always support her
shekar: my love this is her age to enjoy and i belive my daughter
sumi: but shekar think about her safety what if anything happen then
shekar: u forget my sona is black belt
swara: i mom will i show u and do some actions
swara: hows that
shekar; awesome sona
sumi: this is not a joke u both
and sit angrilly on bed
shekar and swara come and sit on knees near her
swara: okay mom from today we will do what u say ok
shekar: yeah but dont become angry like this
sumi smiles
sumi: pakka so today first we go to mandir and tonight my frnd has a party we have to go their
and goes from their

shekar and swara see each other
swara: oh no dad we have to go in that borning party
shekar: yeah your mom become smart leaving with us
swara: yeah dad and our bad luck today
and both sadly see each other
somi call them
somi: come fast you both
and they both get up and get ready and shekar and sumi goes in taxi and swara on scooty

recap: swara see sanskar and love at first sight


Credit to: Queen

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  1. Awesome yaar…

  2. I hv once read an os my crazy girl is it based on that ??

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