swasan – A complicated love story (61)


“Sansar just be calm , everything will be fine” said lucky patting his shoulders.

Sanskar turned n hugged lucky n sobbed silently waiting outside OT..
(Guess who is inside OT, he he I know u would have already guessed)

ragini- are sanskar.. U need to be strong.. U only gave her strength na for this surgery n now u r only breaking.. U need to be strong..

Sanky- ragini.. I can’t see swara in pain.. (Still sobbing)..

Little aadit trying to jump out of ragini’s hands n showed his both hands towards sanskar as if asking him to take him in his arms..

Sanskar understood his gestures n took him in his embrace n hugged the little baby..
He started making sounds..

Other side sujata was crying n rp was consoling her.
(After all she is maa n she has the right to get tensed for her childern)

Adi n pari with their daughter were sitting on the chairs outside OT quite tensed..
Little piya was asleep in pari’s lap..
And uttra was watching everyone not knowing whom to console..

Sanskar was feeling somewhat relaxed with aadit as he was distracting him from thinking something negative due to his cute antics..
Sometimes he start playing..
Sometimes crying n sometimes started pulling his hairs..
Raglak are hell tired from his naughtiness..
N then sanskar took his responsibility n he was taking care of him..

After 3 hours or so doctor came out of OT..

Aadit was asleep that time n he was in lucky’s lap..
Sanskar rushed to doc..

Sanky- doc.. How is she?? Is the operation successful..? She is alright na. ?? When can we take her home..

Seeing doc out from OT everyone rushed to him..

Doc- (patting sanskar shoulders) relax mr sarna relax.. Take a breath.. N yeah.. Patient’s operation is successful…
We have successfully removed clot from her brain.. She will gain consciousness tomorrow due to the effects of medicines…
He started to go but suddenly again came back n told them ..

Doc- n yes.. One more thing.. Dont let her speak more.. She has undergone a major brain surgery n she may find difficulty in speaking for 2-3 days.. After that it will becone normal..

K- (shaking hands with him) thank u soo much doc.. thank you..

Sanskar n everybody feel relaxed listening this news n rp patted his shoulders..
He saw towatds him n hugged him…

After sometime.. Nurse arrives..

Nurse- execus me.. U all are patient’s family..

Sanskar nooded

N- see .. I was told to inform that at night only two people can stay in hospital.. Others plz leave as it can be disturbance for other patients..

Sanskar denied to leave and said everybody to leave..

Sanky- You all plz go home.. I m here tonight with twinkle
Nobody said anything to him as every one knows his tension..

Its finally decided that adi n sanky will stay at Night in hospital n others will leave..

After sometime everybody left n sujata send dinner fir both adi n sanky…

sanskar refused to eat but adi forcefully made him eat..
Both shared brothers bond after a long time..


Swara was awake n everybody was in her room asking her health n she was just nodding as she was not able to speak much n because if weakness also..

Sujata feed her soup n she had her soup by making funny faces..

Everybody was adoring her cute antics..
Aadit n piya both were playing together sitting in couch..

After sonetime when they sensed everybody giggling they saw towards elders who were giggling seeing swara antics..

They both started crying at the same time as nobody was noticing them n were just adoring their chachi.. (Shaitaan bacche.. But soo cute)

Listenibg their crying sound both mothers went towards them n took their respective child in their lap n moved towards everybody..

Seeing his swara massi..
Aadit started jumping in his mothers lap wanting to go to his massi..
He is so naughty that he was not being controlled by anybody..

Swara spread her arms inviting him to her lap n he happily went to her n started making cute noises together..

On the other side piya was such a sweet n innocent kid that she was just watching them keenly but her patience broke when her chachi was giving all her love to aadit only n she started crying in her mothers lap..

Piya- ch..chachi.. Only love aadit.. No mee (crying making faces…. She is 2 years old so she can speak few things)

Listeing this swara made aww face n took her also in her lap n tro started playing…
Everybody was adoring these three kids…

Sanskar was just eying her lady love adoring her childish talks with kids..

Screen freeses on their happy n smiling faces.
………,… . …………………………………. … …….
I hope u liked today’s episode…
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