swasan – A complicated love story (62)


Swara got discharged from hospital but she is still weak..
Everyone was taking care of her especially sanskar…
Ofcourse he can’t afford any pain of hers…
Swara is also obedient .. Take care of herself seeing her family’s love and care towards her spcially sanskar’s care she can’t ignore..
She stared realising her feeling for sanskar but has not accepted yet because she think that she is married and have no rights to love another person…
But she is admant not to forgive her husband.. N she decided to confront her husband n ask him about her mistake that he gave her such punishment once he come in front of her..

Like this one month passed ..
Swara has recovered well due to everyone’s love n care especially with childern’s love..
She have great bonding with aadit n piya..
Today her last reports are going to come n both swasan were leaving for hospital for her last checkup..
Everybody blesses them n they left for hospital…


Sanky- doc.. See the reports and tell about her health..??
(Tensed while handing over the reports to doc which he recently collected from lab)..

Swara placed her hands on his assuring him that she is all fine and reports will be fine too..

Sanskar feels somewhat relaxed n passed a sweet smile to her she too smiled back..

Doc saw there bonding n slightly smiled unnoticed by swasan as they both were lost in their own world..

Doc- see mr sana.. Acc to reports everythng is fine.. Even I will remover her bandage too today.. No need to worry at all.. But sometimes she may feel slight pain in her head.. But its normal after surgery no need to get tensed.. I will prescribe u some medicines.. Give her only when her headache will be uncontrollable n yes vitamibs for her weakness..
And all the previous medicines need not take any more..

Sanskar nooded..

Swara became happy listening doctor that she need not take that yukk medicines now..

Swara- (excited) seriously doc I ned not take that yukk medicines now..
Yipee see sanky.. What doc said ..
Now u can’t force me for those medicibes..
(Grabbed his hands) come on sanky.. Now we will go home.. This hospital I dont like it..

I cnat tolerate the smell of these medicines anymore.. chii..(twisting her nose)
Come on now get up fast.. n yes.. from today i will not drink that yukk soup.. yippeee ( she wa literally jumping like kid)..

Doc interrupted her excitment..

Doc- ms swara I can understand ur feelings.. But dont u wanna get rid of ur stiches..?? (Pointing towards her bandaid)..

Swara- what??(shocked) Nooo.. It will pain… I m happy with this only.. I will not let u cut the stiches.. I know it pains a lot..

Doc- not much ms taneja.. It will not pain much.. Just a little bit..

swara- no doc .. I said na.. I will not.. I know it pains.. I studied .. Even I practiced too.. I m also a medical intern.. No I will not.. No.(to sanskar) Chalo sanky.. We will not stay here..
Come on na… get up fast… we need to leave from here.. ( panicked)

Sanky- ( held her by shoulders) see swara.. I m with u na.. It will not pain..
See if u will not remove this then it will cause infection na..
Comeon… let doc removethis bandage then we will leave fro here.. ok

She nooded agaist her will only for her sanky…

Sanskar became happy n signed doc to proceed..

Swara was taken to a room n doc started removibg her bandages..

swara held sanskar’s hands tightly closing her eyes..

It was paining swara but she was not ready to leave his hands..
Tears started flowing from her closed eyes..
sanskar felt bad n his eyes became moist but he was standing strong for swara assuring her that everything is fine..

In no time her stiches were removed n doc applied some medicines on her wound.. N places a small doc tape there..

Sanksra ased her to open her eyes as everything is done now..

sanky- swara see.. Its done.. Open ur eyes..

Swara slowly opened her eyes which were filled with water n she was staring her sanky with love thinking in any situation he never leave her hand..
Seeing her hands which is holding him in a tight grip.. Sanskar assued her through eyes that everything is fine..
She smiled in her tears.. N went to doc cabin..

sanky- thank u so much doc.. Now we should take a leave..

Doc- its my duty.. ( to swara) n yes ms swara.. Are u happy now that u need not take medicines..??

Swara nooded childishly..

Doc smiled at her childish behaviour and sanskar was admiring his lady love

Doc- this is fine but ms swara u can’t skip ur soup n healthy food..
For two more months u need to be careful about ur health..
Now u can’t afford to have bad health.. I hope u r undsrstanding..

swara’s face fell down listening to doc n she was making horrible faces..

sanskar giggled at her expressions and assured doc that he n whole family will take care of her meals..

Both left the cabin …
N reached home..


All were waiting in hall for swara’s reports ..

As soon as they entered everybody shoot them with the questions about her health..

swara giggled n told them..

swara- u know m.. Now I need not take any medicines except vitamins .. I m free bird now.. Yippee..
She ran in whole house and started playing with aadit n priya n telling them both that now she dont need medicines n she will not be having any restrictions..

sanskar interrupted in b/w her talks n told the family about her meals..
swara became angry n left to her room mummering something..
Whole family laughed at her antics..

Screen freeses on her happy family…
Precap- planning to tell swara about all truth about her marriage n sanskar.. But dont know.. My shatir dinag u know….?

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