swasan – A complicated love story (57)


The episode starts with shocked face of ragini staring that girl..

Rag- (to sanskar) She is that cheap girl (angrily) who is the reason of my lucky’s sadness..

sanskar- haa ragini.. she is the only one..(angry) i will go n see bhai..

rag- even i will also come..

sanky- no .. ragini.. plz u be here..

rag- hmm..ok

(swara was with family with aadit)

Now ragini was standing alone cursing that girl in her mind for her husband’s pain …

Just than same girl came to her..

Girl: (smiles) hi.. myself.. kavya malhotra..

rag- (anger) hmm.. i m ragini laksh sarna..

girl: (acts shocked) What?? u r laksh’s wife?? (faking sad) i m sorry to say but ur husband is so cheap man .. once he tried to molest me..
(fake crying also..) (huh! such a cheap girl..)

rag- (turns) what

kavya- yes..(smirking ) he.. he,..

ragini turns n give her a tight slap to her..

All who were present there was totally shocked even the sarna family..

ragini-(angry) what u said.. my lucky is cheap han..
Again she slapped her…

All were just watching them open mouthed.. while she was just slapping her again n again showing no mercy…

The whole scene was seen by sanlak.. they were also shocked seeing her in durga avtaar..

sanky- bhai.. see .. she is ragini only.. who is so calm n polite..
i cant believe..
(pushing him towards her) jaa. bhai.. now only u can control ur kaali mata..
i m to afraid seeing her..

lucky was so shocked to react anything..

sanky- what are u thinking bhai.. go n handle her otherwise she will kill her see.. how she is slapping her..
(mocking) how dare u to say my lucky cheap..

bhai just react something n goo..

lucky-(not in proper sense) o.. ok.

lucky went to ragini .. while she was still slapping her..

lucky-(holds her hand) ragini.. rago baccha.. leave her..

rag- no.. no i wont.. how can she blame u?? i will kill her today..(angry) cheap woman.

lucky- (cupping her face) ragini.. (she was not listening but was just staring her with her anger filled eyes)
raginii.. baccha look at me..(she looked into his eyes..) see.. u are with me na..(she nooded)
bas.. i dont need anything..
u believe me na..(she again nooded) when u are with me .. i dont care what she says..

whole family was in tears listening this..

rag- noo.. (again slaps her) i will not leave her..

kavya- ragini.. vo.. i.. im.. im sorry.. plz.. (shiverring due to fear n becoz of her slaps)

rag- how could u say like that?/

laksh-(angrily) ragini.. i said leave her.. dont u get me..

Ragini jerks and leave from there..

Aadit starts crying loudly in swara’s arms seeing this horrified scene.. n her mom in such a dangerous avtaar..

swara- shh.. shh baby.. aw.. my baccha dar gaya..
mumma ke pass jaana h..

aadit- ounwww.. ounww.. mma.. ma. amaa.. uaunn uaunnn…

Swara was walking n taking with aadit to make him calm.. n left from hall behind ragini..

ragini was sitting on the garden bench on crying silently..

swara reached there.. n placed her one hand on her shoulder n showed her the cring aadit..

She forgot everything n took him in her lap n started pacifying him.. laughing n talking to him..
(a mother forget everything seeing his baby in pain.. she cant handle her child crying.. same is the case with her.. she just forget everything happened before sometime n happily started playing with aadit)

He also started laughing seeing her lovely mother like before n held her mother’s saree’s corner.. he was laughing n giggling with her mother..

swara was just admiring mother son duo..

@other side–

As ragini left..

lucky turns towards kavya (smiles proudly) she is my wife MRS. RAGINI LAKSH SARNA.. i choose her as my life partner..
n i wanted a girl like her n not like u.. got it..
and he left from there..

Sanskar went towards her now.. who was crying..

sanky- still u r here.. or u want more slaps..

She was about to go but sanskar stops him..

sanky- ek min..


sanky- so.. ms kavya.. now atleast tell the truth to everybody before leaving.. n tell why did u played with my bhai’s life?? and feelings?/ (angry)

kavya- wo.. wo m..(fumbling with words)

sanky- (angry) wo m kya??

kavya- (fears him) wo actuallly.. lucky rejected me to marry na.. so .. i wanted.. to teach him a lesson.. to say no to me….
so.. i .. i .. and papa… both planned this…
i m .. im .. sorry..(crying)
plz forgive me..(joining her hands)

sanky- now get lost from here..

whole family was in tears..

snky- aab roke kya fayda?? there is no of these tears now…..
becoz of ur mistrust bahi became alone.. he used to cry a lot.. no noone was there to console him at that time…
one year .. whole one year he was alone n was trying to proove himself right in front of u all.. but no..
(pointing to rp-sujata) no one care for him..

then ragini came in her life n he started living again.. .
Wiping his tears..

sanky- but now i m happy for him.. becoz he got what he deserve.. a lovely wife n a naughty son.. still he is craving for ur love but u ignored him to hell..
today also when he received the award.. (to rp) he wanted ur blessings but no.. u showed ur hands to stop him..

rp was in tears n was guilty for not believing his son…

sanskar left saying this…

Screen freeses………..

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  1. Phoniex

    Nice finally their problem is solved

  2. SammieR

    This chap is same as tanu’s swasan You are my life….. The whole chap from Kavya introduced herself to laksh stopping ragini is ditto same…..

  3. Hey this is the same of Tanu’s “SWASAN YOU R MY LIFE”
    All this kavya things is same to same!
    How can yoy copy it!! Thats not good!!

    1. Monaa

      Sorry dear if u think it to be same but I have not copied it.. Even I have read the same ff which u r mentioning.. But I never intended to copy anything.. It was my idea from the begining of my ff about laksh problem with family n all.. Here to I m writing now.. But on tei page.. I have already writtten it as twinj ff.. Sorry if I hurt ur sentiments or something.. But copying it was never my intention..

      1. and Monaa.. We are not accusing you.. We are saying what we felt cuz i read that story more than 3 times.. So it was almost similar, same dialogues and same way of presentation.. I agree you might have different idea but your way of presenting it was exactly the same.. So .. I said like that.. But still, sorry to hurt ur feelings 🙂

  4. Mahisha


  5. Omg Omg!! You copied Tanu’s ” Swasan you r my life”!! And didnt even mention! ????

    1. Riyanjali

      pls be more polite next time

  6. Awesome dear…………I have read tanu’s swasan you r my life n I m not finding the similarity……..why u girls r accusing her…..

    1. We are not accusing her okay and if you read Swasan you r my life episode 14 of the season 1 , you can see yourself..

  7. Just awesome…… But u copied this part from tanu’s FF.

  8. nyc dear i to felt its same as tanu ff…
    one sincere request to you from last three parts im not finding any swasan scenes in ff u just giving 3 to 5 lines thats it and coming to this part no swasan at all only raglak… i found that u are not giving equal imp sorry for hurting you by this comment but plz concentrate on swasan give scnes of them also u are sidelined them totally….dont do that.. i lost intrest in this ff just hoping u vl give nice swasan scenes but when i opened and trying to read i was dejected nt seeing any swasan scenes plz give importance to them also.. and also one request dont change story name as u r not gng there scenes but concentrate on them also sorry for my bak bak and sorry for this msg thought to let you what im feeling… update next part soon give swasan scenes its sincere request i hope u consider swasanians request and full fill them as a writer what readers want..

  9. Kojagorimalik

    This scene as far as I remember it was swara slapping another girl not remember her name……..
    And why can’t two people brain work in same way two people can definitely think in same way ……….
    If u tell in this way many ffs almost have the same concept but witha few alterations and change in language…..so don’t acuuse someone……..and a particular scene is common not the complete ff…might be she also thought this scene ….so plzz check the facts and then tell……
    I m extremely sorry if I have hurt anyone wid my words……..

  10. Independent

    awesome dear

  11. Snow-White

    Nice one and if u read the same idea there r many ways to show difference in the idea.. u said u decided from the starting then till this epi u can also doo amendments in that.. soo that no will be able to say that u copied..

    1. Monaa

      In the next update.. I have changed the concept of this revelation.. Hope there won’t be any problem now.. Thanks

  12. Riyanjali

    awesome dr

  13. Riyanjali

    And i did not read tanus ff so im not sure if is similiar
    but dont wry dr if u did not mean to copy its ok dr
    dont get discouraged by some of the comments
    Once again this episode was AWESOME

  14. Swarna01

    Some points r same nt whole ff. U guys also think bfr cmntng. Seriously. Vry bad

  15. Nice one dear! I want more Sswasan scenes please *puppy eyes*

    And guys , it happens .. Many people have same concept in mind.. Many ffs here are on same concepts but with different amendments .. So please be a little polite.. She did so hard work in writing this n using alot of her time.. If you cant appreciate her then dont blame her atleast .. Sorry if i hurt anyone with my words..

    Siso, your story is fab! Keep going

    1. Butterscotch7

      Hey noori dear!
      First you urself accuse her by multiple names such as ‘mahiya’ and ‘xoxo’ and now this. But you forgave to change email id’s dear .. 🙂 Sorry if you were hurt but you are just trying to be doublefaced and I don’t understand what you get from this.
      Stay blessed ?

  16. Awesom dear…. Dont take anything to ur heart dear…ur story is going good…. But plz concentrate on swasan….n give more swasan scens take cre

  17. Butterscotch7

    Hey dear I am not accusing you but I too find similarities in this from Tanu’s u are my life. Also I suggest, focus on SwaSan instead of RagLak. As this is a SwaSan ff and they are whom we are interested to read about.
    Sorry to hurt you if I unintentionally have.
    Stay blessed, love you. ?

  18. Tamil


  19. nice..want some swasan scenes..tc…

  20. Shiksha

    Awesome… Marvellous..

  21. Soujanya


  22. Gayathri.visu

    I just want to say please concentrate Swasan instead of Raglak.

  23. Feriha_Tanu

    Just Got to know abt the similarities of the chappy from one of my frnd ..hmm just want to say all the best with ur stories … Bt if u wanna make anything similar to my story then do it on swasan only …coz it hurts to see the same thing on other couple coz it is only for swasan who r unique???…and I know 2peoples can think the same Bt not exactly same ..u know wat
    i mean ..I don’t remember much abt my stories bt my readers knew it .. They informed me abt this .. So I went through the chappy I wrote and I found tat each and everything Is similar? .. Looks like u think as exactly mine …is it possible? ..hmm leave it ??

    1. Monaa

      Sorry.. But now u need not worry because I have changed the scence in next chapter.. But I dont wanna make it similar to ur story because both are poles apart.. Hope u won’t feel offended..

  24. Simi


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