swasan – A complicated love story (57) – revised

Hello friends i know u ppl are not happy with the last chapter.. but accusing someone without knowing is not good i would say..
I just now read ur comments n got to know about it..
My intention was never to copy anybody’s writings..

And the ff ur talking about, i have also read it a moth or so before.. but i dont think that was the same situation..The concept similarity can be a conscidence too..
But its ok.. if u have made ur mind that i have copied then i have no words to say anything more..

But yes i would like to tell that i m now writing this now.. i have already written it as a tashn e ishq ff … and this idea or concept was in my mind from beginning when i have started wriring this ff..
About laksh problem with family and all this..

But if u r feeling offended.. then i have rewritten this chapter once again with different basic idea… The one which i m writing now.. i have thought it before also but thought that it will unnecessarily drag thus episode so wrte the previous concept..
But now i have changed it.. if u ppl are interested and read this chapter..

I m soo sorry if i hurt anyone.. nut i never intended to copy anyone’s writing..

And i know my writings might not be that good.. but whatever i m writing is my imagination..
atleast believe a little bit when u read something..


The episode starts with shocked face of ragini staring that girl..

Rag- (to sanskar) She is that cheap girl (angrily) who is the reason of my lucky’s sadness..

Sanskar- haa ragini.. she is the only one..(angry) i will go n see bhai..
I have an important work too with bhai.. plz u be here.. (assured her through his eyes)

Ragini nooded.. n sanskar left from there.

He left to meet laksh… Meanwhile he got a call n he headed upstairs n entered a room..

Sanskar- Bhai!! why did u call em here?? u know ragini became wrried seeing u so angry suddenly.. Atleast know stop effecting urself from that shameless girl..

Laksh- That why i called u here sanskar.. Remember.. we were talking aboiut exposing kavya that day in office.. That time only i got the chnnse to expose her..

Sanky- What r u saying bhai.. i didnt get it.. plz tell clearly..

Laksh- U will get to know soon sanky.. just do one thing for me.. keep that girl busy in party n dont let her go from here untill i come back in hall..

Sanky – ok bhi.. but plz come fast..

Saying this sanskar left from there…

Everybody was busy in enjoying party.. but ragini is too restless for lucky..

Suddenly all the lights of hall turned off.. n a video starts playing on the projector..


A girl and an old age person were talking to each other alone..

Girl- Dad… Dad.. he is here.. what will happen when everybody will come to know the truth..

Man- nothing as such will happen beta.. we had done a full proof planning n its been so long time noone will remember that now.. just chill girll..

Girl- no dad.. u r not understanding… today in that meeting.. sanskar was staring me as he will eat me alive.. i m so scared dads.. plz do something..
I wanted my revenge from laksh to reject me thats why i blamed him for molesting me.. evben when he had not done anything as such..
N see i became successful too.. his dad who was his everything have disowned him .. but now.. what will happen if anyone will come to know my truth..
No dad no.. i cant afford this..

Saying this she started throwing all the things present nearyby her.. just acting like a crazy girl..

Man- kavya.. kavya.. stop it.. i said stop it.. nothing will happen/.. i m here na.. unitill ur dad is here.. nothing wrong will happen to my daughter..

kavya was somewhat relaxed…

At last the face of man is shown and it was revealed as kavya’s dad…


Everybody was shocked seeing that video…

Ragini was standing alone cursing that girl in her mind for her husband’s pain …

Seeing all this ragini who was just now cursing kavya spotted her standing a little distance from her went towards her. and give her a tight slap to her..

All who were present there was totally shocked even the sarna family..

Ragini-(angry) what u said.. my lucky is cheap han..
Again she slapped her…

All were just watching them open mouthed.. while she was just slapping her again n again showing no mercy…

The whole scene was seen by sanlak.. they were also shocked seeing her in durga avtaar..

Sanky- bhai.. see .. she is ragini only.. who is so calm n polite.. i cant believe.. (pushing him towards her) jaa. bhai.. now only u can control ur kaali mata.. i m to afraid seeing her..

Lucky was so shocked to react anything..

Sanky- what are u thinking bhai.. go n handle her otherwise she will kill her see.. how she is slapping her.. (mocking) how dare u to say my lucky cheap..
Bhai just react something n goo..

Lucky-(not in proper sense) o.. ok.

Lucky went to ragini .. while she was still slapping her..

Lucky-(holds her hand) ragini.. rago baccha.. leave her..

Rag- no.. no i wont.. how can she blame u?? i will kill her today..(angry) cheap woman.

Whole family was in tears listening this..

Rag- noo.. (again slaps her) i will not leave her..

Kavya- ragini.. vo.. i.. im.. im sorry.. plz.. (shiverring due to fear n becoz of her slaps)

Rag- how could u say like that?/

Laksh-(angrily) ragini.. i said leave her.. dont u get me..

Ragini jerks and leave from there..

Aadit starts crying loudly in swara’s arms seeing this horrified scene.. n her mom in such a dangerous avtaar..

Swara- shh.. shh baby.. aw.. my baccha dar gaya..
mumma ke pass jaana h..

Aadit- ounwww.. ounww.. mma.. ma. amaa.. uaunn uaunnn…

Swara was walking n taking with aadit to make him calm.. n left from hall behind ragini..

Ragini was sitting on the garden bench on crying silently..

Swara reached there.. n placed her one hand on her shoulder n showed her the cring aadit..

She forgot everything n took him in her lap n started pacifying him.. laughing n talking to him..
(a mother forget everything seeing his baby in pain.. she cant handle her child crying.. same is the case with her.. she just forget everything happened before sometime n happily started playing with aadit)

He also started laughing seeing her lovely mother like before n held her mother’s saree’s corner.. he was laughing n giggling with her mother..

swara was just admiring mother son duo..

@other side–

As ragini left..

lucky turns towards kavya (smiles proudly) she is my wife MRS. RAGINI LAKSH SARNA.. i choose her as my life partner..
n i wanted a girl like her n not like u.. got it..
and he left from there..

Sanskar went towards her now.. who was crying..

sanky- still u r here.. or u want more slaps..

sanky- aab roke kya fayda?? there is no of these tears now…..
becoz of ur mistrust bahi became alone.. he used to cry a lot.. no noone was there to console him at that time…
one year .. whole one year he was alone n was trying to proove himself right in front of u all.. but no..
(pointing to rp-sujata) no one care for him..

then ragini came in her life n he started living again.. .
Wiping his tears..

sanky- but now i m happy for him.. becoz he got what he deserve.. a lovely wife n a naughty son.. still he is craving for ur love but u ignored him to hell..
today also when he received the award.. (to rp) he wanted ur blessings but no.. u showed ur hands to stop him..

rp was in tears n was guilty for not believing his son…

sanskar left saying this…

Screen freeses………..

I hope now u may be satisfied … and if not also then u can tell me.. i know everyubody have their own perceptions n i m no one to interfere..
Do tell me if there is any issue with its continuation.. i will stop it right here.. n will never post it here again..
thank u..

And yes sorry too.. if it hurt anyone

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  1. Kojagorimalik

    Their was no requirement of changing the scene but if u have done it for ur own satisfaction then its okkk……
    And the episode was awesome ……
    In last one I felt a bit odd….that by slapping anyone can confess crime…..
    Aisa hota toh I will use this trick on my brother swara uska kaccha chiitha out hojata…….
    But now wid solid proof ragini gave solid slaps and it was mind blowing if I had been present there I would not have forgotten to make someone blow whistles (since I cannot do on my own)….
    Overall superb chappy

  2. Awesom dear fist one is also good n this one also….. Dont be sad dear som r critisizd u…. But many r supported u….for us continue…u r a good ryter…updt next soon….tk cre

  3. awesome

  4. Swarna01

    Are wat we did yaar? Pls cntnu yaar.

    1. Monaa

      Next part tomorrow pakka.. Will try to add more swasan.. Thanks for the support

      1. Swarna01

        Gd u know u didn’t do anything wrong so keep calm. Pls make d epi thoda long

  5. Tamil

    Don’t worry….ur good writer…continue dear….Awesome…..both parts are nice….liked it….

  6. nice..u r an amazing writer..continue soon..tc..

  7. Awesome epi dear…..post next soon

  8. Phoniex

    Your stories are your imagination dear and I love them si don’t get disheartened. It’s lovely

  9. Nice dear plz continue

  10. nyc update next part soon and one sincere request to u plz plz concentrate on swasan scenes also i felt u sidelined them hope u concentrate on them also try to understand and justify ur title as its on swasan try to give on them also i wont say dont give raglak scenes give there scenes but swasan ka bhi dedo..justify ur title… sorry if my comment hurt u dear i like ur story im saying what i felt hope u understand it..

  11. Amazing….Love it. Post next part soon dear…

  12. Gayathri.visu

    Nice… But I want more Swasan scenes.

  13. Simi

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