swasan – A complicated love story (58)


@ Raglak mention—

Whole famiy reached home.. n all were silent..
Aadit was sleeping in ragini’s embrace..

She took him to their room n made him sleep properly in bed.. put pillows on both his sides..

Everyone was going in their rooms ..

Swara was not feeling well.. her head was paining .. but she is controlling not to show anybody..
She was climbing stairs.. her vision blurred.. she managed somehow..

But after one or two steps.. she lost her consciousness.. n was clutching her head tightly due to so much pain..

Sanskar was behind her only.. He saw her loosing her consciousness.. n hold her on time…

Sanskar- swara..(patting her ceeks) swara.. what happened?? open ur eyes..

But she was in sub conscious.. n was clucthing her hairs tightly..

Swara- ahh! my head.. is.. is.. p. pai.. paining.. ahhhh..!!

Sanskar panicked n bought her to her room n called everybody…

Everyone came to her room n saw her in pain…

Lucky called the doctor immediately..

Swara is now fully unconscious..

After sometime.. doc came… n checked her n asked everybody to go outside..

He came outside n sanskar bombarded him with his questions..

Sanky- what happened doc?? suddenly.. she was alright in evening .. then what happened suddenly?? she is alright na?/ she was in so much pain.. (he was on the verge of crying)

Doc- that’s what i should ask from u??

She was recovering well.. but what happened to her suddenly..

I have taken her blood samples.. tomorrow reports will come n i will tell u about her sudden pain.. but till then take proper care of her.. she is too weak.. n yeh plz dont stress her..

Sanskar- yeh doc.. sure..

Saying this sanskar went in swara’s room n sat beside her hlding her hand..

Outside lucky dropped doc home as it was night..

Everybody was hell tensed n sitting in hall silently..

Ragini – dont know what’s happening in our house these days..??

Sujata- dont worry puttar.. everything will be fine soon..

Ragini nooded…

After some moments of silence..

Ragini- (to manoher) papa ji.. now to u dont have any complaint with laksh na..??
You will talk to him na.. now to u know about his innocence..

Rp- (teary eyes) i m soo sorry beta.. i m very guilty that i didnt believe my own child.. n believed that cheap girl..
How will i face my son?? now after all this.. i m very guilty..

Lucky came back after dropping doc n listened to his dad’s guilt.. n rushed to him n sat in his feets..

Lucky- no dad.. plz dont be guilty..
If somebody else would be in ur place, then he would have done the same.. its not ur fault dada.. plz dont be guilty..

Rp- how can u say that beta?? i m ur culprit.. without your any mistake.. i gave u such punishment.. i separated u from ur family..
I saw ur maa crying daily but no.. i didnt do anything.. atleast i should have given u a chance to proove urself.. but no..
Sanskar have always asked me but i never listened to him..
I m sorry beta..(crying..) i m really very sorry..

LAksh- (crying too) plz dad dont say sorry.. n i know my dad is so strong..
I cant see my dad crying for any reason.. (wiped his tears n put his head in his lap in sitting position only..)

Rp patted his head n again apologised for his mistake..

Now lucky got up from his lap n signalled him not to say sorry again.. n kissed his hands.. (teary eyes)

lucky- (innocently) now u will not keep me away from u na..??

Rp nooded teary eyes..

Their talks were interrupted by Sanskar who was on the stairs..

Sanskar- But bhai i didnt get .. how did u got that clipings??

Laksh- This morning when i left from ur cabin.. then i was asked to see some problems in security issues..
When i went there to check the problem.. Several camera recordings were playing for different places of office n my eyes caught the recording of conference room..

From there only i got this.. And thought to expose her at the right time n see today only i got the chance …

(Looking towards ragini) Thats why when i saw her in party i left to get this cd only n to make some arrangements..
And rest u all know.. (shrugged his shoulders)


Swara is still sleeping n sanskar is sleeping on the stool beside her holding her hands.

ragini came in room and saw his care towards swara and prayed to god to keep them together always..

She slowly came to them n caressed his hairs.. Due to which his sleep broke and he looked towards ragini..

ragini gestured him to go n fresh n up. N she will take care of swara.

sanskar left from there..

Swara also got up after sometime holding her head as her head is aching..

ragini gave her water to drink.. N asked her to fresh up.. She will bring her breakfast and medicines..

Reports came n lucky called doctor to check the reports..

ragini was in room with swara as she was weak and others were in hall listening to doctor..

Doc- Acc to the reports.. I can easily say that her condition is not good..
She has taken pain killer in last two days and she skipped her medicine..
The painkiller caused allergy to her thats why she fainted n her immune system is also weak..
I would suggest u all to take care of her otherwise it would be difficult to save her…
Just a little more carelessness will be harmful..
I m giving u the prescription… Change her medicibes and take proper care of her..

N yes mr sarna( to sanskar).. We need to operate her as soon as possible..

Sanskar- but doc u said that its risky.. I mean..

Doc- yes mr sarna.. It is risky but if we wont operate.. Then it would be more risky..
I will advice u to contact mr mehra asap for her surgery.. Her clot need to be removed soon..

Sanskar nooded n doc left..

Everybody was sad in family..

One problem solves and the other arise..

Sanskar went to swara’s room..

She was sitting on bed n playing games on phone as she is not allowed to leave the room..

Sanskar went towards her.. Checked her fever indirectly asked her about her health from ragini but didnt talk to her..

Swara was sad thinking sanky is not talking to her..

Swara- sanky !! what happened?? Why are u not talking with me..??

Sanskr- ragini ask her to keep quite and rest as I dont wanna talk with her..

Swara -(sad) but what happened sanky?? What did I do??

Sanky- (angrily) what did u do?? Haa.. (angrily) Should I tell u what u did??

Swara-( fumbling seeing his anger) haa.. If u won’t tell how would I come to know ??

Sanky-(angry) han.. Now I should tell her that madam has skipped her medicines yesterday and instead of her prescribed medicines she has taken painkilller to reduce her pain..
Swara – wo.. Vo m .. M .. I .. Mean.. M..
Yesterday.. I fo . forgot.. To take med.. Medicine n head was pain.. Paining.. N I didnt had meds in my bag also.. So..so to reduce pain.. I took paikiller…

Sanky- atleast u could have told any of us if u were in pain but no.. Madam needs to do whatever comes in her naughty brain…
(Left the room in anger)

Swara started sobbing n ragini was trying to console her..

Swara- ragini I didnt wanna trouble anyone.. Everyone was so happy.. I didnt wanna off their mood..
I didnt know that it will cause this much problem. (Sobbing)

RAgini- but swara.. His anger is also right at his place.. U are more important for us than anyother happiness.. But u behaived so carelessly..

Swara- I m sorry ragini.. I I promise..( pinching her throught..) I won’t do this again .. Pakka.. (Sobbing) but.. Pl.. Plz ask him to talk to me na..

(ragini found it as correct opportunity to learn about her feelings for sanskar..
She knew that sanskar loved her but she needs to confirm about swara’s feelings also)..


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