Swasan – Confused feelings (Chapter 1)

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Inspired by the awesome writers of TU, I thought of exploring the amazing world of writing myself too and by God’s grace, an idea struck my idiotic brain and now I am here to share the story with you all…

Hope to enthrall the readers in the best possible way and if the story is not upto your expectations, then do let me know as it’s my 1st ever attempt of sharing stories on any public platform, hence I’m unknown to certain facts like your preferences…But do hope to learn soon:)

Okay that’s all…Now here’s the Chapter 1!!!

Disclaimer: All the characters names are similar to the show but I am trying to show them in a different light. Also the names of most of the places I mention is completely imaginary. Some new characters might be included but I ll be informing about it to the readers…


Swara’s POV:

I was literally pissed off now! Like what did I do to deserve such a punishment!? And not to forget it was my BFF who was torturing me since the last 2 hours…If looks could kill, she would have been six feet under by now from my vicious glare!!! But I knew it was pointless to argue with the best lawyer in the city…Before even I could open my mouth, she would have even rested the case in her favour by giving all the evidences against me. To top it all, she always fights for the Right (Oh! Don’t get me started on what a feisty personality she is!!!)…but today she was soooo supporting the wrong side!!!

Unable to control my irritated feelings anymore, without acknowledging our surroundings, I yelled at her “Stop it now! Let’s head back home…I’m just too tired now and seriously why on earth are you doing this to me?” and nudged her arm.

She turned towards me with her most icy expression and ever-so-cold eyes. She looked at me for a minute and replied in her cool-as-cucumber style “Cut your crap melodrama right away! It is your fault only that now you are stuck in this situation. So don’t play your blame game with me and co-operate now.” And went back to scrutinizing the blingy stuff that she held in her hand.

And that’s it…I was dead silent now…Arrrggghhh!!! Didn’t I tell you that she was too good…no no the best in zipping up someone’s mouth. And how can I, a mere mortal, stand against her prowess. Well what she said was definitely true…It certainly was my fault…And God only knows how am I gonna come out of this mess.

Wait! Wait! Before you get any wrong ideas, let me clarify. We are currently in a store in one of the biggest shopping complexes in the city…and not in any stupid store –A store belonging to the one and only Karan Bhardwaj…A huge name in the world of Fashion and his designs are out of the world ranging from wedding couture to the lavish ball gowns…Ok I should stop right now as this is where it ends – my limited fashion knowledge. But my BFF, oops THE GREAT RAGINI ROY, is no stranger to this fashion world…She knows A to Z about the latest trends thanks to the dozens of fashion magazines she had collected over the years…Strange, isn’t it? I was also confused, like she is a lawyer, her father works as a scientist in one of the national laboratories and her mother a sweet homemaker…now how the hell did she had such an inclination towards fashion??? When I popped the question, she brushed it off saying that though her first love will always be LAW, but during leisure hours she just indulged herself in those magazines for fun, but later it turned out to become a hobby…But on a serious note if it hadn’t been for her then I would be damned today!!!

My chain of thoughts were broken when Ragini asked the salesgirl, who was showing us dresses, “Do you happen to have the new gown by Palash…to be precise Code no-1800196 shade-Baby Pink?”
The lady nodded in affirmation and went towards one counter to fetch the said dress…while I was staring at Ragini with a blank expression. Like how in the world did she remember the codes…come again what was it? Code no-1819 or 18006??? Offo! Forget it I’m no good.

She looked at me with an amused face “Yes forget it. You are seriously no good in remembering numbers, my dear maths wizard” and chuckled.
I looked at her with my fake angry pout face. Did I say my thoughts aloud???
Already was I suffering less in this idiotic shopping spree, that now she was taunting me on my mathematics ability…Ok! Ok! I know I hardly used to pass in that nonsense subject but this is not right…I literally hate two things in the world to my heart’s core – Shopping and Mathematics. But look at my fate, I’m bearing them both…Thanks to my awesome BFF.

While I was shooting daggers at Ragini, the sales woman now marched towards us with a beautiful gown. Just by looking at it one can easily say what a soft and rich fabric it was…even a fashion dumbo like me.

Ragini’s gleamed with excitement as she muttered “Beautiful” under her breath.
The lady handed her the dress and Ragini turning towards me put it over me to have a peek-a-boo while I stared at her confused. She smiled and said “Perfect! And now go and try it.”

I tried my best to plead her with my irresistible puppy eyes but all in vain. Within a fraction of a second, she had shoved me into the trial room.

I sighed “Fine. Let’s see how you look on me.” And I began to embark on the journey of trying out the 20th dress of the day. Maybe this might turn out to be the lucky one…

PRECAP: Karan Bhardwaj???


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